Digital Scrapbooking en-us Sun, 29 Mar 2015 01:20:33 +0000 PhotoPost Pro 8.0 60 Calendar - November 2014 <a href=";title=calendar-november-2014&amp;cat=500"><img class="imgborder" title="November2014WEB.JPG" border="0" src="" alt="November2014WEB.JPG" /></a><br /><br />by: CelinaT<br /><br />Description}: I made a calendar for our home, my two sisters, and my parents - pictures of my daughter throughout the last year...I kept it simple with the colored strips at the edge and just a few basic brushes and elements added. I think it turned out great, so I'm excited to share a few pages with you… Katie Pertiet:&amp;#8232;Maybe Not Solids Photo Clusters No 43 Monthly Memories MBS: Jelly Alphabet No 27 Just Linens No 26 PicaRue kit (flower) Thank you for looking! :)<br /><br />11 comments Mon, 13 Jan 2014 22:22:34 +0000 Calendar - October 2014 <a href=";title=calendar-october-2014&amp;cat=500"><img class="imgborder" title="October2014WEB.JPG" border="0" src="" alt="October2014WEB.JPG" /></a><br /><br />by: CelinaT<br /><br />Description}: I made a calendar for our home, my two sisters, and my parents - pictures of my daughter throughout the last year...I kept it simple with the colored strips at the edge and just a few basic brushes and elements added. I think it turned out great, so I'm excited to share a few pages with you… Katie Pertiet:&amp;#8232;Maybe Not Solids Photo Clusters No 43 Monthly Memories Flourishing Leaves No 1 Flourishing Leaves No 2 Leaf Clusters No 1 MBS: Jelly Alphabet No 27 Alison Solids Anna Aspnes: ArtPlay Vintage Halloween (pumpkin) Thank you for looking! :)<br /><br />6 comments Mon, 13 Jan 2014 22:22:24 +0000 Calendar - August 2014 <a href=";title=calendar-august-2014&amp;cat=500"><img class="imgborder" title="August_2014WEB.JPG" border="0" src="" alt="August_2014WEB.JPG" /></a><br /><br />by: CelinaT<br /><br />Description}: I made a calendar for our home, my two sisters, and my parents - pictures of my daughter throughout the last year...I kept it simple with the colored strips at the edge and just a few basic brushes and elements added. I think it turned out great, so I'm excited to share a few pages with you... Katie Pertiet: Maybe Not Solids Photo Clusters No 43 Artsy Paint No 4 Monthly Memories Anna Aspnes: LoopdaLoop Strokes No 5 MBS: Henrika Solids Jelly Alphabet No 27 Patti Knox: Little Enamel Weather (sun) Thank you for looking! :)<br /><br />10 comments Sun, 12 Jan 2014 20:06:39 +0000 Calendar - June 2014 <a href=";title=calendar-june-2014&amp;cat=500"><img class="imgborder" title="June2014WEB.JPG" border="0" src="" alt="June2014WEB.JPG" /></a><br /><br />by: CelinaT<br /><br />Description}: I made a calendar for our home, my two sisters, and my parents - pictures of my daughter throughout the last year...I kept it simple with the colored strips at the edge and just a few basic brushes and elements added. I think it turned out great, so I'm excited to share a few pages with you... Katie Pertiet: Maybe Not Solids Photo Clusters No 43 Marker Doodles Summer Monthly Memories MBS: Philipa Solids Jelly Alphabet No 27 Mindy Terasawa: Sweet and Salty Anna Aspnes: ArtPlay Sunshine Bouquet (starfish) Thank you for looking! :)<br /><br />4 comments Sun, 12 Jan 2014 20:06:29 +0000 Calendar - February 2014 <a href=";title=calendar-february-2014&amp;cat=500"><img class="imgborder" title="February2014WEB.JPG" border="0" src="" alt="February2014WEB.JPG" /></a><br /><br />by: CelinaT<br /><br />Description}: I made a calendar for our home, my two sisters, and my parents - pictures of my daughter throughout the last year...I kept it simple with the colored strips at the edge and just a few basic brushes and elements added. I think it turned out great, so I'm excited to share a few pages with you... Katie Pertiet: Maybe Not Solids Branched Love Chalkboard Signage No1 Monthly Memories Photo Clusters No 43 Linen Buttons Lovely MBS: Noel Solids Jelly Alphabet No27 Thank you for looking! :)<br /><br />6 comments Sun, 12 Jan 2014 20:06:18 +0000 2014 Calendar Cover <a href=";title=2014-calendar-cover&amp;cat=500"><img class="imgborder" title="Cover2014WEB.JPG" border="0" src="" alt="Cover2014WEB.JPG" /></a><br /><br />by: CelinaT<br /><br />Description}: I made a calendar for our home, my two sisters, and my parents - pictures of my daughter throughout the last year...I kept it simple with the colored strips at the edge and just a few basic brushes and elements added. I think it turned out great, so I'm excited to share a few pages with you... The pictures from the cover feature a photo of Quinn from every month throughout the year - so fun to see how they change right before our eyes! All of the pages have quotes by A.A. Milne from Winnie the Pooh, so I added one to the cover too! :) Katie Pertiet: Maybe Not Solids Photo Clusters No 43 Anna Aspnes: Artsy School brushes MBS: Carlie Solids Jelly Alphabet No27 Thank you for looking! :)<br /><br />11 comments Sun, 12 Jan 2014 20:06:06 +0000 SSL On a band <a href=";title=ssl-on-a-band&amp;cat=702"><img class="imgborder" title="SSL101213WEB.JPG" border="0" src="" alt="SSL101213WEB.JPG" /></a><br /><br />by: CelinaT<br /><br />Description}: Wanted to get this done a few days ago before the new SSL went up...oh well, here is my page for scrapping on a band from 10/12/13...Sorry about so many photos on this page - this was a situation of me not being able to wheedle any off the page - I love all her expressions and giggles! :) Ah-duh is All done! when she's done eating... Katie Pertiet: Messy Stitched Borders: Golden No 1 Watery Corners n Edges Watery Photo Masks No 1 Splatters No 2 LetterBox Brushes No 5 Arlesey kit (cutups &amp; branch) lAutomne kit (tab &amp; dog) Loosely Labeled No 3 Stained Word Bits Star Glows No 2 Vintage Photo Frames No 30 Assorted Messy Stitches White No 1 Hushabye kit (silver spoon) Littlest Baby kit (buttons) Little Layette kit (bird recolored) Hidden Meadow kit (crochet acorn) Lynn Grieveson: Scrap Express No 25 In Distress