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Great PL page....hope he is feeling better real soon! PL_2015_wk_4_R_edited-1.jpg
Such a fun page Amy.....your journaling is the best. I bet you are hoping it doesn't happen again an... snowcapolypseW1.jpg
Fantastic recap of the week....such awesome eye candy :) Week4R.jpg
Gorgeous Merr.....simply LOVE this ;) justbecause700.jpg
Sensational Anke....she is a real beauty ;) 2015-1-29-JustBecause.jpg
Both of the kiddos are getting so big! Saw on FB that kindy is a huge success, so glad that he is en... 04-2015.jpg
Fabulous page Liz.....and btw, I totally love your paisley comforter ;) love_is_copy2.jpg
So fun.....and I am assuming that a Lego apology worked! Totally sweet ;) lego_family1.jpg
Gorgeous travel page....I can only imagine the goosebumps one must get when viewing the memorial. Pearl-Harbor_web.jpg
So lovely and your journaling is just the icing on the cake ;) Love_You_Always_from_tiff_web.jpg

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I love your wedding album! and the colour scheme you chose to make the photos stand out so wonderful...
by lego
Beautiful photo from the great day Pam. Love the little cluster. It's going to be a great book.
by ExoGonia
It is going to be an absolute treasure! :)
by tracermajig
These photos are just stunning. Keep it up, you're doing great!
by Amy L
Beautiful moment in their ceremony! Beautiful photo and page Pam!
by jlholden15
You can tell that this is a very reverent moment. The best part though, is that your son is looking ...
by lizj
Stunning. Wow.
by Jeanne
Such great family photos! Love that textured paper framing the top and bottom and that little fall ...
by bessysue581
what a handsome family... lovely page Pam...
by cstaff
The photos are just wonderful Pam! Slow and'll get there!
by jlholden15