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So beautiful. And a touching story. Did I mention how beautiful this page is? I might have to try t... The_Golden_Years.jpg
What a wonderful layout! In my favorites just so I can look at two of MY favorites! Friends69.jpg
I can spot your work without my glasses on! LOVE this! I can see I'll be adding to my wishlist... SSL080214_a_square_deal.jpg
I love scrapping history onto a page. Beautiful... Chase_County_Courthouse.jpg
Everything about this layout is perfect.... ILoveYou7.jpg
Love this! And love StoryPeople. The perfect quote to go along with your perfect presentation. ... CT-Guest-MyChoice-Suddenly.jpg
LOVE this! But...I've told my kids (my sons, in particular) that "if I don't already know about it,... Esther_s-lynng-life-in-pictures-1.jpg
So perfectly done. So perfectly journaled. Tears are running down my face...again. Patriots_Day2013.jpg
I so love this. Inspired... For_Georgina_From_Debbie.jpg

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Isn't that pretty! I love the texture!
by anke
What a gorgeous photo, this is lovely!
by anke
haha, nice quote :) Great crops and awesome page
by anke
how cute! I love the blended seahorse!!
by anke
OK, I am ready for the next book, too, because this book was over the top, AWESOME! Thank you, for s...
by digigrandma
page_0b_cover_back.jpg now we know there will be another gathering next year :)
by blkcow
Sensational :)
by blkcow
A beautiful and creative back cover! Congrats on completing!
by KimR+
What an attractive back cover. So gorgeous. :O)
by mugsbigsis
Candy - I've sure enjoyed seeing your album - I hope you get to do another trip "album"soon!!!!