No 2 MBS: Just Linens No 37 Amelia kit (paper was recolored) Jelly Alphabet No 30 Ali Edwards: Handdrawn Frames Thank you for looking! :)<br /><br />14 comments Sat, 19 Oct 2013 04:00:04 +0000 Artsy Challenge - Circles <a href=";title=artsy-challenge-circles&amp;cat=2482"><img class="imgborder" title="ArtsyChallengeCircles.JPG" border="0" src="" alt="ArtsyChallengeCircles.JPG" /></a><br /><br />by: CelinaT<br /><br />Description}: This is for the Circles Artsy Challenge...I think I'm circularly challenged...this is as artsy with circles as I could come up with :) Just a favorite photo of my daughter I've never gotten around to scrapping yet. Katie Pertiet: Arctic Whites No 2 Watery Splashes Stamped Blocks No 13 Fine Line Twists No 2 Artsy Layered Blends No 1 Star Glows No 1 Alandia Noces kit (buttons) Hidden Meadow kit (heart) Sweet Rose Bay kit (heart brad) Quote is from story people. Thank you for looking! :)<br /><br />21 comments Thu, 17 Oct 2013 02:38:01 +0000 Carving Pumpkins <a href=";title=carving-pumpkins&amp;cat=756"><img class="imgborder" title="CarvingPumpkinsWEB.JPG" border="0" src="" alt="CarvingPumpkinsWEB.JPG" /></a><br /><br />by: CelinaT<br /><br />Description}: These are photos from last year...sorry about my husband's cheesy smile! He is always so excited to carve/decorate pumpkins! Every year he does the puking pumpkin, and this year he was excited to add the little guy next to it giving the puker a weird look. Last year, Quinn knew nothing about lit candles or Halloween candy...sigh...this year will be very different I'm sure! :) Katie Pertiet: Photo Clusters No 19 Lightly Letterbox No 2 (blended background) Fall Photo Masks No 2 Worth Repeating No 18 Painted Photo Masks No 4 Haunted Words No 1 Pocket Cards On Wood No 1 Orange Black and Creme kit (ribbon and bow) HexaWords No 4 Flourishing Leaves No 3 Stamp It Fall Rubber Wraps No 1 Pebbled Pumpkin Faces No 1 Lynn Grieveson: In Distress No 3 (blended background) Cordova kit (blended background) Miss Millie kit (blended background) Inky Dink Page Borders October kit (bookplate) Studio DD: Layerworks No 369 (several elements and brushes taken from this template) Readymade Borders Fall No 1 Ali Edwards: Jack-o-lantern banner word art pumpkins word art Thank you for looking! :)<br /><br />15 comments Mon, 14 Oct 2013 02:07:43 +0000 Fall Family Photo - Color Challenge <a href=";title=fall-family-photo-color-challenge&amp;cat=1236"><img class="imgborder" title="PumpkinSpiceColorChWEB.JPG" border="0" src="" alt="PumpkinSpiceColorChWEB.JPG" /></a><br /><br />by: CelinaT<br /><br />Description}: Fall colors are my favorite! So I'm home today with a sick kiddo and can scrap while she naps! This page just sort of erupted with fall goodies because I was looking to borrow a few items from a Studio DD Layerworks or two, and then it just became fun to combine more and more fall Studio DD goodies! Like I said, I LOVE vibrant fall colors -- thanks for the fun color challenge! This photo was taken a couple weeks ago at a local apple orchard/pumpkin patch...we went with my husband's family...the little grump in the middle would be our niece who never wants her picture taken...sigh... :) Studio DD: Layerworks 242, 243, 244, 245, 249, 252 The only other things I added were: Katie Pertiet: Textured Cardstock Ridge Vintage Blendables No 4 Lens Flares Colors No 1 Taped Together Stacks No 1 Vintage Frames No 32 Pattie Knox: Hallow's Eve corduroy pumpkins Thank you for looking! :)<br /><br />16 comments Mon, 07 Oct 2013 20:16:30 +0000 Whee! SSL <a href=";title=whee-21-ssl&amp;cat=702"><img class="imgborder" title="SSLWEB2.JPG" border="0" src="" alt="SSLWEB2.JPG" /></a><br /><br />by: CelinaT<br /><br />Description}: I loved the miniature photo cluster area and all the white space of this weekend's lift...I had fun keeping my design small and compact for this one! :) Katie Pertiet: BlueBird Kit Almost There Kit Mists Brushes No 1 Stamp It Fall Anchors Away Kit Artsy Layered Blends No 1 Inked Twists No 1 Watchet Kit Thicker Inked Words No 2 Flagged Dates No 5 Classic Curled Frames No 5 Clipped Stacks No 6 Sweet Rose Bay Kit Stamped Stitches Astro Kit Thank you for looking! :)<br /><br />17 comments Sun, 06 Oct 2013 20:34:06 +0000 Grateful for You (Template Mashup) <a href=";title=grateful-for-you-template-mashup&amp;cat=1098"><img class="imgborder" title="TemplateMashUpWEB1.JPG" border="0" src="" alt="TemplateMashUpWEB1.JPG" /></a><br /><br />by: CelinaT<br /><br />Description}: Decided to do a page about my dog - haven't done a Duke page for a long time! Katie Pertiet: Grateful LT Home and Garden papers Grunge Overlays No 2 Far and Away Fairyland paper Roughed Up Pocket Cards No 3 Studio DD: LayerWorks No 315 Ali Edwards: Transitions papers Lynn Grieveson: Expedition kit paper Journaling: Duke, here you are, the summer before you turn nine years old! How time has flown by...I still remember you as a fluffy little furball like it was yesterday! You are showing your age and slowing down more and more these days, and I know I won’t always have you eagerly greeting me when I get home from school every day. I am forever grateful for the memories we have shared over the past nine years. You have been by our sides for the joyful days as well as the sad days. You have made us laugh til our sides hurt and have frustrated us beyond belief! But you will always hold a special place in our hearts...and we will always be grateful for you, buddy! Thank you for looking! :)<br /><br />13 comments Fri, 04 Oct 2013 02:25:16 +0000 Hello Game Time! <a href=";title=hello-game-time-21&amp;cat=756"><img class="imgborder" title="1T3SWEB.JPG" border="0" src="" alt="1T3SWEB.JPG" /></a><br /><br />by: CelinaT<br /><br />Description}: This turned out to be a bit of a template mashup between Lynn's Fade Out templates and Katie's My Notebook templates...but it's actually for the sports challenge for one theme/three scrappers...isn't gym lighting the worst! But thank you for this