Digital Scrapbooking en-us Fri, 18 Apr 2014 08:25:18 +0000 PhotoPost Pro 8.0 60 Ride On <a href=";title=ride-on&amp;cat=502"><img class="imgborder" title="Ride-On-web.jpg" border="0" src="" alt="Ride-On-web.jpg" /></a><br /><br />by: scullen2<br /><br />Description}: We moved four months ago, so we're yet to experience our first spring/summer in our new neighborhood. (It snowed yesterday here in MN....) We love the new house and neighborhood for sure, but when I stumbled across this photo of a very everyday trip to the park down the street from our old place, it gave me a rush of nostalgia. It was such an ordinary thing to walk/ride down to the park. We did it hundreds or thousands of times. And it was really a very ordinary park....but a definite part of our lives that is over. There will be great new parks to explore this year....but those days gone by, when my girls were littler, will always be remembered! Lynn Grieveson [u][b][url=]Dillon Worn and Torn Papers[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Dillon Kit[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Geometric Hints Brushes and Stamps No. 03[/url][/b][/u] Katie Pertiet [u][b][url=]Almost There Brushes and Stamps[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Almost There Element Pack[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Splatters Brushes and Stamps No. 04[/url][/b][/u] Ripped Vintage Photo Frames No. 5 **Coming 4.19.2014** [u][b][url=]Blank Safety Tags[/url][/b][/u] Ali Edwards [u][b][url=]Months Of Life Badges Brushes and Stamps[/url][/b][/u]<br /><br />6 comments Thu, 17 Apr 2014 15:10:57 +0000 Little Bitty Love <a href=";title=little-bitty-love&amp;cat=502"><img class="imgborder" title="Little-Bitty-Love-web.jpg" border="0" src="" alt="Little-Bitty-Love-web.jpg" /></a><br /><br />by: scullen2<br /><br />Description}: Katie Pertiet Jaspia Solids **Coming 4.19.2014** [u][b][url=]Thicker Inked Words Brushes and Stamps No. 08[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Best Smile Layered Template[/url][/b][/u]<br /><br />15 comments Wed, 16 Apr 2014 22:05:16 +0000 Fourteen Weeks <a href=";title=fourteen-weeks&amp;cat=702"><img class="imgborder" title="Fourteen-Weeks-web1.jpg" border="0" src="" alt="Fourteen-Weeks-web1.jpg" /></a><br /><br />by: scullen2<br /><br />Description}: My DD, with her 'barely there' baby bump. :) I loved the vertical band grounding Terri's photo--I used masks and elements to create a vertical place for my photo to 'rest.' *I saw the typo in the journaling and fixed it for the print copy. * Lynn Grieveson [u][b][url=]Lyon Kit[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Lyon Worn Paper Pack[/url][/b][/u] Katie Pertiet [u][b][url=]Painted Photo Masks Brushes and Stamps No. 01[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Painted Photo Masks Brushes and Stamps No. 05[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Brierley Scrapbooking Kit[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Postage Strip Words No. 05[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Roughed Up Pocket Cards: Striped No. 01[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Thin Classic Photo Frames Curled and Flat No. 01[/url][/b][/u] Studio DD Element cluster from [u][b][url=]Layer Works No. 437[/url][/b][/u] Ali Edwards [u][b][url=]March 3x4 Layered Sentiments[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Messy Weekly Lines Brushes and Stamps[/url][/b][/u]<br /><br />19 comments Sat, 12 Apr 2014 14:04:34 +0000 Hello Grandbaby <a href=";title=hello-grandbaby&amp;cat=502"><img class="imgborder" title="Hello-Grandbaby-web.jpg" border="0" src="" alt="Hello-Grandbaby-web.jpg" /></a><br /><br />by: scullen2<br /><br />Description}: The very first photo of our expected grand baby. Now we're eagerly awaiting the anticipated discovery of the baby's gender on April 29. Katie Pertiet [u][b][url=]Faringdon Solids Paper Pack[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Faringdon Painted Accents[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Faringdon Scrapbooking Kit[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Painted Photo Masks Brushes and Stamps No. 06[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]ARTpack Overlays No. 02[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Childhood Word Art No. 03 Brushes and Stamps[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Classic Deckled Photo Frames No. 01[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Fine Line Twists Brushes and Stamps No. 03[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Far Away Fairyland Element Pack[/url][/b][/u] (staple) [u][b][url=]Sentiment Flairs No. 03[/url][/b][/u] Studio DD [u][b][url=]Readymade Borders: Vintage No. 02[/url][/b][/u] Ali Edwards [u][b][url=]Date Night Brushes and Stamps[/url][/b][/u]<br /><br />18 comments Sat, 12 Apr 2014 03:03:26 +0000 March 26 <a href=";title=march-26&amp;cat=1341"><img class="imgborder" title="March-26-web.jpg" border="0" src="" alt="March-26-web.jpg" /></a><br /><br />by: scullen2<br /><br />Description}: I'm still having fun with Project 365! Ali Edwards [u][b][url=]Underlined Months Brushes and Stamps[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]December Daily™ 2013 Date Stamps[/url][/b][/u]<br /><br />17 comments Thu, 03 Apr 2014 22:07:53 +0000 Coming in September <a href=";title=coming-in-september&amp;cat=502"><img class="imgborder" title="Coming-in-September-web.jpg" border="0" src="" alt="Coming-in-September-web.jpg" /></a><br /><br />by: scullen2<br /><br />Description}: My daughter and son-in-law 'went public' with the announcement of their pregnancy yesterday. It was fun (and emotional!) for me to read all of the well wishes for them from around the world. (Zach is an Air Force pilot...they're hanging a baby flight suit on the line next to his flight suit and her dress. :) ) We're looking forward to September. :) Katie Pertiet [u][b][url=]Surf-n-Sand Paper Pack[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Magic Marker Masks No. 01[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Baby Blush: