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Oh I read this Trace and think of a conversation I recently had with my bestie. You Qld peeps reall... right-here-right-now.jpg
Oh my gosh and standing with legs akimbo too, that's amazing. Heck I think we all ought to go on a ... Almost_a_Big_Boy.jpg
Oh my gosh yes Diane, I read your journaling and can hear my mum's voice. My mum hates talking on t... Story-AUG-web.jpg
Awesome Lizzie. Love pages like this. Just_Fine_Story_challenge_August_2017_700.jpg
Oh Carol I missed this completely, bless you. Last_Page_DD.jpg
Oh my word, I adore the spots of yellow with the background colour. It's awesome. PL_2017_week_31_L_.jpg
Love love love the display of pictures to go with this terrific 2 page spread. Thanks for playing a... TheStory_Aug17Pg11.jpg
You just know I adore all this delicious journaling. Pictures give part of the story but I tell you... TheStory_Aug17Pg2.jpg
Jana is right about it looking celestial. I was thinking heck, this colorful page truly is visually... rightnow_2_.jpg
Diane my heart hurts for you having you go through this. I'm going to post this piece of writing, I... SSL-KeepingItReal-web.jpg

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You are amazing! I can't even walk further than 1 mile! :) Great layout and journaling, as always...
It's all about the journey isn't it! Love the design and your journaling is always fun. Keep on keep...
by cstaff
The page design looks so sharp! You must feel so healthy and invigorated being out in the fresh air ...
by digigrandma
I'm in awe of you and your training Carol! So wonderful! I love how you placed your photos across th...
by jana
You are such an inspiration, Carol -- I can't even fathom walking 35km!
by earlofoxford
Terrific page! Love how you used the photo cluster. And good for you on trying new things - just d...
by OKate
You are such an inspiration! I love everything about this page!
by ptabbert
Congratulations to you Carol! You're so dedicated and disciplined in your training and preparation....
by tammielsmith
Yeah - so good to see some more of this fun DofD project! Still loving your sense of humor and the ...
by tammielsmith
I'll. Ever tire of your December pages, Carol! Never!! If you are as bad on your horn as I am with...
by readstoomuch