challenge - I don't have much of my daughter with sports yet, but this spurred me on to get this one scrapped :) Katie Pertiet: Edge Overlays No 3 My Notebook White LT No 1 Hoops paper pack Fine Line Twists No 2 Classic Cardstock Be Mine Timeline Journalers School Mates kit Flair Mini Sports Pinned Enamel Stars No 1 Lynn Grieveson: Fade Out template Fade Out Torn template Geometric Hints No 3 MBS: Blanca paper pack Ali Edwards: Hello Game Time word art Thank you for looking! :)<br /><br />14 comments Mon, 30 Sep 2013 02:13:27 +0000 Christmas Traditions <a href=";title=christmas-traditions&amp;cat=2486"><img class="imgborder" title="MaskAppealWEB.JPG" border="0" src="" alt="MaskAppealWEB.JPG" /></a><br /><br />by: CelinaT<br /><br />Description}: Had so much fun masking with this one...the cluster of word clips is from one of rache77's recent pages - thank you for the inspiration! :) Katie Pertiet: Woodgrain Masks No 1 - freebie mask Berks Lane Solids Dictionary Blendables December Christmas Clips No 1 Christmas Memories kit Blitzen brushes Naturally Krafty No 11 Crowning Affair Understated (stitching) Jolly Good Edgers No 3 Haunted Woodlands kit (frame) Lil Tid Bit Tags No 3 (staple) Frosted Winter kit Ali Edwards: winter twill Lynn Grieveson: Worn Strips Very Merry MBS: Misha kit (bow recolored) Gretchen Thomas: Cantina papers - used for masking Thank you for looking! :)<br /><br />11 comments Sun, 29 Sep 2013 03:36:54 +0000 Love You Daddy <a href=";title=love-you-daddy&amp;cat=702"><img class="imgborder" title="SSLWEB1.JPG" border="0" src="" alt="SSLWEB1.JPG" /></a><br /><br />by: CelinaT<br /><br />Description}: Really had to work at keeping this simple to copy the extracted, graphic style of today's SSL...not always an easy thing for me to do! And Katie's Inked brushes made it so easy to copy the flowers in my daughter's dress :) This was taken last summer at my husband's birthday party... Katie Pertiet: Chalk It Up Basics No 3 (recolored) Folded Up Overlays Summer Splendor brushes Flagged Dates No 5 Chalkboard Frames No 1 Chalkboard Alpha No 3 Chalkboard Alpha No 5 Inked Whimsy No 1 Inked Flowers No 1 Thank you for looking! :)<br /><br />18 comments Sat, 28 Sep 2013 20:36:56 +0000 Color Spots Challenge - Deep and Dark <a href=";title=color-spots-challenge-deep-and-dark&amp;cat=1236"><img class="imgborder" title="DeepDarkWEB.JPG" border="0" src="" alt="DeepDarkWEB.JPG" /></a><br /><br />by: CelinaT<br /><br />Description}: So I was going in a completely different direction with this photo from last Thanksgiving...and then I wound up here :) Katie Pertiet: Natures Whispers No 1 Grunge Overlay Clustering Bookshelf No 3 Flourishing Leaves No 3 Painted Leaves No 1 Artsy Layered Blaneds No 1 Lens Flares Colors No 1 ARTpacks Fall No 1 Time Clusters No 2 Time Clusters No 3 Collageables No 5 Collageable Edgers No 2 Flourishing Leaves No 2 Vintage Frames No 26 Hadleigh kit (flower) Woodshop Papers No 2 Vintage Charm kit (stitching) Day Out kit (arrow) Flair Minis No 1 Bead Scatterings No 4 Lynn Grieveson: Ripped and Stitched Recorded Ali Edwards: word art Thank you for looking! :)<br /><br />12 comments Sat, 28 Sep 2013 02:50:34 +0000 Naughty or Nice? - Template MashUp <a href=";title=naughty-or-nice-3f-template-mashup&amp;cat=1098"><img class="imgborder" title="TemplateMashUpWEB.JPG" border="0" src="" alt="TemplateMashUpWEB.JPG" /></a><br /><br />by: CelinaT<br /><br />Description}: This was so fun! I've never done a template mashup before...this is a picture of my daughter last Christmas when I tried to get a picture of her in her Christmas dress in front of the tree, but she had her own agenda...two snaps into it, she starts crying and wanted nothing to do with taking pictures or being in that dress! So of course I kept snapping pictures! :) Katie Pertiet: Paper Reveals No 2 Lightly Woods No 1 Loosely Labeled No 4 Christmas Village kit Holiday Foliage No 3 Sweet St Nicholas kit Vintage Christmas kit Star Glows No 1 Assorted Messy Stitches No 1 Fine Line Titles No 13 December Foliage Tags No 1 Inked Arrows No 1 Elfin Magic kit Ali Edwards: Love This circle word art Thank you for looking! :)<br /><br />17 comments Thu, 26 Sep 2013 03:00:48 +0000 Glorious Fall - SSL <a href=";title=glorious-fall-ssl&amp;cat=702"><img class="imgborder" title="SaturdayScrapliftWEB.JPG" border="0" src="" alt="SaturdayScrapliftWEB.JPG" /></a><br /><br />by: CelinaT<br /><br />Description}: I'm loving these challenges - they're helping me get so much scrapping done :) And it was such a pleasure to lift [b][url=;title=giant-step&amp;cat=500]Julie's lovely page[/url][/b]. Thank you for the inspiration! These are older photos again, sorry, but I've been wanting to scrap this purple/red color combo for a while now! Katie Pertiet: Sacked Solids Neutrals Sommer Delight Ledger Grid Overlays No 1 Stamped Blocks No 24 Twisted Stitches Brown No 1 Simple Harvest papers Del Mar kit Flourishing Leaves No 3 Flourishing Leaves No 1 Watchet kit Clustering Bookshelf No 1 Filed Stacks No 1 Roughed Up Photo Mats Ledger No 3 Defining Fall No 2 Mixed Bag No 4 Really Big Leaves No 1 Carte Post kit Vintage Frames No 27 Autumnal Artistry branch Frosted Winter kit (button) Lynn Grieveson: Winterberry kit paper Blackett Hall paper Page Layered Edges Studio DD: Spooky Clusters No 1 MBS: Laurent kit alpha Thank you for looking! :)<br /><br />12 comments Mon, 23 Sep 2013 03:45:37 +0000 Love This Precious Moment - Scrapbook Story Challenge <a href=";title=love-this-precious-moment-scrapbook-story-challenge&amp;cat=1759"><img class="imgborder" title="PreciousChallengeWEB.JPG" border="0" src="" alt="PreciousChallengeWEB.JPG" /></a><br /><br />by: CelinaT<br /><br />Description}: This is my daughter and nephew, caught in a tender moment between cousins! :) Journaling: Quinn and Grant love to play together at the farm. Grant loves to give Quinn stroller rides, asking her, &quot;Kin, wanna ride?