Flairs[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Vintage Edge Overlays No. 01[/url][/b][/u] Ali Edwards [u][b][url=]Messy Monthly Lines Brushes and Stamps[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Glorious Moments Brushes and Stamps[/url][/b][/u]<br /><br />23 comments Tue, 25 Mar 2014 15:16:24 +0000 Icy Cold <a href=";title=icy-cold&amp;cat=502"><img class="imgborder" title="Icy-Cold-web.jpg" border="0" src="" alt="Icy-Cold-web.jpg" /></a><br /><br />by: scullen2<br /><br />Description}: It's officially spring, but here in Minnesota our wind chills today are below this seemed appropriate.... Katie Pertiet [u][b][url=]Blendables Layered Template No. 24[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Chandra Solids Paper Pack[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Silver Essentials No. 01[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]ARTpacks: Winter Brushes and Stamps No. 02[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Silver Essentials No. 02[/url][/b][/u] Ali Edwards [u][b][url=]Hello Life Boxes 3x4 Brushes and Stamps No. 05[/url][/b][/u]<br /><br />16 comments Tue, 25 Mar 2014 14:51:42 +0000 Photo Swap for Uly <a href=";title=photo-swap-for-uly&amp;cat=2389"><img class="imgborder" title="Lotte-and-Linn-web.jpg" border="0" src="" alt="Lotte-and-Linn-web.jpg" /></a><br /><br />by: scullen2<br /><br />Description}: The Photo Swap is definitely one of my very favorite things at DesignerDigitals! Uly (maruma) made such an incredibly FUN page of my daughter Kaira...we will both treasure it always! And it was my privilege to scrap these photos of two special girls in Uly's life. She has recently become a mother to adorable Linn. She worried about how her dog Lotte would take to the baby, but they are already good companions. Katie Pertiet [u][b][url=]Chippery Paper Pack No. 02[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Childhood Blendables No. 01[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Artsy Layered Paints No. 03[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Dog Park Kit[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Everyday Pets Borders Brushes and Stamps[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Red and Krafty Hearts No. 01[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Winter Woods Element Pack[/url][/b][/u] (bow) [u][b][url=]Fresh Vintage Stacks No. 01[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Done with Doilies Photo Clusters No. 01[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Love My Words Brushes and Stamps[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Arrow Wire Paper Clips No. 01[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Redwork Flairs[/url][/b][/u] Lynn Grieveson [u][b][url=]Woof Elements[/url][/b][/u] Ali Edwards [u][b][url=]Cats and Dogs Hand Drawn Brushes and Stamps[/url][/b][/u]<br /><br />25 comments Fri, 21 Mar 2014 14:45:33 +0000 Alive and Kicking <a href=";title=alive-and-kicking&amp;cat=502"><img class="imgborder" title="Alive-and-Kicking-web.jpg" border="0" src="" alt="Alive-and-Kicking-web.jpg" /></a><br /><br />by: scullen2<br /><br />Description}: Katie Pertiet [u][b][url=]Blendables Layered Template No. 30[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Fading Dots Paper Pack No. 01[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Baby Blush Solids Paper Pack[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Bridle Creek Solids Paper Pack[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Flair Mini Sports[/url][/b][/u] Cathy Zielske [u][b][url=]Typesets: Soccer No. 01 Brushes and Stamps[/url][/b][/u]<br /><br />10 comments Wed, 19 Mar 2014 14:04:04 +0000 Embrace Today <a href=";title=embrace-today&amp;cat=1218"><img class="imgborder" title="embrace-today-web1.jpg" border="0" src="" alt="embrace-today-web1.jpg" /></a><br /><br />by: scullen2<br /><br />Description}: Katie Pertiet [u][b][url=]Classic Cardstocks: Festive Brights Paper Pack[/url][/b][/u] Ad Inspiration Freebie Frame from 4.4.2010 [u][b][url=]Sun Porch Element Pack[/url][/b][/u] (tape) Ali Edwards [u][b][url=]So Totally Happy Brushes and Stamps[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]No Day Like Today Brushes and Stamps[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]No Day Like Today Brushes and Stamps Vol. 02[/url][/b][/u]<br /><br />13 comments Tue, 18 Mar 2014 23:34:21 +0000 Miss Enthusiasm <a href=";title=miss-enthusiasm&amp;cat=502"><img class="imgborder" title="Miss-Enthusiasm-web.jpg" border="0" src="" alt="Miss-Enthusiasm-web.jpg" /></a><br /><br />by: scullen2<br /><br />Description}: Journaling: Your enthusiasm is inspiring and contagious. Daddy and I often remark at how often your feet are off the ground as you leap through life. You’re not afraid to stand up and stand out. I’m praising God for placing that in you, and praying that he’ll use it for His glory. Studio DD LayerWorks No. 424 **Coming 3.14.14** Katie Pertiet/Studio DD [u][b][url=]Curated Studio Mix Scrapbooking Kit No. 05[/url][/b][/u] Katie Pertiet Ad Inspiration Freebie 3.1.14 Marlow Element Pack **Coming 3.14.14**<br /><br />15 comments Tue, 11 Mar 2014 18:35:10 +0000 Enduring Affection <a href=";title=enduring-affection&amp;cat=502"><img class="imgborder" title="Enduring-Affection-web.jpg" border="0" src="" alt="Enduring-Affection-web.jpg" /></a><br /><br />by: scullen2<br /><br />Description}: My daughter Amy has been nannying for the same family for several years. She loves the kids....but she REALLY loves the dog!! She's done quite a bit of dog and house sitting for the family when they're out of town, too, and Ziggy has spent a few holidays and celebrations at our place. :) Katie Pertiet [u][b][url=]Childhood Wonder Layered Template[/url][/b][/u] Marlow Add On Paper Pack **Coming 3.14.14** [u][b][url=]Splatters Brushes and Stamps No. 04[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Wood Veneer Pocket Cards No. 01[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Mixed Stacks Descriptors Brushes and Stamps No. 04[/url][/b][/u] Wooden Alphabet No. 19 **Coming 3.14.14** [u][b][url=]Wood Veneer Postage Photo