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The effect worked well and you've scrapped it beautifully. December-7.jpg
I love how you've shrunk those templates down to add all that beautiful white space. Stunning photos... Days_of_December_2016_-_Day_6.jpg
I love the photos with their letters. You make "simple" look SO beautiful!! Days_of_December_2016_-_Day_3.jpg
Ah, she's giving you a wealth of material to write about! The "naught or nice" tag is so perfect! dec4web5.jpg
What a beautiful combination of goodies for that sweet pic of the boys with Santa! DLPatt_LoveThis.jpg
That must be tricky mixing traditions like that! I wonder if the NZ Santa is taking notice of that w... wishlist2.jpg
Isn't it funny how recent our "tradition"s can be?! I love how you're replicating your tree decorati... 3rd_Day_of_December_Shiny_Gold_Ribbon_1.jpg

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Awesome design and I love that red, white and blue theme. Great photos too.
by bbe
I bet they miss you as an active part of the team, Esther, but, I'm sure you were there as their mos...
by digigrandma
Love how you used just the grids to make the cool background - and congrats on the win!
by Stacia
Well, ya know how much I love this... :d Colors rocks, the stitched grid rocks, winning rocks! And, ...
by beehive50
all those sweet smiles presented so skillfully... esther, I love this and can't believe I just notic...
by lego
wow! your great photography put into wonderful framework and embellished to make the pictures shine ...
by lego
you captured so much real life action - love this! the colours and frames are very cool, too! the wh...
by lego
Fabulous lift and I love everything you put in those squares! The group hug is wonderful!
by jana
Love the lift! This layout is fun, there's a lot of movement, and the bright blue and red make it p...
by tammielsmith
Congratulations! Love that victory group hug photo and your use of colors!
by smcloone