&quot; He is so tender and generous. And today he was such a little gentleman, taking Quinn's hand and helping her out of the was a precious moment that I will always remember! I'm excited to watch you two grow up together and I look forward to many more precious moments! Katie Pertiet: Textured Cardstock Citrus Berry Postage Strip Words Day Out kit (flower) Catana kit (flower) Arlesey kit (ticket, brads, metal grate, and leaf stems) Attic Treasures kit (stamp) Arrowed Journalers No 1 Inked Border Strips No 1 Stuffed Edge Journalers Assorted Messy Stitches White No 1 Sweet Rose Bay kit (heart frame) Charmed No 1 Looking for Love kit (flower) Maybe Tomorrow kit (alphabet) Lynn Grieveson: Worn Pages Layered Blackett Hall paper Cordova kit paper August paper pack Studio DD: Layerworks No 285 (brushes) Ali Edwards: word art G Thomas: Wash Basin paper pack Thank you for looking! :)<br /><br />11 comments Sat, 21 Sep 2013 22:41:14 +0000 Artsy - Let's Go Apple Picking <a href=";title=artsy-let-27s-go-apple-picking&amp;cat=2482"><img class="imgborder" title="Overlay_ChallengeWEB.JPG" border="0" src="" alt="Overlay_ChallengeWEB.JPG" /></a><br /><br />by: CelinaT<br /><br />Description}: A recent pic of my sister and Quinn picking apples at my parents' house...I blended the two freebie overlays into the blue paper to make my page background... Katie Pertiet: DelMar Shores Solids Rope Line Twists No 1 Star Glows No 1 Burlap Essentials Tidewater Kit Collageables No 4 Hinged Photo Frames No 5 Day Out Kit (wood arrow) Vintage Christmas kit (ribbon flower) Wooden Alpha No 9 Lynn Grieveson: Walton Kit (branch) Studio DD: LayerWorks No. 284 Thank you for looking! :)<br /><br />15 comments Wed, 18 Sep 2013 02:57:05 +0000 You Make Me Smile <a href=";title=you-make-me-smile&amp;cat=500"><img class="imgborder" title="YouMakeMeSmileWEB.JPG" border="0" src="" alt="YouMakeMeSmileWEB.JPG" /></a><br /><br />by: CelinaT<br /><br />Description}: This is where the color and wood challenge took me...thought I'd go with colored wood :) Katie Pertiet: Photo Clusters No 43 Grunge Overlay Star Glows No 1 Fading Woods No 2 Clean Stitched Black No 1 Fine Line Titles No 7 Leyton Kit (branch) Calne Kit (flower, flair, and button) File Tabs No 5 Lynn Grieveson: Awanui Kit (berries) Studio DD: Layerworks No 144 Thank you for looking! :)<br /><br />18 comments Fri, 13 Sep 2013 02:34:39 +0000 Sweet <a href=";title=sweet&amp;cat=500"><img class="imgborder" title="QSweetWEB.JPG" border="0" src="" alt="QSweetWEB.JPG" /></a><br /><br />by: CelinaT<br /><br />Description}: It feels so great to be able to scrap these last couple days -- now that I've been back to teaching these last 3 weeks, my scrapping time has turned to zilch as it does every fall. Hopefully I can keep my mojo going as I work my way through these older photos on the weekends! :) Katie Pertiet: Tidewater Solids Anchors Away Solids Winter Peony Kit Watery Chevrons No 2 Hey There Kit (doily &amp; crocheted banner) Carte Post Kit (pennant) Beach House Memories Kit (word strip) Touch Up Paint No 2 Studio DD: Layerworks 195, 283, &amp; 274 Several items recolored Thank you for looking! :)<br /><br />18 comments Mon, 09 Sep 2013 02:00:23 +0000 Crunchy <a href=";title=crunchy&amp;cat=500"><img class="imgborder" title="CrunchyWEB.JPG" border="0" src="" alt="CrunchyWEB.JPG" /></a><br /><br />by: CelinaT<br /><br />Description}: I found another one I never posted! Wowzers - I should look back more carefully to see what else I never got around to posting!!! If I remember right, this is a lift of Amy Mallory's page Cherish - I would link it up, but I see it's out for publication... Also, I seem to be on an orange kick lately - probably a sign that I'm sick of all the heat and humidity here in Iowa and ready for some cool, dry air and fall temps! :) Katie Pertiet: Page Blends No 4 Lens Flares Colors No 1 Carte Post Kit (lace) Photo Corners No 2 Collageables No 5 Dictionary Blendables Fall Watery Spots No 5 Whimsy Words No 1 Fall Fun Mini Kit (tag) l'Automne Kit (tab) Beach House Memories Kit (bow) Leaf Clusters No 1 Really Big Leaves No 1 Banner Safety Tags No 1 Wax Seals No 1 Cut Ups: Fall Pelican Park Kit (buttons) Photo Wraps No 2 Lucky Layered Template (that's where I got the U and the Y in the title blocks - the rest came from LayerWorks 181, even the N which was chopped off from the H!) :) Touch Up Paint No 6 Bracketed Sentiments No 3 Studio DD: LayerWorks No 181 MBS: Janine Solids Andrea Victoria: Signature Stripe paper Anna Aspnes: Layered Edge Overlays No 2 Small inset orange paper is from Holliewood Mamarazzi Leaves from Shabby Princess Autumn Medley Thank you for looking! :)<br /><br />8 comments Sun, 08 Sep 2013 18:31:55 +0000 Read to Me Grandma <a href=";title=read-to-me-grandma&amp;cat=500"><img class="imgborder" title="ReadtoMeGrandmaWEB.JPG" border="0" src="" alt="ReadtoMeGrandmaWEB.JPG" /></a><br /><br />by: CelinaT<br /><br />Description}: I did this page a while ago and forgot to post it! Oops! Sorry these are all old pictures - but I'm having fun going back in time and catching up! They change so fast...sigh... :) I had this one printed out for my mom to hang at her house... Katie Pertiet: Life Lines Kit Grunge Overlay Page Blends No 4 Shabby Clusters No 1 From My Bookshelf Blendables No 2 Pencil Twist Arrows No 1 Spot Dot Brushes No 4 Stitched Word Labels No 2 Assorted Patterned Tapes Xmas No 1 Taped Together Overlays No 1 Vintage Page Strips No 1 Recorded Brushes No 6 Maybe Tomorrow Kit (alpha) Beach House Memories Kit (bow) Blank Safety Tags Winter Woods Kit Lynn Grieveson: Worn Strips No 11 Ali Edwards: &quot;to me&quot; brushes Thank you for looking! :)<br /><br />20 comments Sun, 08 Sep 2013 03:03:32 +0000 Life is Sweet at Grandma's House <a href=";title=life-is-sweet-at-grandma-27s-house&amp;cat=500"><img class="imgborder" title="Q_Grandma0912WEB.JPG" border="0" src="" alt="Q_Grandma0912WEB.JPG" /></a><br /><br />by: CelinaT<br /><br />Description}: I wrestled with this navy and orange for a long time, and then I just gave up and went