Frames No. 01[/url][/b][/u] Marlow Linen Buttons **Coming 3.14.14**<br /><br />11 comments Tue, 11 Mar 2014 17:11:35 +0000 Life at the Beach <a href=";title=life-at-the-beach&amp;cat=502"><img class="imgborder" title="Life-at-the-Beach-web.jpg" border="0" src="" alt="Life-at-the-Beach-web.jpg" /></a><br /><br />by: scullen2<br /><br />Description}: As soon as I saw these graduation party poster templates by Cathy, I thought of how well they would work to create photo collages for the walls of our new house. This one is going in the Jack and Jill bathroom that my daughters share. The colors are similar to how they've decorated their rooms. It will print at 20x40 and hang on a large open space that's above the center (raised) part of their vanity, between their two mirrors. It will help them remember one of their favorite weeks ever, spent at the beach with family last summer. Cathy Zielske [u][b][url=]Grad Party Posters[/url][/b][/u]<br /><br />15 comments Wed, 05 Mar 2014 15:43:43 +0000 The Photographer <a href=";title=the-photographer&amp;cat=702"><img class="imgborder" title="The-Photographer-web.jpg" border="0" src="" alt="The-Photographer-web.jpg" /></a><br /><br />by: scullen2<br /><br />Description}: I loved Bawzie's simply artistic page, and it was fun to lift it! See the details of our Saturday Scraplift Challenge on the blog: Katie Pertiet [u][b][url=]Vintage Book Paper Pack No. 04[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Stamped Blocks No. 34 Brushes and Stamps[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Lovely Paper Pack No. 01[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Fine Line Twists No. 01[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Classic Deckled Photo Frames No. 01[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Wood Veneer Circle Words No. 02[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Chalkboard Alphabet No. 07[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Black, White and Tan Kit[/url][/b][/u]<br /><br />18 comments Sun, 02 Mar 2014 14:06:09 +0000 A few Moments More <a href=";title=a-few-moments-more&amp;cat=502"><img class="imgborder" title="A-few-Moments-More-web.jpg" border="0" src="" alt="A-few-Moments-More-web.jpg" /></a><br /><br />by: scullen2<br /><br />Description}: I'm thinking of this dear daughter of mine, wishing she were closer but so grateful for where she is and for how I see God working in and through her life. Katie Pertiet [u][b][url=]Blendables Layered Template No. 27[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Fresh Vintage: Clare Paper Pack[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Fresh Vintage: Clare Solids Paper Pack[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Lighthouse Clusters Brushes and Stamps No. 01[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Tidewater Element Pack[/url][/b][/u] Ali Edwards [u][b][url=]My Reason Why Brushes and Stamps[/url][/b][/u] Using Katie's Blendables Templates is kind of easy to get an artsy look! This template was actually winter themed, I just searched my stash for seashore items that I could replace the snowflake elements and brushes with...still had the beautiful blended look, now in a theme suitable to my photo!<br /><br />23 comments Fri, 28 Feb 2014 16:26:10 +0000 This Place (Outer Banks) <a href=";title=this-place-outer-banks&amp;cat=502"><img class="imgborder" title="This-Place-_Outer-Banks_-web.jpg" border="0" src="" alt="This-Place-_Outer-Banks_-web.jpg" /></a><br /><br />by: scullen2<br /><br />Description}: I just loved Katie's layout &quot;This is it,&quot; and I was thrilled to see it become a beautiful layered template. SO EASY! Katie's done the blending work for us. :) Katie Pertiet [u][b][url=]Blendables Layered Template No. 29[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Fresh Vintage: Clare Solids Paper Pack[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Connected Wood Words No. 01[/url][/b][/u]<br /><br />25 comments Wed, 26 Feb 2014 06:04:34 +0000 February 17 <a href=";title=february-17&amp;cat=1341"><img class="imgborder" title="February-17-web.jpg" border="0" src="" alt="February-17-web.jpg" /></a><br /><br />by: scullen2<br /><br />Description}: I'm still having fun with Project 365! Ali Edwards [u][b][url=]Underlined Months Brushes and Stamps[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]December Daily™ 2013 Date Stamps[/url][/b][/u]<br /><br />19 comments Mon, 24 Feb 2014 03:24:28 +0000 Love this Life <a href=";title=love-this-life&amp;cat=1098"><img class="imgborder" title="Love-Life-web.jpg" border="0" src="" alt="Love-Life-web.jpg" /></a><br /><br />by: scullen2<br /><br />Description}: There are some photos that just capture someone and the way they are at a point in time. That's how I feel about this one. It isn't the best technically, and her hair is all messy....but when I see this photo, I see my little valentine. Lori did a great job of picking templates for the current mash-up challenge! The example pages and all of the pages in the gallery are so inspiring....I couldn't wait to play along. Katie Pertiet [u][b][url=]Patchwork Layered Template No. 01[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Life Moment Layered Template[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Classic Deckled Photo Frames No. 01[/url][/b][/u] Katie Pertiet/Studio DD [u][b][url=]Curated Studio Mix Scrapbooking Kit No. 02[/url][/b][/u] Ali Edwards [u][b][url=]No Day Like Today Brushes and Stamps Vol. 02[/url][/b][/u] Studio DD [u][b][url=]Readymade Banners: Love No. 03[/url][/b][/u]<br /><br />16 comments Fri, 21 Feb 2014 14:37:00 +0000 The Graduate <a href=";title=the-graduate&amp;cat=502"><img class="imgborder" title="The-Graduate-web.jpg" border="0" src="" alt="The-Graduate-web.jpg" /></a><br /><br />by: scullen2<br /><br />Description}: Kaira's kindergarten graduation back in June 2012. Studio DD [u][b][url=]Layer Works No. 410[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Readymade Borders: Love No. 01[/url][/b][/u] Katie Pertiet [u][b][url=]Wooden Alphabet No. 17[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Silver