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Yum. Love the rich red - it tells you the tomatoes are fresh. the-sauce-700.jpg
That's special that everyone can find a nook where they feel comfortable! How terrific to be on the ... Outer-Banks-52-web.jpg
So soft and beautiful! BEACH31.jpg
So perfectly embellished with that delicate pop of green! Harley_-_Baby_Boy.jpg
What fun to scoot around town on those bikes. Cool processing on the photo. towniesW.jpg
Oh, that is funny! The grass is greener... the-fence-700.jpg
How gorgeous! It is always tricky sharing these young love pages, isn't it? I am currently awaiting ... 2014-8-29-YoungLove.jpg
Beautiful way to record their handwriting. Oh, I see Carol said the same! Great minds... ;) Handwritten-Deaths-_-Births.jpg
Beautiful, classic heritage page! They were very different times, weren't they?! Heritage-Album-page-13.jpg
How beautiful they will be! I have a set in the works as well! bustedsquirrel.jpg

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I didn't know you had a geology are woman of so many talents my friend....and you showc...
by kathie02
how super cool!!!!!!
by anke
How interesting. I'm with an Olivine the same thing as a Geode?
by jcaruth910
Are you kidding me? Is there no end to your talents my friend??? I think you should be wearing a har...
by js_74
That actually sounds like fun. I know DD would have been up for some rock bashing. I always love the...
by Lynn Grieveson
Wow - you really are brilliant - and so is your page!
by justbnsharon
You are a dark horse Esther! A degree in geology, well I never! Great page to show you getting back ...
by lizziet5
Wow...geology!! What a fun time it looks like you had. Is an Olivine like what we call a Geode??
by blkcow
A degree in geology?? Who knew! And you got to wear that stylish vest, too!
by earlofoxford
Mine would have liked the bashing, too. Wonderful spread.
by mugsbigsis