with it! :) This is a lift of Lori's beautiful page seen [b][url=]here[/url][/b]. Katie Pertiet: Photo Clusters No 31 Arctic Whites No 2 Autumnal Artistry transfers Fine Line Key Lines 4x6 No1 Splatters No 3 Watery Photo Masks No 4 Fall Clusters No 2 Flourishing Leaves No 1 and No 3 ART Packs Fall No 1 Haunted Woodlands kit Lifted Leaves Pinned Enamel Stars Capped Sentiments No 1 Vintage Charm brads In Line Alpha No 1 MBS: Colbie Solids Just Chevrons No 2 Desmon Maskros paper Lynn Grieveson: Geometric Hints No 3 Warm October kit (ribbon) Studio DD: Fall Element Clusters No 1 Readymade Blocks Fall No 1 Ali Edwards: life is brush Anna Aspnes: all stitching Plaid from Spunky Monkey by Trixie Scraps Designs Thank you for looking! :)<br /><br />26 comments Sat, 07 Sep 2013 20:07:22 +0000 Love This Messy Face <a href=";title=love-this-messy-face&amp;cat=500"><img class="imgborder" title="QmessyfaceWEB.JPG" border="0" src="" alt="QmessyfaceWEB.JPG" /></a><br /><br />by: CelinaT<br /><br />Description}: Another old one... :) I copied the idea of filling in the triangles with a vellum look from one of Kayleigh's recent pages - thanks for the inspiration Kayleigh :) Katie Pertiet: Grunge Overlay Tabbed Dates No 1 Star Glows No 1 Lynn Grieveson: Wild Island Kit Shine On Kit (flowers) MBS: Layered Memories No 119 Studio DD: Layerworks No 354 (lots of elements from here) Ali Edwards: can't imagine life without you word art Anna Aspnes: Torn Edges Thank you for looking! :)<br /><br />7 comments Wed, 04 Sep 2013 01:23:47 +0000 Time Together <a href=";title=time-together&amp;cat=500"><img class="imgborder" title="Q_MamaSept2012WEB.JPG" border="0" src="" alt="Q_MamaSept2012WEB.JPG" /></a><br /><br />by: CelinaT<br /><br />Description}: Wow, these were from a year ago - I am sooo behind! Katie Pertiet: Photo Clusters No 43 Tidewater Kit Hidden Meadow kit Grunged Up Overlays Fine Line Twists No 1 Wooden Arrows No 3 Surf Lagoon Kit (some staples) Bold and Scripted No 5 Like This Kit (branch) Studio DD: elements from Layerworks No 318 Anna Aspens: Stained Edge Overlays Thank you for looking! :)<br /><br />6 comments Tue, 03 Sep 2013 02:55:50 +0000 Sweet Happy Princess <a href=";title=sweet-happy-princess&amp;cat=500"><img class="imgborder" title="QuinnPrincessWEB.JPG" border="0" src="" alt="QuinnPrincessWEB.JPG" /></a><br /><br />by: CelinaT<br /><br />Description}: Just a fun one from last summer :) [u][b][url=]Layer Works No. 322[/url][/b][/u] [u][b] some items recolored [url=]Wood Shop Paper Pack No. 02[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Looking for Love Solids Paper Pack[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Touch Up Paint Brushes and Stamps No. 03[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Far Away FairyLand Paper Pack[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Classic Cardstock: Dragon Trainer[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Roughed Up Pocket Cards: Striped No. 02[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Frosted Winter Kit[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Star Glows Brushes and Stamps No. 01[/url][/b][/u] Ali Edwards sweet [u][b][url=]Dragon Trainer Element Pack[/url][/b][/u] J Kneipp One Upon a Time kit - paint and elements Papers and elements from Anna Aspnes: ArtPlay Chevron Infatuated, Encapsulated, Girl Craze Magic sparkles from Anna Aspnes Thank you for looking! :)<br /><br />14 comments Tue, 13 Aug 2013 05:28:59 +0000 Monkey Butt <a href=";title=monkey-butt&amp;cat=500"><img class="imgborder" title="QMonkeyButtWEB.JPG" border="0" src="" alt="QMonkeyButtWEB.JPG" /></a><br /><br />by: CelinaT<br /><br />Description}: Scrapping a photo from a year ago - I'm so behind! I am such a sucker for little sleepers that have monkeys on the rear ends! And when she got older I loved the little pants with monkeys on the rear ends! She's now on her last pair of &quot;monkey butt&quot; pants before we outgrow this stage ;) Katie Pertiet Template Inspiration 081112 [u][b][url=]All That Sass Layered Template[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Hey There Cardstocks Paper Pack[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Rope Line Twists Brushes and Stamps No. 01[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Jelise Solids Paper Pack[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Painted Photo Masks Brushes and Stamps No. 04[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Artsy Paint No. 06[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Vintage Photo Frames No. 32[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]This Is Classic Brushes and Stamps[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Pocket Cards: Ledger No. 02[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Out of a Box Overlays[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Sweet Rose Bay Kit[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Worn Photo Edges No. 06[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Wooden Arrows No. 01[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Corkboard Arrows No. 01[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]So Fine Element Pack[/url][/b][/u]screws [u][b][url=]Blue Bird Little Enamel Charms[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Whimsy Words: Fruity[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Corkboard Alphabet No. 01[/url][/b][/u] Mindy Terasawa little safari icons, monkeydo, &amp; jungle gym - monkeys Anna Aspnes stitching Thank you for looking :)<br /><br />12 comments Sun, 11 Aug 2013 05:51:21 +0000 Three Scrappers: Bacon Birthday Cake <a href=";title=three-scrappers-3a-bacon-birthday-cake&amp;cat=756"><img class="imgborder" title="Bacon_CakeWEB.JPG" border="0" src="" alt="Bacon_CakeWEB.JPG" /></a><br /><br />by: CelinaT<br /><br />Description}: This is a lift of Jana's [b][url=;cat=all&amp;limit=all]great page[/url][/b]. Journaling: Mike loves anything with bacon. So this year, Christina surprised Mike