Arrows No. 01[/url][/b][/u] (clipped to the word 'graduate' to make a foil word) Maplebrook Studios [u][b][url=]Just Linens Paper Pack No. 55[/url][/b][/u] Cathy Zielske [u][b][url=]Typesets: The Graduate No. 01 Brushes and Stamps[/url][/b][/u]<br /><br />13 comments Thu, 06 Feb 2014 21:50:31 +0000 Dance through the Decades <a href=";title=dance-through-the-decades&amp;cat=502"><img class="imgborder" title="Dance-thru-the-Decades-web.jpg" border="0" src="" alt="Dance-thru-the-Decades-web.jpg" /></a><br /><br />by: scullen2<br /><br />Description}: Our elementary school hosted a 'Dance through the Decades' party this past Friday night. The kids had a ball. Journaling: You had a blast at Woodland’s Dance through the Decades party! The best part for me was seeing you and Hailey dance and enjoy being together so much. Part of our reason for moving to Eagan was to live in a neighborhood with more kids, but we couldn’t have even hoped for such a good friend living so very close. We’re grateful for the Siwek family and for fun you two have had already. It will be a joy to watch you grow up together, Lord willing. Katie Pertiet [u][b][url=]Clustering Memories Layered Templates Part No. 01[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Lovely Paper Pack No. 01[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Wavy Sentiments Brushes and Stickers No. 01[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Washi Tapes: Lovely Clusters No. 01[/url][/b][/u] Studio DD [u][b][url=]Curated Studio Mix Kit No. 02[/url][/b][/u]<br /><br />7 comments Mon, 03 Feb 2014 20:28:40 +0000 January 30 <a href=";title=january-30&amp;cat=1341"><img class="imgborder" title="January-30-web.jpg" border="0" src="" alt="January-30-web.jpg" /></a><br /><br />by: scullen2<br /><br />Description}: I'm doing a 365 project again this year. I LOVE the finished book from last year's version. Ali Edwards [u][b][url=]Underlined Months Brushes and Stamps[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]December Daily™ 2013 Date Stamps[/url][/b][/u]<br /><br />22 comments Fri, 31 Jan 2014 21:45:07 +0000 Below Zero <a href=";title=below-zero&amp;cat=502"><img class="imgborder" title="Below-Zero-web.jpg" border="0" src="" alt="Below-Zero-web.jpg" /></a><br /><br />by: scullen2<br /><br />Description}: We've spent a lot of time below zero in Minnesota this winter. Katie Pertiet [u][b][url=]Curated Mix Scrapbooking Kit No. 02[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Winter Words Brushes and Stamps No. 02[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Silver Flairs No. 01[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Ripped Vintage Photo Frames No. 04[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Soften it Up Brushes and Stamps No. 01[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Flake Scatters No. 01[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Bare Branches Brushes and Stamps No. 01[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Assorted Messy Stitches: Orange No. 01[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Like This Element Pack[/url][/b][/u]<br /><br />19 comments Thu, 23 Jan 2014 17:16:37 +0000 Live Each Day <a href=";title=live-each-day&amp;cat=502"><img class="imgborder" title="Live-Each-Day-web.jpg" border="0" src="" alt="Live-Each-Day-web.jpg" /></a><br /><br />by: scullen2<br /><br />Description}: Kristin got some air on the sledding hill yesterday. Studio DD [u][b][url=]Layer Works No. 406[/url][/b][/u] Katie Pertiet [u][b][url=]Polar Mountain Solids Paper Pack[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Polar Mountain Paper Pack[/url][/b][/u] Maplebrook Studios [u][b][url=]Clear-Thru Arrows No. 01[/url][/b][/u]<br /><br />16 comments Tue, 21 Jan 2014 22:30:05 +0000 Farewell <a href=";title=farewell&amp;cat=502"><img class="imgborder" title="Farewell-web.jpg" border="0" src="" alt="Farewell-web.jpg" /></a><br /><br />by: scullen2<br /><br />Description}: This was a big day in our family, almost one year ago now. Daughter and son-in-law moved to Columbus, Mississippi for the beginning of their Air Force adventure together. The nature of the beast is that it is unlikely we'll find them living near us again. I'm so grateful for them and for all I see God doing in and through them. It's been a good year, but I still miss them! Katie Pertiet [u][b][url=]Patchwork Layered Template No. 07[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Frosted Fun Paper Pack[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Frosted Fun Solids Paper Pack[/url][/b][/u] Ali Edwards [u][b][url=]You're Invited Collection Brushes and Stamps[/url][/b][/u]<br /><br />17 comments Mon, 13 Jan 2014 22:28:16 +0000 Sunkissed <a href=";title=sunkissed&amp;cat=502"><img class="imgborder" title="sunkissed-web.jpg" border="0" src="" alt="sunkissed-web.jpg" /></a><br /><br />by: scullen2<br /><br />Description}: It's been cold in Minnesota lately--really cold. I couldn't resist playing with a sunny, warm photo. :) Maplebrook Studios [u][b][url=]Just Linens Paper Pack No. 09[/url][/b][/u] Katie Pertiet [u][b][url=]Watery Photo Masks No. 06[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Sunshine Melts Paper Pack[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Stamped Stitches No. 08 Brushes and Stamps[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Lens Flares: Colors No. 01[/url][/b][/u] Thin Classic Photo Frames No. 2 **Coming 1.11.14** [u][b][url=]Summertime Sentiments Brushes and Stamps[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Little Round Tabs[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Basic Tags No. 02[/url][/b][/u] (staple)<br /><br />18 comments Wed, 08 Jan 2014 21:10:07 +0000 Beautiful to me <a href=";title=beautiful-to-me&amp;cat=702"><img class="imgborder" title="You-are-so-Beautiful-web.jpg" border="0" src="" alt="You-are-so-Beautiful-web.jpg" /></a><br /><br />by: scullen2<br /><br />Description}: Her older sister gave her some no longer needed perfume, and this nine year old has taken to wearing the scent everyday. I have to say that it smells very good, and it seems to suit her. The fragrance is 'Beautiful.' Katie Pertiet [u][b][url=]Artsy Golden Vintage Value Pack[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Paint it Gold No. 01[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Striping Graphic Gold No. 01[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Gilded Photo Frames No. 01[/url][/b][/u] Head over to the blog to check out the details of our new Saturday Scraplift!