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Oh heck that's adorable, what a fun page. Wouldn't it be funny if in the future she becomes a world... Like-the-Model.jpg
Love your journalling, love it so much, it's real and now and you'll look back on this one day and w... every-day2.jpg
Oh gosh what you did with this template to make it all yours, I *ADORE* all the title work, I'm a bi... goodtimes7.jpg
Sensational, I particularly love the early twigs and sticks, that is genius. mothers2.jpg
Her hair looks incredible. Honestly she's so beautiful she could pull off pink and purple stripes i... Mission_Accomplished_700.jpg
I am completely honoured, you've scraplifted this beautifully and made it even more special. DeLisa... Granny_Mascione_web.jpg
Kim it's so lovely to see your beautiful pages again, I love this format the B&W photos rock! Feb32.jpg
Magnificent photo! Beautifully scrapped. 160501Discover_Delight.jpg
What an amazing experience, and that he is so interested in history too. Wonderful that you scrappe... 2016_04_Cory_and_Pres_Carter_KPertiet_JustLookatYouLT_sm.jpg
Love the treatment you put on photos. Makes your page so arty. 2015-04-30_eating_in_town.jpg

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OK - I love the Mikes quote! I like your approach to your PL!
by justbnsharon
Absolutely hilarious story about the alarm, and again about the birds! I feel like we're trailing al...
by lizj
you are just the funnest! love that quote ... so absolutely to-be-documented!
by lego
Fab - I laughed out loud!
by OKate
What a great idea to record your efforts! Love it.
by bbe
Saving this one to lift for a page of my own! Fabulous clean look, I love it. And too funny about th...
by Stacia
This is such a wow page Carol! Love everything about it! I like how your said "journaled" with the d...
by jana
LOL. Great job.
by shannonroller
Love it, Carol! What a fun memory!
by Jane_Bond7
Love your photos and journaling! Fun page!
by smcloone