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I just love how you designed these pages! As much a pleasure to look at as they are to read. :O) 30-_DLK_Notebook_Week_30_web.jpg
I can so see you in this kitchen. (And, why am I not surprised that Mollie said Love three times??!!... kitchenchat700.jpg
Oh, it's a wonderful photo! Now, it's saved in yet another place. Perfect. :O) butterflymagic700_.jpg
Awwwwww. I want one! No, not really. lol This little one will be so very loved. :O) TeddywithYoshi7001.jpg
This is just so awesome! Congratulations to him and his coach! Such an accomplishment! I wish him ma... cadetriathlon700.jpg
You will have the best family history books ever! They will be the envy of everyone who sees them. :... TaylorBook_02_houston_miller_-_web_older_photograph_.jpg
I have never seen sequins used on a grunge page like this .... and I like it!!!! Wonderful art! drama.jpg
I think this would make a great motivational art piece! :O) timer_page.jpg
Oh gosh, I love this page! Your photography is always so inspiring and the crispness of this page fr... 2017-07-30-Pardalote-KPertiet_OnWhiteLTNo3.jpg
Your answers to these prompts show so much of who you are. I think that when read by your grandchild... 31-_DLK_Notebook_Week_31_Left_web.jpg

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You may not have met Pam in person, but you've captured her perfectly in this beautiful page.
by earlofoxford
Oh Kelly. Oh oh Kelly. Sniff.
by carollee
Kelly, you've chosen a perfect photo for Pam! I know she would have absolutely loved this. And the ...
by dfwest
so beautiful Kelly!!
by Mary Walther Johnson
simply beautiful Kelly...
by cstaff
Amazing, Kelly. Such a sweet and touching layout. That journaling is simply perfect!
by jazzmatazz
This is simply beautiful, Kelly... amazing and heartfelt tribute to Pam. Yes, our DD friendships are...
by beehive50
This is absolutely beautiful and so true about our dear Pam! Our DD friendships are such treasures.
by Amy L
Oh, to be a dog and roll in the leaves and grass!! And get all those chigger bites.... Maybe I'll ...
by b2halter
Oh how fun! I love that you were able to capture Dash enjoying a day in the leaves and sun. This i...
by bbe