<br /><br />15 comments Sat, 04 Jan 2014 06:46:00 +0000 Play Outside <a href=";title=play-outside&amp;cat=502"><img class="imgborder" title="Play-Outside-web.jpg" border="0" src="" alt="Play-Outside-web.jpg" /></a><br /><br />by: scullen2<br /><br />Description}: Thanks to Julie (MaggieMae) for reminding me of this great LayerWorks, which was perfect for a snapshot I had of my girls playing in their new backyard! Studio DD [u][b][url=]Layer Works No. 274[/url][/b][/u] Katie Pertiet [u][b][url=]Frosted Winter Solids Paper Pack[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Frosted Winter Element Pack[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Black, White and Maroon Kit[/url][/b][/u] Doily Edgers No. 4 **Coming 1.4.14**<br /><br />5 comments Wed, 01 Jan 2014 00:58:46 +0000 December Joy <a href=";title=december-joy&amp;cat=502"><img class="imgborder" title="December-Joy-web.jpg" border="0" src="" alt="December-Joy-web.jpg" /></a><br /><br />by: scullen2<br /><br />Description}: Our kids on Christmas Day. December joy for me. Katie Pertiet [u][b][url=]Merry Layered Template[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Redwork Paper Pack[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Thicker Inked Words: December No. 01[/url][/b][/u] Baby Blush Element Pack **Coming 1.4.14**<br /><br />13 comments Tue, 31 Dec 2013 00:31:22 +0000 Called <a href=";title=called&amp;cat=502"><img class="imgborder" title="Called-web.jpg" border="0" src="" alt="Called-web.jpg" /></a><br /><br />by: scullen2<br /><br />Description}: Journaling: A year ago, I wrote these words in my December Daily: “We moved into our house in March of 1999, five months after our wedding. We’d been looking for a home to meet the needs of our blended family for over six months. We ended up settling for the best we could find, and it meant giving up on some things I’d said were ‘must haves’ (master bathroom) and accepting a location that we didn’t find ideal (near the freeway). Over the years, though, HareMoore (as we jokingly refer to our ‘estate!’) has certainly become our home. It happened gradually, when we weren’t looking, and although that master bathroom is still missing and the location hasn’t changed...This is where our family grew together and grew up, the place we brought Kristin and Kaira home to...Scott’s return address for longer than anywhere else has ever been. Here, we’re home for the holidays.” Today, I am shocked to be making this page (no December Daily this year!) sitting in a new house. It was such a surprising process with so many ups and downs that led us to even consider moving in the first place, much less moving out of Edina and having the girls change schools. There have been moments along the way when I’ve wondered if we made a giant mistake. Then came this email from my new next door neighbor, who, along with several other moms, has joined me in a new moms’ prayer group here in Eagan. &quot;Connie, I have prayed for this neighborhood since we signed the papers 3 yrs ago. I have prayed and prayed for God to bring wonderful friends for the girls. Then one day, about 2 yrs ago, I was standing at my small window in my master bedroom (that faces your house) looking out at the dirt lots, praying. I was staring right over your lot at Angie's. And God led me to pray that He would bring Godly friends for ME, to support me! And here we all are now, 2yrs later. God is good!&quot; The idea that there was someone already here praying for other believers to move into the neighborhood, even looking at the place where we would live one day, where our kids would be ‘home,’ when I’d never even seen that place....when I was all just buried in our own process and moves me to tears. We’ve been called, to this place, at this time....for His purposes. Studio DD [u][b][url=]December Days Layer Works No. 01[/u][/b][/url] Katie Pertiet [u][b][url=]Evergreens Solids Paper Pack[/u][/b][/url] [u][b][url=]Redwork Solids Paper Pack[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Golden Alphabet No. 01[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Clipped Stacks No. 06[/url][/b][/u]<br /><br />16 comments Fri, 27 Dec 2013 00:09:06 +0000 Home Book 17 <a href=";title=home-book-17&amp;cat=502"><img class="imgborder" title="Home-Book-17-web.jpg" border="0" src="" alt="Home-Book-17-web.jpg" /></a><br /><br />by: scullen2<br /><br />Description}: When we moved into our old house 15 years ago, we had five kids from 6-17 years old. We were blending two families. All the kids had moved, giving up familiar neighborhoods, etc. My husband joked with them about our new 'estate,' telling them that we needed to give the house a name like all great estates have. We fooled around with a few ideas. There were a LOT of rabbits there (and as a result a lot of gardening woes for me). We thought about 'HareHaven,' but my brother in law told us that it sounded like a cheap beauty salon! 