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Love this! And love StoryPeople. The perfect quote to go along with your perfect presentation. ... CT-Guest-MyChoice-Suddenly.jpg
LOVE this! But...I've told my kids (my sons, in particular) that "if I don't already know about it,... Esther_s-lynng-life-in-pictures-1.jpg
So perfectly done. So perfectly journaled. Tears are running down my face...again. Patriots_Day2013.jpg
I so love this. Inspired... For_Georgina_From_Debbie.jpg
Love this! And...I'm a little jealous of her trip, as well. ;) Candy Security-web.jpg
I'm in love with this. Totally. Not only the "no pressure" idea...but your images are incredible. ... 52Weeks_001.jpg
So beautiful! YOU are inspirational. =) Candy barque.jpg
And into my favorites. =) Candy Sat_lift_Jan.jpg
Remarkable. Gorgeous. Amazing. Candy Sat_lift_Jan.jpg
Wow! This is breath-taking... Candy Jan_7th_Setting_Sun_web.jpg

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So beautiful!
by tdavenport
Beautiful x
by georgeinci
Beautiful! Gorgeous photos, Candy. Don't you just love those frames. Your blending is amazing and ...
by mugsbigsis
oh, i LOVE the look of that vintage paper strip here! YES, keep 'em coming!
by dfwest
and another gorgeous page! is there a book in the works here? i hope so!
by dfwest
awwwww, she is so sweet, candy! i bet you are nuts over this little girl! and once i get past the ...
by dfwest
Awww, such sweet photos and a beautiful soft page!
by kathleen.summers
Couldn't be more precious!
by Nancy Beck
Beautiful and the photos gorgeous, love the crops!
by digigal
Oh be still my heart, this is peace, true and utter peace.
by carollee