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Spectacular Jana.....outstanding :) Seasons-of-Change_Adorable-Squirrel-copy.jpg
This is gorgeous...LOVE ;) Thankful_Day21.jpg
LOVE LOVE these travel pages Esther!!! Gorgeous :) 0023.jpg
Sensational Debbie.....we had a little snow today, but not much. I love the placement of the deer! Snow29.jpg
I adore your journaling about your happy that the story hasn't been lost!! Christina_Elizabeth_Parson-web.jpg
How cool is this!!!! I say REALLY cool ;) 1510-scb-nike-trio1.jpg
Love how you have caught her mid- jump ;) mauern_re.jpg
This is marvelous Mollie....can't wait to see how this book unfolds ;) melk_abbey_b1.jpg
I think this looks grand.....I am so blending challenged! 20151025_04_PumpkinPatch.jpg
This is beautiful....the scrapping, the story, the everything :) kaffeefreund_web.jpg

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Such perfect photos for this fun scrapbooky page with those happy smiles :-)
by Lynn Grieveson
These 2 pages are simply wonderful Pam! Great family photos and Thanksgiving memories! I sure like t...
by jana
What a wonderful story told Pam... your journaling says it all... such a keeper and my... look how s...
by cstaff
FAbulous, luv your double LO and use of this template - wonderful photos and memories ;)
by myssp
Nothing better than you have family, friends and fool all together for a celebration of blessings an...
by readstoomuch
This really turned out nice!! I really like these templates and this is really superb! Your Thanksgi...
by justbnsharon
Looks like this was the perfect template for your photos. Enjoyed reading your journaling.
by shannonroller
oh my goodness, how did i miss THIS news?!?! Congratulations, Pam! you definitely have something n...
by dfwest
Such a special time to be together. Love generational photos such as this one! Cherish the memorie...
love the way you scrapped this very special photo...
by grandmak