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Happiest Birthday wishes to you, Liz!! :) hb-liz-t-18-700.jpg
Gosh... he looks just like him! HA! What a story!! 1608-fraud-stewart1.jpg
I just love the story behind this awesome photo. :) 2007-03-17-Grandma-and-Niall-at-protest_LWNo305-web.jpg
Love that photo in the top left!! :) January20181.jpg
It's gorgeous!!! cover_691_b.jpg
I so LOVED reading this. It's a wonderful story and your writing is amazing. Love, love, love it! Feb_15_Story_Challenge_Saddle_Up_21.jpg
Love the little snippets of that day... and I really love the texture that the cut files give! :) October_This_Day_web.jpg
Brilliant and so informative. I love how you journal DeLisa! :) 0-_DD_Color_Challenge_2018_Olympics_web.jpg
An absolute treasure. I just love the pages resulting from these amazing templates! 195711.jpg
I so love where you took this challenge! It's a beautiful page and I really love that big title alon... Spring-1991-Grow.jpg

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So fun and colorful, Trace. Love it!
by Stacia
And I am also in love with the direction you took! Holy-schmoly, woman... you astound me! This is am...
by beehive50
by tammielsmith
Such a fabulous design. Just makes me smile to read through your journaling. Just a fun and fascin...
by wsprite_ad
Super cute!!
by sterkeurs
amazing! so many fab details and I love the text bits!
by lego
With your life changing wellness journey, your creativity, too, has truly released itself. Love it!
by smcloone
This just makes me smile, Trace! Love where your rainbow kick led you!
Soooo fun to see all these colorful borders! Love how they follow the theme, too, of Miss Poppy runn...
by Stacia
This is just so awesome Trace - :)
by myssp