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The blending of the photo on the leaf is spectacular! And the diagonal line of elements really swee... really_big_leaves_page1.jpg
Shirley, I am so very sorry you had to go through this, especially alone. I know how hard it is eve... Waiting20.jpg
What an amazing story. I know it must have been very difficult to relive those memories in creating... Story-Scrapbook-Challenge_WTC.jpg
So adorable! LOVE the clusters on the left and right. And the selective coloring in the photo just... XOXO-Drake.jpg
I think you did a FABULOUS job. I can totally sympathize with trying to photograph live dance produ... brijazz2015_1_.jpg
ROFL! Yes, a "just don't ask" but a hilarious one! LOVE the colorful LO which completely belies th... February_Just_Dont_Ask_web.jpg
Deanie, those blues are just the PERFECT background for that stunning red hair! And that sweet smil... SS_April_25.jpg
So classically beautiful, Kathie! LOVE the watercolor feel to it! Simply stunning! sullivans-island-2-700.jpg
Totally fabulous, Amy! I may just have to lift this for our new pup! What a beauty Bexlee is, and ... bexleeW.jpg
Gorgeous! LOVE the multicolor masking in the background! And that photo is glorious! Beautiful ta... tulip3.jpg

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creatively! It is pleasant to me
by zotova
Outstanding piece!
by foxeysquirrel
This is just gorgeous you made such visually stunning pieces of art, LOVE IT!
by foxeysquirrel
So beautiful!!
by ang66
Hope you had a blessed day, Tracy! Beautiful page!
by KarenC
Beautifully done!
by jcaruth910
Beautiful, Trace!!!
by anke
He lives! Beautiful, Tracy!
by earlofoxford
Oh Tracy - this is wonderful! Glorious indeed. Wishing you a blessed Easter indeed.
by Aino
Happy Easter to all!
by smcloone