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This just feels so vibrant and happy, I really like that background paper that you've used with this... 20160715_03_Us.jpg
I absolutely love this app!!!! It has so many cool effects and this looks great. 07-15.jpg
Amy you are putting me to shame with my USA album from 2013! hahahaha I am so going to enjoy seeing... oxford1W.jpg
So incredibly beautiful Debi, the two times in your lives and memories, I adore this so much. 1607-gram-12.jpg
I bet you are EXACTLY like your grandma, what a role model she was for you and she'd be looking down... delight_in_life3.jpg
How absolutely precious this page is, and it's your duty Shannon to keep her stories alive. This is... grandma_memories_copy.jpg
Oh my gosh, she was stunning, so classically beautiful. She also looks like she has a bit of mischi... Grandmother-web.jpg
Oh my gosh, hand on the hip with such attitude, she *WAS* spunky. I bet you have a lot of her in yo... Spunky.jpg
I am obsessed with this app. It looks fantastic Mollie. IMG_3150.JPG
What a fantastic page with the split photo, so perfect. play_ball4.jpg

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Arrrrgh fun! Love your selfie and your story here, and what a great quote!
This is great. Good on your for running. I have never been able to run--even when I was young my a...
by shannonroller
Carol, I'm vicariously running with you on these grand adventures... I had such run with my running ...
by cstaff
Makes me want to get out there and run too!
by digi371
You are so good at telling your stories and I like your photos! You are an inspiration!!
by justbnsharon
Awesome sauce :d all the way around! (insert 'thumbs up' emoji!)
by beehive50
Awesome event for you, Carol! You are such a roll model for all us couch potatoes out here! Way to...
by b2halter
I love your storytelling! Congrats to a good competition day.
by tammielsmith
Gorgeous photo, gorgeous page!!
by anke
My thoughts and prayers with this child and family. Asthma is a scary and difficult disease. So gl...
by tammielsmith