'HareMoore' was what stuck. We weren't sure what we'd call the new house, when we moved here with two new little ones--the other kids now grown and moved to their own homes. We seemed to have settled on 'Dammen Visa,' which our google translator tells us means 'pond view' in Swedish. We're of Scandinavian heritage, and we look out at ponds from both the front and the back of the house. :) We'll see if the new name 'sticks.' Katie Pertiet [u][b][url=]Been There Photo Book Templates No. 01[/u][/b][/url] [u][b][url=]Textured Cardstock: Tidal Wave Paper Pack[/u][/b][/url] Ali Edwards [u][b][url=]Thick Christmas Handdrawn Words Brushes and Stamps[/u][/b][/url]<br /><br />7 comments Fri, 20 Dec 2013 00:08:06 +0000 Home Book 16 <a href=";title=home-book-16&amp;cat=502"><img class="imgborder" title="Home-Book-16-web.jpg" border="0" src="" alt="Home-Book-16-web.jpg" /></a><br /><br />by: scullen2<br /><br />Description}: I've been pretty scare around these parts lately. You're looking at the reason. We moved into a new home the day after Thanksgiving. Moving is a LOT of work, more than I remembered from my last move 15 years ago! I think the extra 15 years on my body were the main reason it was harder...We're still working on getting things unpacked and set up, but I'm happy to be at the point where I can take at least a short break to do a page here and there. :) Journaling: The last few days before closing brought a few trials. There was some damage to the flooring during the construction process, and some of the finishing work wasn’t up to standard. In the end, we were able to reach a satisfactory agreement with the builder to replace some things after the holidays. We signed the papers, and now we’re home. Katie Pertiet [u][b][url=]Been There Photo Book Templates No. 01[/u][/b][/url] [u][b][url=]Textured Cardstock: Tidal Wave Paper Pack[/u][/b][/url] [u][b][url=]Corby Add-On Paper Pack[/u][/b][/url] Banner Words: December No. 1 **Coming Soon** [u][b][url=]Symbology Postage Strips No. 01[/u][/b][/url] [u][b][url=]Pocket Cards: Symbology No. 01 Brushes and Stamps[/u][/b][/url]<br /><br />3 comments Thu, 19 Dec 2013 19:47:23 +0000 Cold Outside <a href=";title=cold-outside&amp;cat=502"><img class="imgborder" title="Cold-Outside-web.jpg" border="0" src="" alt="Cold-Outside-web.jpg" /></a><br /><br />by: scullen2<br /><br />Description}: Oh yes, it's been VERY cold outside!! Journaling: It’s been an exceptionally cold start to the winter, even for Minnesota. That hasn’t stopped you from playing outside with Hailey every day after school. So grateful for a friend for you right in the neighborhood. Katie Pertiet [u][b][url=]December Essentials No. 02: The Dates[/u][/b][/url] [u][b][url=]December Essentials No. 02: The Elements[/u][/b][/url] [u][b][url=]December Essentials No. 02: The Papers[/u][/b][/url] [u][b][url=]December Essentials No. 02: The Templates[/u][/b][/url] [u][b][url=]Christmas Photo Masks Brushes and Stamps No. 01[/u][/b][/url] [u][b][url=]Foiled Twists No. 01[/u][/b][/url] [u][b][url=]Winter Ice Painted Glitters[/u][/b][/url] [u][b][url=]Winter Ice Roughed Up Papers[/u][/b][/url] [u][b][url=]Winter Ice Element Pack[/u][/b][/url] [u][b][url=]Winter Ice Add-On Paper Pack[/u][/b][/url] [u][b][url=]Winter Flair No. 01[/u][/b][/url] [u][b][url=]Assorted Patterned Tapes: December No. 01[/u][/b][/url] Lynn Grieveson [u][b][url=]Chilling Kit[/u][/b][/url] ('Cold Outside' alpha) Ali Edwards [u][b][url=]All I Want For Christmas Brushes and Stamps[/u][/b][/url]<br /><br />8 comments Thu, 19 Dec 2013 07:08:08 +0000 Shine <a href=";title=shine&amp;cat=502"><img class="imgborder" title="Shine-web2.jpg" border="0" src="" alt="Shine-web2.jpg" /></a><br /><br />by: scullen2<br /><br />Description}: I've been totally inspired by the dark background Katie is using on her December Daily this year! Our children moved to a new school this year, and a couple of weeks ago, our family moved into the house we've been building in the neighborhood. Who knows if it would have happened this year at the old school, too, but I feel like I'm just watching this girl blossom before my eyes. Journaling: This child is shining. Since arriving at Woodland, she’s been elected to student council, been placed in the M cubed math group, and been enrolled in the Gifted and Talented program. She’s working hard at spelling and has been really successful with it this year. She’s learning to read music and loves playing the recorder. She’s making many new friends. This is her year to shine!! Katie Pertiet [u][b][url=]This Child Layered Template[/u][/b][/url] [u][b][url=]Merry and Bright Solids Paper Pack[/u][/b][/url] [u][b][url=]Star Glows Brushes and Stamps No. 01[/u][/b][/url] [u][b][url=]Star Filled Confetti No. 01[/u][/b][/url]<br /><br />7 comments Wed, 18 Dec 2013 07:11:41 +0000 Hearts come Home <a href=";title=hearts-come-home&amp;cat=702"><img class="imgborder" title="Hearts-come-Home-web.jpg" border="0" src="" alt="Hearts-come-Home-web.jpg" /></a><br /><br />by: scullen2<br /><br />Description}: It's a busy season, and sometimes we need a little help to get some pages done to document the memories! This week's Saturday Scraplift takes advantage of some of the Readymade products in the store that can do just that! Check it out and join us! Journaling: 2013 First Christmas in our new home. Far away, across the oceans, lives a friend I’ve never met, in a place I’ve never seen. She loves her family, taking photos, and digital scrapbooking, just like me. By a gracious providence, it was my name she was assigned in the Secret Santa exchange. Her gift, ‘All hearts come home for Christmas,’ ministered to my heart, joy-filled and homesick all at once, on our first Christmas at Springwood. Katie Pertiet: Redwork Paper Pack **Coming 12.21.13** Wonderful Life Layered Template (altered) **Coming 12.21.13** [u][b][url=]Chalkboard Wings Subtle Solids Paper Pack[/u][/b][/url] Studio DD [u][b][url=]Anyday December Borders No. 01[/u][/b][/url] [u][b][url=]Anyday December Borders No. 02[/u][/b][/url]<br /><br />9 comments Sat, 14 Dec 2013 06:40:41 +0000 Grateful <a href=";title=grateful&amp;cat=1759"><img class="imgborder" title="Grateful-web3.jpg" border="0" src="" alt="Grateful-web3.jpg" /></a><br /><br />by: scullen2<br /><br />Description}: Kim has posted a new Story Challenge on the blog today. It's perfect for the season. Check out the details and play along! Journaling: When Kristin Grace was born, more than 12 years behind Amy, I had the very conscious experience of being grateful for the chance to do this parenting thing again....and this time, to get it right. Yes, this time, I actually thought, I wouldn’t leave parenting a young child behind feeling guilty. That was because, of course, I would do it right. And by right, I meant perfect. I was older, smarter, wiser, and more experienced. I had the benefit of that experience to tell