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Love the bright colors and use of this template!! benbeach2014_NB1_.jpg
Great use of these!! LOVE that photo too :) Camera_Treasure_upload.jpg
So sweet!! Love the border patterned papers! Wonderful_Times.jpg
Great page! :) mum-chocolate-23.jpg
Great shots!! It will be a great book! Yellowstone_2013_pg_6_-w.jpg
LOVE this :) Shes so cute :) proud_to_be_3.jpg
Shes so cute :) I feel your pain on the no sleep thing. hoping your nights have been better ;) lots-of-practice-_-no-sleep.jpg
This is a great page. Kinda looking forward to the day we can do a family puzzle...without anyone (a... aug_14_puzzle_web.jpg
This is seriously COOL :) KPertiet_SuperheroCityPREV.jpg
My kids LOVE Peppa. This is adorable :) 11th_July_Peppa_Pig_web.jpg

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so fun! love the background paper you chose!
by schnerbear
great page!
by hillareyd
totally cool! love the green triangle of photos!
by lego
I love that you captured this sweet moment...he is really concentrating, isn't he? Fun use of the t...
by kathie02
I loved that hammer-pegs toy when my boys had it! Great use of the kit here.
by maureenreynolds
Love that you documented this sweet moment, Bailey -- Lynn's kit is perfect!
by earlofoxford
Fantastic Bailey.....I remember my boys playing with the hammer and pegs ;)
by blkcow
Perfect choice of elements and papers!
by lizziet5
Awesome hand me down toys - such treasures! Perfect elements for your page!
by smcloone
Love the colors!
by smcloone