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Beautiful design! 75_caresse_du_vent.jpg
Beautiful! Love the color you chose, and the multiple photos. Very inspirational. 73_this_good_life.jpg
This looks great! Love that photo and the coordinating elements. Perfect! 20150817_1430_02_Beach.jpg
I love it when that happens too. This turned out very nice, and those photos are so sweet. I see 1... OrchardIceCreamWEB.jpg
Perfect lift, Sharon! Love those colors, and cute elements you chose, especially for the bottom clu... Summer24.jpg
This looks fantastic, Debi! Love that design with the screenshot. So modern and fresh. I think fo... 1508-dhb-vegas-insta-12.jpg
Magic indeed. This is so precious! I love that vertical line and how you mixed your stripes and ar... 7thAugust_Pure_Joy_web.jpg
I can imagine how fun that must have been. It's great to see these group photos, and thanks a milli... Friends-from-DD-copy.jpg
Ab fab. :) My_heart_in_your_hand_800.jpg
Oh my, these pages are going to be something everyone will truly cherish. This is gorgeous. Week_28_800.jpg

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I am just starting to crave fall - love how you documented all these great details! :)
by Kayleigh
Gosh! Would not have guessed at using the Snipping Tool like this. Great layout. Fun inspirations...
by wsprite_ad
Oh yes, you sure put that tool to good news, this looks really cool!!!
by anke
How cool is this! Just saw your thread about the snipping tool -- what a great idea!
by CelinaT
mmm, I have not heard of the snipping tool until you mentioned it, Brenda. I'll have to check it out...
by digigrandma
Such a fun Pinterest idea! I like all of the descriptive stuff on this page, it definitely brought t...
by lizj
How cool is that? Great lift, Brenda!
by earlofoxford
Such a cool page! I'm also looking forward to Autumn and I'm determined to get some lovely shots thi...
by lizziet5
I think about autumn, too, and wish that we had it down here! I think maybe you need to share the we...
by earlofoxford
great story..what a fun prop at a the blended background
by grandmak