with a bacon birthday cake! The cake batter had pieces of bacon in it, the frosting had maple syrup in it, and there were sprinkles of bacon pieces on top of the cake and around the bottom edge! It was not my favorite kind of cake, but Mike was very excited about this - he devoured his piece with gusto! Happy Birthday Mike! **Not sure why my page is so small when you open it - any suggestions would be appreciated! Haven't posted since the site was overhauled a while back :) [u][b][url=]Finley Scrapbooking Kit[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]In Distress Paper Pack No. 02[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Sweet St. Nicholas Kit[/url][/b][/u] stitching [u][b][url=]Ledger Grid Overlays No. 01[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Eat Cake Kit[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Fine Lines Border Lines Brushes and Stamps No. 04[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Rope Line Twists Brushes and Stamps No. 01[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Scribbling Brushes and Stamps No. 03[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Like This Element Pack[/url][/b][/u] branch [u][b][url=]Game Cards: Birthday[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Vintage Photo Frames No. 28[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Little Vintage Frames Curled and Flat[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Cut Ups: Birthday[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Party Pennant Sticks[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Bunny Slope: Blue Kit[/url][/b][/u] staple [u][b][url=]Life Lines Scrapbooking Kit[/url][/b][/u] screws [u][b][url=]Assorted Messy Stitches: White No. 01[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Bead Scatterings No. 01[/url][/b][/u] Blanket stitching and FotoGlows by Anna Aspnes Thank you for looking! :)<br /><br />15 comments Fri, 09 Aug 2013 15:43:32 +0000 First Valentine's Day <a href=";title=first-valentine-27s-day&amp;cat=500"><img class="imgborder" title="QVDay2012WEB.jpg" border="0" src="" alt="QVDay2012WEB.jpg" /></a><br /><br />by: CelinaT<br /><br />Description}: Been wanting to get these pictures scrapped for awhile now! Time is just flying by! The picture quality isn't the greatest, but I want to remember how little she was! Plus I was obsessed (maybe still am?) with little onesies that have ruffles along the bottoms! :) and this was one of my favorites of hers! [u][b][url=]Photo Clusters No. 43[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Getting There Kit[/url][/b][/u] white background paper [u][b][url=]Worth Repeating Overlays No. 04[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Layer Works No. 202[/url][/b][/u] got the mask, spot dots, twisted dots, notepaper, and roughed up papers from here [u][b][url=]Aqua Dreams Paper Pack[/url][/b][/u] clipped to mask [u][b][url=]Worth Repeating Brushes and Stamps No. 07[/url][/b][/u] Ali Edwards alpha (DAY) [u][b][url=]Postmarked New Years 2012 Brushes and Stamps[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Shimmer Me Tidbits: Splattered Summer[/url][/b][/u] desaturated to gray [u][b][url=]Postage Strip Months[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Peppermint Christmas Paper Pack[/url][/b][/u] thank you Kim - saw this in a recent page of yours and knew it would be perfect for my page! Katie Pertiet Web Inspiration Journalers 12311 signs [u][b][url=]Simple Heart Mini Kit[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Pencil Line Penmanship Alphabet[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Metal Clip Assortment[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Banner Strip Words: Love No. 01[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Sweet St. Nicholas Kit[/url][/b][/u] white flowers [u][b][url=]Jelly Alphabet No. 17[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Photo Corner Collection No. 02[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Little Layette Kit[/url][/b][/u] heart and elephant epoxies [u][b][url=]My Baby Element Pack[/url][/b][/u] scale Anna Aspnes: fotoglows no 4, curled edges no 5 Trixie Scraps: balloons Thanks for looking! :)<br /><br />17 comments Tue, 16 Oct 2012 01:52:44 +0000 Halloween 2011 <a href=";title=halloween-2011&amp;cat=500"><img class="imgborder" title="Halloween_20112.jpg" border="0" src="" alt="Halloween_20112.jpg" /></a><br /><br />by: CelinaT<br /><br />Description}: Found this Halloween page from last year and realized that I never uploaded it here! I know this may look like torture for Duke, and okay it probably is, but it's the one time I dress him up...unless you count the reindeer antlers I put on him at Christmas...anyway, by the time the kids arrive for trick-or-treating, he has forgotten all about his costume! [u][b][url=]Winifred Solids Paper Pack[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Haunted Twists No. 01[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Transylvanian Mini-Kit[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Haunted Woodlands Kit[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Fasten Its! No. 02[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Webbed Corners Brushes and Stamps[/url][/b][/u] Anna Aspnes MultiStitched B&amp;W No2 KHartley Scare Me Shabby kit paper, pumpkin, word art lliella Boo star scatter and pumpkins Thanks for looking! :)<br /><br />15 comments Thu, 11 Oct 2012 02:11:50 +0000 Sweet Child of Mine <a href=";title=sweet-child-of-mine&amp;cat=500"><img class="imgborder" title="QWEB.jpg" border="0" src="" alt="QWEB.jpg" /></a><br /><br />by: CelinaT<br /><br />Description}: Still trying to plug away at these older photos...:) Katie Pertiet template freebie 63012 [u][b][url=]Chandra Kit[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Carte Post Kit[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]For The Love Of Chevron No. 01 Paper Pack[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]My