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Linda, you are blowing me away with your page designs! Your creative use of that large photo is PERF... prettyinpink2.jpg
Oh, this is so cute! Wonderful framing for those photos and I love the colors you used. She's going... Photoswap_for_Lindsay.jpg
My goodness, Debbie this is beautiful! That paper with all it's crumpled-ness almost looks like ball... Swan_Lake.jpg
Oh such a precious, precious page! He is a doll and I love the framing, Liz. Sam will love this! :... b_is_for_Brody_copy.jpg
Linda, I LOVE your lift. the long title looks great and I love your cluster of photos at the top. So... ride13.jpg
:) :) :) Jack13.jpg
Oh I just LOVE these photos! Wonderful page. :O) Simon_Fog-copy.jpg
Wonderful lift! LOVE your photos. :O) Saguaro-Blooms.jpg
A beautiful "tribute hatchday" page. :O) Kyr_2015.jpg

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love the duck on the bottom :) great choice of frames and the leaves look really great, too!
by lego
Love all the greenery dividing the page! Great photos and scrapped beautifully!
by jana
This is such a fun page! Everything just goes together so well and the pictures are great! She'll lo...
by MaggieMae
I also like the split background and the greenery just makes the page!
by trishaf
That vertical split in the pp is super effective as a background. I love how you used the greenery a...
by lizj
That's totally delightful! Love the framing and the fairy dust and the sketchy border.
by lizj
How very delicate! LOVE the fairy dust!
by CelinaT
Gorgeous! Perfect depth of field!
by cbcockatoo
now how pretty is this?! i actually had to look twice to determine that the sprinkles of glitter we...
by dfwest
This is gorgeous, Kelly and I love that frame!
by bbe