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Lovliness! fern-pot-700.jpg
Oh my, this is stunning, Kelly! mothers2.jpg
LOVE this, Jana! California-Memories-copy.jpg
Perfect outdoor page! Camping7.jpg
Precious! 27thApril_No_Autographs_web.jpg
This brings back great memories. beach-patrol-700.jpg
Fabulous use of this template, Mollie. 2016-04-23_Callie_and_Echo.jpg
Beautiful Julie! Sarah-in-golden-light.jpg
Great paper combinations! Uncle_Mike_web.jpg
I hope you had a wonderful day, Amy! Happy Birthday! hb-amy-16-700.jpg

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hummmm . . . lol I just can't say "beautiful" or "sweet" or "lovely." Great scrapping, Joanne! ;)
by mugsbigsis
Great picture - I love javalinas! They walk through our back yard all the time. The little ones are ...
by MaggieMae
Never heard of it either -- thanks for educating us! Love your blending work with the typecast art!
Hmm, never heard of a javelina. Learn something new every day! Awesome shot and great colors for thi...
by jana
Oh my, first I've ever heard of or seen one of these! Love all the background work on this page.
by Stacia
Can't say I'd want to get close enough to one for this shot, but it's awesome! Love this!
by b2halter
Don't know that I've ever heard of these critters -- gonna have to go google them -- great capture, ...
by earlofoxford
This species is new to me but you've captured him beautifully!
by lizziet5
Ha! Not many of us could get a closeup of a javelina! You have an abundance of wildlife to photograp...
by digigrandma
I have never heard of these. You captured a great picture!
by digi371