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oh my goodness, this is just gorgeous!!! Scotland_GardenGate_2013.jpg
this is absolutely gorgeous!!! Miles-of-smiles2.jpg
you are so good with those little flairs all the time. Love this! 1608-sports.jpg
fabulous!!! avocado_carbonara.jpg
I love the colors! Great photo and page Lets-Blend-Aug16.jpg
oh my, this is wonderful!! look-at-you.jpg
beautiful photo. I really like the background you picked american_robin.jpg
oh yes, awesome blending!! 20160717_01_ValleyForge.jpg
oh that is beautiful and looks delicious! 160820SWEET.jpg
fun photo and page :) SoGoodK.jpg

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Great work with this template, Anke. This is adorable!
by Amy L
Fabulous - the photo is so cute and the dog is bigger than she is!!
by justbnsharon
Yep, perfect fit and great photo! Aiden is an awesome dog!
by jana
This was a fun template to tweak the colors -- yours looks great -- love the lapdog! Ha!
by CelinaT
Beautiful Anke! Don't you just love it when a page comes together so easily?!
by lizziet5
I love it when a page comes together so easily. This looks perfect just the way it is.
by bbe
Such a sweet photo! I agree Kayleigh's templates are wonderful -- saving so much time and allowing ...
Such a fun photo!! She's really grown up beautifully, Anke. I know you must be very proud of her! ...
by b2halter
Lol - great photo! Template fits perfectly.
by tammielsmith
Super cute, what an adorable photo ;)
by myssp