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Makes me smile! I've always had a soft spot for that snowman of yours. Love the way you layer brushe... mum-chocolate-58.jpg
Goodness gracious, but this is gorgeous. I'm serious when I say each new page you create seems to to... Summer_2014.jpg
I see it in the mouth the most. Genealogy is so fascinating to me. Even when it's not my family. :O... father5.jpg
Too fun! Love those little tags clipped to the frame. :O) brillliantlifemud.jpg
This is fun. Love the mashing, love the coloring and love that photo and it's treatment. :O) DLK_Really_Awesome_Tim_and_DeLisa_in_Alaska_web.jpg
Oh, Maureen. I feel for you. When we came back from Italy, Gary went down the road to get an ice-cre... 14_PL_wk_32B_700_5025.jpg
What you may lack in your usual journaling you make up for in photos. Wonderful, Maureen. 14_PL_wk_32_700LP.jpg
What? 9??? She's turning out to be quite the young lady. It looks like she had a wonderful birthday.... Katie_s-9th-Birthday.jpg
It's so majestic looking, isn't it?! Wonderful pages here. :O) westpoiintpg1web.jpg

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Bwahahahahahahaaaaaa Lola!!! Oh this page is gold! I love it sooooo much.
by carollee
ohhh Lola - this page has my laughing so hard :) LOVE it!!
by jesshunt
lol Love your sense of humor, and that you shared it with us! This is fabulous. About those quizz...
by bbe
Love everyone's comments; so true! What a great way to sum up your results! Love your page!
by Amy L
Another knockout.
by maureenreynolds
love how you used the grids with this--awesome page!
by katie pertiet
From Lola Lusty Fire to a stone! that's just too funny!
by smcloone
I absolutely love this ... and sounds like your next life will be very .. um.. serene
by Lynn Grieveson
Oh I love what you did here! Love the photo and I think if you're a stone, you're very strong and wi...
by jlholden15
okay, this is MY take; you're a ROCK, someone who can be counted on, who can stand up to anything th...
by dfwest