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Love all your detail shots. The sunburst is perfect. Gorgeous spread. USA_-_19_-_right_-_San_Juan_Capistrano_-_web.jpg
Hmm, those darn hummingbirds! Hopeless!! And those carp were very photogenic, even if they were dise... USA_-_18_-_left_-_San_Juan_Capistrano_-_web.jpg
You did capture a beautiful picture of the sea eagle! I love the photo clusters and the subtle brush... Lennox_Head_Page_2.jpg
He'll never be anything but adorable! Precious page. corey_2011_blowing_dandelions.jpg
What a fun project! Costume_tags_front_web.jpg
Nath! Delighted to see you back in the gallery. 18 months without scrappign or Internet - I don't kn... Smile-for-the-camera.jpg
Love that collage/journal style. Perfect for a trip like this. Looks like a super spot to relax. SeedMill-copy-2.jpg
What a beautiful page! The tones in your photos are so perfect with the embellishments. 10-29-14_December_Traditions-w.jpg
What a great fun day with the other families! I love how you've included their names in the backgrou... 3220.jpg
What classic little quotes! It is such a great overview of his life at the moment. Love it! texts_from_the_college_boy.jpg

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Lovely, old fashioned feel to this! I know she will love this gift.
by lizj
Fun and beautiful!
by Nath
Magestic sea birds!!! Love these funny little stories (even though they're at your expense Esther!!...
by js_74
Hahahahaha I love this! Such a great memory. and I just cracked up at Debi's comment there about c...
by carollee
you cuties you! what a wonderful page!
by lego
Oooooh, fantastic! So happy to see these shots... they make me smile! As did remembering the 'crow s...
by beehive50
That's a great example of a LR book! The crow looks very exotic, don't let them tell you otherwise. ...
by lizj
Your exotic beach crows make a fab story, Esther! Love the double pager. As always you have terrifi...
by readstoomuch
Gorgeous photos (even the crows - lol)!! Love the simplicity!
by MaggieMae
Outstanding Esther.....and I have tried for years to get a shot of a Meadowlark, but they are so qui...
by blkcow