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kim, the clarity you achieve in your photos is AWESOME! this is just wonderful and the little detai... 30_Days_2014_-_Day_20-w.jpg
i'm thinning out on top as well; maybe i should be repotted! Gratitude_19BLOESE.jpg
okay let's not let that happen again, okay?! good to see your creativity didn't go away for even a ... Gratitude_18.jpg
So pretty, jana! this really puts me in the holiday spirit! Magic_itunes-challenge-copy.jpg
L O V E this! blessed8.jpg
oh my! i think I need those! 30_Days_2014_-_Day_18-w.jpg
you crack me up! love seeing your USA visit through your eyes! USA_-_22_-_left_-_San_Juan_Capistrano_-_web.jpg
gulp; hard emotional swallow. quickly followed by giggle and broad grin! yeah, let me know how thi... AAM_KeepCalm.jpg
oh i couldn't agree more, merr! my favorite time of the day is about 3:45 as the skies darken and i... seasonsofmagic1700.jpg
oh yeah! LOVE this Jana! Keep-Calm-_-Shop-Online-copy.jpg

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Awesome page - and that bread looks amazing!
by bessysue581
Debbie - Love this and I really love the quote and the picture and the page and everything about thi...
Debbie - another fantastic page - this series is your absolute best!!!!!
This is really pretty! And, dang... I can taste that bread from here... yummmmm...
by beehive50
There's definitely nothing like fresh bread!
by smcloone
Yep, bought some today myself. :O)
by mugsbigsis
It will be so delightful to see all of the quotes one after another in this book. Love this one.
by lizj
Another gorgeous one with a great quote :-)
by Lynn Grieveson
Another beautiful quote and page!
by TereseC
Love how your photo and quote work together, love that they're included in this project.
by scullen2