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Fabulous page :) I'm with Buck, staying inside as much as possible, hoping the deep freeze soon move... All_in_a_Day_s_Work.jpg
I love the effect your painting has on the photo. Really gives it a 3D look :) wink2.jpg
Wow, this is awesome! Petals-.jpg
Using shapes on pages is hard for me too, but I think you did an awesome job on the challenge. Love ... 2015_geometrics.jpg
Beautiful. its so outdoorsy and the triangle, in this case, put me in mind of a teepee. GEOMETRIC.jpg
Macy's always seems to have the best santa, he plays the part wonderful. Love your painting :) KatiesChat.jpg
She's adorable. I like the geo shapes with her glasses. Gotta_Love_This.jpg
Fun page! I love the effect the frame gives the photo. 20120625_02_Beach.jpg
Stunning, both the sky and your page! fireinthesky.jpg
Chocolate is always a good gift :) Love how you pulled the colors from the photo. valentines_chocolate.jpg

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Great images and a great page. I like how a 8.5x11 can be made into a 12" layout. You got it!
by maureenreynolds
how cool is this!!!!
by anke
Love, love, love this, Connie! So clever and such good advice -- I need to show this to our "girls"!
by earlofoxford
So cute and creative! Love how you pieced the geometric bits into the shape of a chicken!
Everything about this is pure perfection.
by foxeysquirrel
Oh this is wonderful! So fun!
by Kayleigh
Love your creativity!
by bbe
This is so cool and creative! Love it!
by jlholden15
How creative and original!! Great idea and use of the different shapes...
by grandmak
I am totally stealing that quote! This is so darn clever! Fun and more fun.
by lizj