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Oh my gosh! Everything you do is so perfect! Love this! PL_cover-w.jpg
Special photos and a sweet story beautifully scrapped. LolaStewart.jpg
Hole in the shoe? Nothing the clone tool can't fix ;) Rocking the circles, Debi! 1801-kyna-grass-w-balls.jpg
You are the best Mother - scrapping her pages AS she travels!! I love how these templates are workin... London_fleet_st.jpg
These pages look fabulous! I love the photo-centric design and the photos work together so well. I a... 2014_01_04.jpg
I'm glad you loved your Viking Cruise. We have been hoping to do one in a couple of years! 14_Viking_Vidar.jpg
It must be a fascinating place to visit. Loving your double page spreads. Christchurch.jpg
What a great trip you have had! You've captured the colors of New Zealand with these greens and blue... NZSouthIsland.jpg
It must have been a riot with all those cousins and all those toys! What fun! 25_R.jpg
Look at the size of those presents! Did someone wrap up a piano?!! Super photo. I agree - it is the ... 25_Rb.jpg

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Not too many at all. I love this series of photos. What a great idea. Love this!
by bbe
Oh he is so beautiful! He sure posed for you, Love this page Esther!
by jana
What an attractively displayed set of photos! I love to see the birds that are common to your area o...
by digigrandma
This grid style made for a wonderful comparison! Your birds are such cooperative photo subjects! Lov...
by lizj
What a sweet bird! Love all the pictures you took! It makes such a happy layout!
by MaggieMae