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Whoa! How did I miss THIS? Well, don't spend a lot of time wondering who would be you because the ... AAM_FamousPeople2.jpg
oh man, when i FINALLY do see flowers in my yard again (somewhere around August i'm guessing!!) you ... Itunes_Time.jpg
debbie, how sad i am to find this beautiful tribute page to your beloved mamaw. i know she depended... Mamaw_dd.jpg
i LOVE avocados so this is my little piece of heaven! your pages are the perfect intersection to th... 21_BEAT_breakfast_sandwich.jpg
well, my mother is from mississippi so although i do NOT see you as a Candy Sue, Candy Jean is a ver... 22_pimento_cheese.jpg
kelly, where to begin . . . your words strike such a familiar chord for what i can only imag... CathyChat.jpg
kelly, where to begin . . . your words strike such a familiar chord for what i can only imag... CathyChat.jpg
just stunning! i love the soft pretty feel of your pages! crazyforyou.jpg
looks like a children's book come to life! wonderful page! blended_rouken_glen.jpg
that's funny. . . when i first saw the photo i thought, hmmm, i wonder who is teaching who here... Feb115_Yamma.jpg

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I just LOL Debbie! What a wonderful idea and so nice to make a book for future generations.
by Jane_Bond7
What a neat idea for a book! Loved reading your jouraling, and your page is just beautiful!
by bessysue581
Your story made me laugh!! This is gorgeous and the bowl is so pretty!
by justbnsharon
This is just sweet to document all these great stories so they won't be lost. And y...
by blkcow
What a wonderful idea for an album, and I remember my parents saying the same thing to me!
by earlofoxford
Such a beautiful page, and wonderful journalling. Love your idea for a book, and that you are inclu...
by Jaycee
:) LOVE the story, Debbie. Love the photo, love the page. You have done such wonderful pages of the ...
by mugsbigsis
The telling of this story just made me smile. I hope you use it for every holiday! Wonderful.
by lizj
Beautifully documented, as always, Debbie. I am glad you and your sister are keeping things from you...
by digigrandma
That extraction is just so perfect :-)
by Lynn Grieveson