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okay, this is as bad as me "spelling" in front of my cats! you know we really "aren't right" as my ... icecream6.jpg
Happy Birthday Merr! Hope you have the best day ever! what a gorgeous and clever card! love it! mer1.jpg
i would have this framed in a heartbeat! LOVE IT!!!! Making_friends_UPLOAD.jpg
hey, hey, HEY! who are you calling 'old'? hermes and i are the same age!! ahem; don't want to know... 63_years.jpg
wow, linda! could not find better pictures to depict the word; MOVE! awesome layout! move3.jpg
okay i need 1/8th of your energy to kick start my "move" drive! this photo fit the challenge to a t... ARTjournal6.jpg
you and pam have pages posted next to each othe in the gallery and i actually thought this was pam's... Rolling_hills_upload.jpg
absolutely delightful, connie! LOVE that their dog was included; my kind of couple! So many smiles... Engagement_Album_1_web.jpg
yeah! more blendable layers coming to the store! have to just LOVE this age, anke, such confidence... 2015-7-22-TwoBeauties.jpg
the "Braves" indeed! what a cute page to document a sweet time in ALL of their lives! Braves2015.jpg

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WOW!! There just are no words for me to describe how beautiful this is!! Love the lens flare on the ...
by KimR+
So precious! Your style works so well with heritage photos -- really shows them off nicely with all ...
by CelinaT
Gorgeous! Are you doing a heritage album? I was delighted to see yours and Maureen's pages in the He...
by esther_a
Priceless photo and a gorgeous page!
by lizziet5
Another fabulous Debbie creation.....LOVE this on every level ;)
by blkcow
This is fabulous Debbie! He was a adorable and I love how you put this vintage photo together!
by jana
Just amazing :-)
by Lynn Grieveson
Those old fashioned photos are so fun to play with. And part of what I found interesting about your ...
by lizj
The first thing I noticed was the adorable little boy with the sweetest, shy smile - then I noticed ...
by MaggieMae
As Kelly said, it looks so simple/uncomplicated but you really get so much depth into a page. He wa...
by maureenreynolds