me which things I’d worried about before weren’t really that important and which things I’d failed to attend to were, in fact, critical. This time, there would be no guilt required. And I was so grateful for that. But the funny thing was, it didn’t take very long before I realized that I felt more guilty instead of less guilty than I’d felt on the first go round as a mom. Because of course I still screwed stuff up, all the time. And despite all of that age and wisdom and experience, I still managed to make a lot of mistakes. Most significantly and fundamentally, I still sinned, even against that little girl who I was so sure I wouldn’t feel any guilt at all about or toward. And then, when Kristin was 15 months old, I began to understand grace. I began to understand that I would never get parenting “right,” which was only part of why I needed--desperately needed--grace myself. I saw that what Kristin needed was no different. I began to take myself--and her--a lot less seriously. And I began to really and truly understand that what God provided for me in Christ was not an example to follow or a list of rules to obey. It wasn’t even a philosphy to live by. None of those things would have held any power to save me from myself. No, what He offered me was love, love in the form of grace freely given, in defiance of what I deserved. His love, demonstrated on the cross, has saved me from my sin and from my righteousness--my self righteousness. And in that, He has set me free--free to glorify His name by loving and serving others, free to grant grace to my daughters, free to hold them to a standard and then point them to Christ when they fail, as they will, to meet it. And that is something to be grateful for. Am I completely grateful? Not yet. But there’s grace for that, too. 11.14.13 Katie Pertiet [u][b][url=]Sacked Solids: Nursery Paper Pack[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Messed Up Photo Blocks Brushes and Stamps No. 11[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Painted Book Paper Pack No. 02[/url][/b][/u] November Story Challenge Freebie Pack [u][b][url=]Finley Solids Paper Pack[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Finley Element Pack[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Blank Safety Tags[/url][/b][/u] Studio DD Element Cluster from [u][b][url=]Layer Works No. 354[/url][/b][/u]<br /><br />15 comments Mon, 18 Nov 2013 18:26:09 +0000 Home Book 15 <a href=";title=home-book-15&amp;cat=502"><img class="imgborder" title="Home-Book-15-web.jpg" border="0" src="" alt="Home-Book-15-web.jpg" /></a><br /><br />by: scullen2<br /><br />Description}: Flooring. We're almost there. Katie Pertiet [u][b][url=]Been There Photo Book Templates No. 01[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Textured Cardstock: Tidal Wave Paper Pack[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Corby Element Pack[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Triangular Sentiments Brushes and Stamps No. 01[/url][/b][/u]<br /><br />7 comments Wed, 13 Nov 2013 06:35:53 +0000 Home Book 14 <a href=";title=home-book-14&amp;cat=502"><img class="imgborder" title="Home-Book-14-web.jpg" border="0" src="" alt="Home-Book-14-web.jpg" /></a><br /><br />by: scullen2<br /><br />Description}: I think the addition of the stone to the inside and outside of the house has been my favorite step so far. Katie Pertiet [u][b][url=]Been There Photo Book Templates No. 01[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Textured Cardstock: Tidal Wave Paper Pack[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Sentiment Spots: Gratitude Brushes and Stamps[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Traveler Sentiments Brushes and Stamps[/url][/b][/u]<br /><br />5 comments Wed, 13 Nov 2013 05:47:57 +0000 Home Book 13 <a href=";title=home-book-13&amp;cat=502"><img class="imgborder" title="Home-Book-13-web.jpg" border="0" src="" alt="Home-Book-13-web.jpg" /></a><br /><br />by: scullen2<br /><br />Description}: They're making progress! Katie Pertiet [u][b][url=]Been There Photo Book Templates No. 01[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Textured Cardstock: Tidal Wave Paper Pack[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Corby Solids Paper Pack[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Watchet Flairs[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Pocket Cards: Sentiments Brushes and Stamps No. 02[/url][/b][/u]<br /><br />14 comments Wed, 13 Nov 2013 01:50:20 +0000 Jingle Bells <a href=";title=jingle-bells&amp;cat=702"><img class="imgborder" title="Jingle-Bells-web.jpg" border="0" src="" alt="Jingle-Bells-web.jpg" /></a><br /><br />by: scullen2<br /><br />Description}: Come check out this week's Saturday Scraplift Challenge! Thank you for the beautiful inspiration, Carmel! Cathy Zielske [u][b][url=]Tiny Dots No. 03 Paper Pack[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Holiday Contrasts Brushes and Stamps[/url][/b][/u] Katie Pertiet [u][b][url=]December Woods: Painted Collages[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Masking Layers No. 01[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]December Woods Element Pack[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Around Words Brushes and Stamps No. 03[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Candy Striped Photo Frames[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Snow Fun Element Pack[/url][/b][/u]<br /><br />12 comments Sat, 09 Nov 2013 15:48:42 +0000 Trick or Treat <a href=";title=trick-or-treat&amp;cat=502"><img class="imgborder" title="Trick-or-Treat-web.jpg" border="0" src="" alt="Trick-or-Treat-web.jpg" /></a><br /><br />by: scullen2<br /><br />Description}: Yet another fantastic LayerWorks from Kayleigh! The spider web on this one is really fun to work with. You'll want to play with it even if you don't have Halloween pictures! Journaling: We decided to trick or treat in Stonehaven this year, even though we wouldn’t move in until late November. It was so exciting to be out in a neighborhood teeming with children. The houses all looked pretty with their lights on, and