Baby Element Pack[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Littlest Ballerina Kit[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Powder Mountain Kit[/url][/b][/u] photo tie recolored [u][b][url=]Fine Lines Page Titles No. 12 Brushes and Stamps[/url][/b][/u] Anna Aspnes: ArtPlay Palette SunFun flower Thanks for looking! :)<br /><br />16 comments Fri, 05 Oct 2012 19:23:27 +0000 That Girl's Got Spunk <a href=";title=that-girl-27s-got-spunk&amp;cat=500"><img class="imgborder" title="QSpunkSequenceWEB.jpg" border="0" src="" alt="QSpunkSequenceWEB.jpg" /></a><br /><br />by: CelinaT<br /><br />Description}: Just an ordinary day last summer at our house - but I wanted to get this sequence scrapped of Quinn pulling herself up on her own in Mike's lap... [u][b][url=]Pieces Of Life Layered Template[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]All White Now Paper Pack No. 02[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Typesets Girlie No. 02 Brushes and Stamps[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Spot Dots Brushes and Stamps No. 08[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Readymade Journalers: Girls No. 01[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Enchanted Easter Kit[/url][/b][/u] button [u][b][url=]Misha Kit[/url][/b][/u] bow [u][b][url=]Star Glows Brushes and Stamps No. 01[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Edge Overlays No. 03[/url][/b][/u] black brads and brushstroke from Anna Aspnes Thanks for looking! :)<br /><br />22 comments Wed, 03 Oct 2012 02:16:51 +0000 Snapshots of You <a href=";title=snapshots-of-you&amp;cat=500"><img class="imgborder" title="QPinkGownLeftWEB.jpg" border="0" src="" alt="QPinkGownLeftWEB.jpg" /></a><br /><br />by: CelinaT<br /><br />Description}: Sorry I haven't been in the gallery much lately, but I've been &quot;stalking&quot; all of your wonderful pages, trying to leave comments when I can! School started a month ago here, and a full-time job + a 9-month-old = one tired mama at the end of each day! There's my math lesson for the day! ;) Anyhoo, it feels good to sit down tonight and finish some pages up! [IMG][/IMG] Journaling: In trying to get a good picture of you for your birth announcement, I captured all of these gems one January snoozing, fussing, yawning, sneezing, and stretching...and you know what? I love looking back at all of your expressions as much as I love your announcement photo! [u][b][url=]Spring Dreamsicle Solid Paper Pack[/url][/b][/u] splatters and banner from [u][b][url=]Layer Works No. 229[/url][/b][/u] title, camera, and hearts from [u][b][url=]Snapshots Layered Template[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Flare Sprays Brushes and Stamps No. 01[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Distressed lines and Word Art Brushes and Stamps[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Double Up Stitching No. 01[/url][/b][/u] Ali Edwards word art [u][b][url=]Star Glows Brushes and Stamps No. 02[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Cardstock Tabs No. 03[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Lens Flare Brushes and Stamps No. 01[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Photo Corner Collection No. 02[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Hush-a-Bye Kit[/url][/b][/u] safety pin [u][b][url=]So Totally Love This Brushes and Stamps[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Sweet Cakes Kit[/url][/b][/u] heart epoxy Pink paper from Anna Aspnes ArtPlay Palette Socialize Template is Yin template 151 Thank you for looking! :)<br /><br />14 comments Sun, 30 Sep 2012 03:11:12 +0000 Discovery Captured <a href=";title=discovery-captured&amp;cat=500"><img class="imgborder" title="QExersaucerWEB.jpg" border="0" src="" alt="QExersaucerWEB.jpg" /></a><br /><br />by: CelinaT<br /><br />Description}: I enjoyed using all this blue on a page of Quinn's! :) These are from the beginning of June - she's changed so much even since then! [u][b][url=]Blue Skies Solid Paper Pack[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Letter Box Pattern Clusters Brushes and Stamps No. 02[/url][/b][/u] clouds from [u][b][url=]Ride Layered Template[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Clean Stitched Rectangles: White No. 01[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Clean Stitched Squares: White No. 01[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Photo Corners: Colors No. 01[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Momentous Seals Brushes and Stamps No. 01[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Tightly Kerned Words: Candid[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Fasten Its![/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Dragon Trainer Element Pack[/url][/b][/u] clouds [u][b][url=]Fine Lines Border Lines Brushes and Stamps[/url][/b][/u] also got several items from [u][b][url=]Layer Works No. 201[/url][/b][/u] and [u][b][url=]Layer Works No. 213[/url][/b][/u] Anna Aspnes: edge overlays, sandscratched photo frames, white bitz stitching Thanks for looking! :)<br /><br />15 comments Mon, 03 Sep 2012 02:07:57 +0000 Saturday Scraplift <a href=";title=saturday-scraplift&amp;cat=702"><img class="imgborder" title="QSSL.jpg" border="0" src="" alt="QSSL.jpg" /></a><br /><br />by: CelinaT<br /><br />Description}: I enjoyed lifting this page of Karen's for the Saturday Scraplift:;ppuser=29770 I know I posted a page of Quinn's looking down a while back (actually I believe it was for another SSL!), but I just love the perspective of these types of shots - shows off her beautiful lashes! :) This group of pictures is from a little photo shoot I tried to do with her earlier this month, and she didn't quite cooperate, as you can tell from the bottom deteriorated pretty quickly actually...but I still think these semi-grumpy shots are cute! [u][b][url=]Loves Park Add-On Value Pack[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Edge