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Ooh, this looks awesome! Love the texture of the page, very cool take on the challenge! iTunesAug2015.jpg
What a great photo! Love the red, white and blue here, very striking! lynng-scrap-express1393.jpg
Awwwww, that'll look awesome with those cute photos and your great eye for design! 2014-Saxon-FirstBabyClub-AUG_-_web.jpg
Gorgeous!! Love this page so much! swoon.jpg
Wow, they look so grown up!! Love your layers here! so_13_800LP.jpg
Great work! Love how you were inspired by the challenge! 6MoLongWEB.jpg
Gorgeous, love the yellow and blue! Kpertiet---Page-Makeover-Aout-2015.jpg
Wow, what a great design! Love it! 16thAugust_Someone_web.jpg

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How fun!! I always loved it when my kids played together and had fun!! Precious memories.
by justbnsharon
A wonderful shot and I love how you've scrapped it!
by lizziet5
Don't you love it when you can capture shots like this -- show it to them the next time they're figh...
by earlofoxford
love how you scrapped this photo..
by grandmak
Cool shot looking over the banister! Love all the beautiful layers behind the photo!
by jana
its always good to capture those "too cute" moments! this is lovely!
by schnerbear
I'd say Amy takes after her mum in knowing what color combinations work well together. Darling photo...
by digigrandma
Possible the MOST cute first day photo of all time! I love that little epoxy school scene you includ...
by lizj
This is a such a fun page, and my favorite shot is the jumping one. What a cutie!
by oswegograd
Great action shot of him and delightful page! Your design is so nice!
by justbnsharon