we felt right at home. Studio DD [u][b][url=]Layer Works No. 378[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Readymade Banners: Halloween No. 02[/url][/b][/u] Katie Pertiet [u][b][url=]Halloween Magic Solids Paper Pack[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Messy Stitched Borders: White No. 02[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Strip Sentiment Stacks Brushes and Stamps No. 02[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Halloween Magic Add-On Paper Pack[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Halloween Magic Paper Pack[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Spooktacular Paper Pack[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Clipped Singles No. 01[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Little Enamel Charms: October[/url][/b][/u]<br /><br />6 comments Sat, 09 Nov 2013 00:58:51 +0000 Jack is Back <a href=";title=jack-is-back&amp;cat=502"><img class="imgborder" title="Jack-is-Back-web.jpg" border="0" src="" alt="Jack-is-Back-web.jpg" /></a><br /><br />by: scullen2<br /><br />Description}: Super fun LayerWorks from Kayleigh and kit from Katie to make scrapping Halloween photos so easy! Journaling: It was a progressive year in pumpkin carving. We picked up a kit at the supermarket, and the girls used templates and little carving knives to create their masterpieces. They needed very little help this year, and the jack-o-lanterns turned out better than ever. An old tradition is new and improved. October, 2013 Studio DD [u][b][url=]Layer Works No. 376[/url][/b][/u] Katie Pertiet [u][b][url=]Halloween Magic Add-On Paper Pack[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Halloween Magic Element Pack[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Halloween Magic Flairs[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Halloween Magic Solids Paper Pack[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Messy Stitched Borders: Golden No. 01[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Stamped Blocks No. 24 Brushes and Stamps[/url][/b][/u]<br /><br />8 comments Fri, 08 Nov 2013 07:32:30 +0000 Fall Retreat <a href=";title=fall-retreat&amp;cat=756"><img class="imgborder" title="Retreat-with-You-web1.jpg" border="0" src="" alt="Retreat-with-You-web1.jpg" /></a><br /><br />by: scullen2<br /><br />Description}: There is a fun new 3 Scrappers challenge on the blog today! I hope you'll play along! I had an amazing fall treat this year! My husband and I celebrated our 15th wedding anniversary, and we were blessed to spend four days together at a stunningly beautiful resort deep in the woods of northern Wisconsin at the very peak of the fall color. Katie Pertiet [u][b][url=]Faringdon Flairs[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Faringdon Painted Accents[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Faringdon Solids Paper Pack[/url][/b][/u] December Woods Add On Paper Pack **Coming 11.9.13** Cathy Zielske [u][b][url=]Fancy Gratitude No. 01 Brushes and Stamps[/url][/b][/u] Ali Edwards [u][b][url=]On Retreat Brushes and Stamps[/url][/b][/u]<br /><br />5 comments Wed, 06 Nov 2013 20:48:23 +0000 God Bless Texas <a href=";title=god-bless-texas&amp;cat=502"><img class="imgborder" title="God-Bless-Texas-web.jpg" border="0" src="" alt="God-Bless-Texas-web.jpg" /></a><br /><br />by: scullen2<br /><br />Description}: I'm slowly making my way through 2012....with this layout ready to call April a wrap and move onto May. ;) This was my daughter's first kickline performance. She had struggled to 'get' the kick style of dance, so it was especially sweet when she did and when the group performed their best ever during the recital. The theme of the show was 'Dancing Across the U.S.A.' and their song was 'God Bless Texas.' Katie Pertiet [u][b][url=]Minted Christmas Solids Paper Pack[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Striping Graphic Bursts Brushes and Stamps No. 01[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Gesso No. 02 Brushes and Stamps[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Vintage Photo Frames No. 33[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Astro Bead Scatterings[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Attic Treasures Element Pack[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Fifty States Brushes and Stamps MegaPak[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Basic Tags No. 02[/url][/b][/u] (staple pair) [u][b][url=]Flair Minis No. 01[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Plastic Slimline Serif Alphabets No. 01[/url][/b][/u] Ali Edwards [u][b][url=]US States and Territories Brushes and Stamps[/url][/b][/u] Lynn Grieveson [u][b][url=]The Fourth Mini-Kit[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Malabar Kit[/url][/b][/u]<br /><br />8 comments Sat, 02 Nov 2013 18:53:37 +0000 Arboretum Beauty <a href=";title=arboretum-beauty&amp;cat=502"><img class="imgborder" title="Arb-Color-web.jpg" border="0" src="" alt="Arb-Color-web.jpg" /></a><br /><br />by: scullen2<br /><br />Description}: We are so blessed to live near the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum, and it holds special memories for our family, as our daughter was married there a couple of years ago. We always enjoy a visit. Katie Pertiet [u][b][url=]Naturally Krafty No. 14 Paper Pack[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Twisted Dots No. 01[/url][/b][/u] Faringdon Paper Pack **Coming 10.26.13** [u][b][url=]Watery Spots Brushes and Stamps No. 01[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Layered Bookshelf Overlays No. 01[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Watery Branches Brushes and Stamps No. 01[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Watery Washes No. 03 Brushes and Stamps[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Halloween Magic Element Pack[/url][/b][/u] Black, White, and Maroon Kit **Coming this week!** [u][b][url=]Wood Veneer Words No. 03[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Hadleigh Element Pack[/url][/b][/u]<br /><br />13 comments Sun, 20 Oct 2013 17:29:00 +0000