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Aww, this is awesome Debi!! :D Love how you did this! 1609-lift-of-lifts.jpg
Aww, that looks gorgeous in the sunshine! FB_cover_September_upload.jpg
Oh my, what a story!! I can't imagine grapefruit every day, I love how you told the story too! grapefruit.jpg
Hehe, this is so fun! I am going to love the next few months of seeing places/ names I recognise on ... 1609-scb-glasgow-laundry.jpg
Wow, wow, wow! I'd missed this before, it's absolutely amazing! Into my favourites so I can study it... 24thAugust_Today_web.jpg
This is so fun, I love the edgers you chose, and that background paper, just perfect! EdgersChallenge-web.jpg
Wow, yes I would not be brave enough to get close to bears! Love how you used the template for your ... 2011_06_Bears_Yellowstone_KPertiet_DriveLT_sm.jpg
Wow, can't imagine doing that here just before Christmas :D. I love the colours you chose, and the... makingasplash2.jpg
Great work! I admit that I often use the edgers as a guide, reducing their opacity and placing items... normal_day_DD_edited-1.jpg
Gorgeous, love all the edger elements you used, and such fun colours! My-Son1.jpg

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This page just makes me smile! I love his little grin -- and he's so handsome with that hairstyle to...
by CelinaT
Your little guy is just cute as can be. Love that smile. :) What a fun page.
by bbe
look at that adorable smile! i love it! great design too--what a fantastic lift!
by schnerbear
Love, love, love this!!! I so wanted to make a vertical line of photos, but I just couldn't get it ...
by DivaMom96
Ooooooooh... I LOVE this, Chrissy! Tom does look quite boy-bandy but so cute, too! And, that grin......
by beehive50
That smile gets me every time!!! Cute photos and page!!!
by justbnsharon
He is so CUTE!!! I love your lift! So fun with all the stars!
by bessysue581
Awesome experience to be able to visit whenever you want! Love this page with it's glimpses of the ...
by b2halter
That child looks so much like his mother there'd be not doubt to whom he belonged! Such a little sc...
by b2halter
This is adorable, Chrissy -- love his cheeky grin!
by earlofoxford