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Oh my goodness! This is my new favourite of yours! itunes117.jpg
It is a super-cute hat, love how you were inspired by Julie's page! All_Smiles_upload1.jpg
Gorgeous! Love the soft blues letting the picture shine! Madison_s-Teeth.jpg
Wow, what a fun design!! Love seeing these two grow up! loveyoumore1.jpg
It looks lovely! That'll be so nice hanging on your wall! 03_Mar_17.jpg
Gorgeous page, such a pretty girl:). FunDayK.jpg
Gorgeous, and yes family meals are such a great way to spend time together! Day_27_.jpg
Hahaha! Oh that is so cute! 25thNovember_beerforbabies_web.jpg
Ooh, what a creative way to showcase your photos, love it! Sites-of-Italy.jpg

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Great photo of them together. Very special to have it at a large size. And, I caught the Dr. Who p...
by wsprite_ad
Very special Chrissy... lovely story and precious page that truly shows their love...
by cstaff
He knows himself pretty well, eh? Good for him. And yes . . . he's quite hansum. ;)
by bbe
Brilliant teacher! And, I already knew Tommy is a bright little guy. Always love to hear stories abo...
by digigrandma
Cute framing for this lift ;)
by myssp
Fun lift, Chrissy! Love that you documented this!
by smcloone
Thanks for the shout out and lift. I like the frame and photo you used.
by connieg
He's so stinking cute -- love the torn graph paper!
by earlofoxford
Fun framing technique.
by shannonroller