Overlays No. 03[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Top of the World Kit[/url][/b][/u] love that pink paper! [u][b][url=]Littlest Ballerina Kit[/url][/b][/u] tulle [u][b][url=]Raspberry Sundae Kit[/url][/b][/u] ribbon [u][b][url=]Vintage Photo Frames No. 22[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Absolutely Acrylic: Hearts[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Winter Artistry Kit[/url][/b][/u] ribbon [u][b][url=]Staple Its!: Clusters[/url][/b][/u] Anna Aspnes: Striped Edge Overlays No1, 12x12 Page Fotoblendz No1, Torn and Tattered frame, Magic Sprinkles No3 Jesse Edwards: Charm Tags Thanks for looking! :)<br /><br />23 comments Wed, 29 Aug 2012 03:15:39 +0000 Little Bookworm: Spotlight Scraplift of KimR <a href=";title=little-bookworm-3a-spotlight-scraplift-of-kimr&amp;cat=559"><img class="imgborder" title="ReadingwithCindyWEB.jpg" border="0" src="" alt="ReadingwithCindyWEB.jpg" /></a><br /><br />by: CelinaT<br /><br />Description}: I love Kim's style of layered blocks of patterned paper under her photos...this is a loose lift of [b][url=;ppuser=43254]this page[/url][/b]. Thank you for the inspiration, Kim! Another photo of my daughter with one of my sisters -- she brought Quinn some books last time she got to come home for a visit in March -- here she is reading her Dr. Seuss's Oh, The Places You'll Go! She loves being read to!!! All DD: [u][b][url=]Planted Paper Pack[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Classic Cardstock: Finest Paper Pack[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Vintage Charm Paper Pack[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Page Blends No. 01[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Watery Photo Masks No. 03[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Grungy Ledger Grids Brushes and Stamps[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Spot Dots Brushes and Stamps No. 08[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Flagged Labels No. 01[/url][/b][/u] Ali Edwards ABC strip [u][b][url=]Annelise Solids Paper Pack[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Words + Pictures: Winter Paper Pack[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Messy Stitched Rectangles: White No. 01[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Fine Lines Page Titles No. 09 Brushes and Stamps[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Dotted and Dashed Brushes and Stamps[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Classic Patterned: Finest Paper Pack[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Emery Kit[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Labeled Journalers No. 05[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Assorted Messy Stitches: White No. 01[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Sanded Chip Hearts[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Cardstock Tabs No. 02[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Library Card Collection: Basics[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Pocket Cards: 4x6 School No. 01[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Vintage Photo Frames No. 26[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Littlest Baby Kit[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Red Word Bits No. 01[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Tabbed Dates No. 03[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Lesson Book Paper Pack[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Waipahu Kit[/url][/b][/u] Thanks for looking! :)<br /><br />28 comments Tue, 28 Aug 2012 03:02:17 +0000 Photographs of You <a href=";title=photographs-of-you&amp;cat=500"><img class="imgborder" title="PhotographsofYou.jpg" border="0" src="" alt="PhotographsofYou.jpg" /></a><br /><br />by: CelinaT<br /><br />Description}: [u][b][url=]Just One Moment Layered Template[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Layer Works No. 221[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Layer Works No. 190[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Watery Spots Brushes and Stamps No. 05[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Summer Dawn Solid Paper Pack[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Striped Mix: Magic Value Paper Pack[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Bracketed Sentiments No. 03 Brushes and Stamps[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Collageable Notions No. 01[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Spring Dreamsicle Solid Paper Pack[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Sweet Cheeks Lollipop Paper Pack[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Lightly Ledger Ocean Blues Solids Paper Pack[/url][/b][/u] Anna Aspnes: ArtPlay Santa's Elf solid, Distressed Edge Overlay No9 Thanks for looking! :)<br /><br />18 comments Sat, 25 Aug 2012 20:40:32 +0000 Precious Girl <a href=";title=precious-girl&amp;cat=500"><img class="imgborder" title="Precious_Girl.jpg" border="0" src="" alt="Precious_Girl.jpg" /></a><br /><br />by: CelinaT<br /><br />Description}: [u][b][url=]Scrap Express No. 133[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Classic Embossed Chevrons: Rainbow No. 01 Paper Pack[/url][/b][/u] recolored [u][b][url=]Just Linens Paper Pack No. 31[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Star Glows Brushes and Stamps No. 01[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Sun Porch Clusters[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Artistry de Blanco Kit[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Around Words Brushes and Stamps No. 02[/url][/b][/u] lines from [u][b][url=]Retro-Vista Template Album No. 02 Lettersize[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Staple Its!: Clusters[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Jouets Collection[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Sun Porch Kit[/url][/b][/u] Idea for using the triple banners from Lynn Grieveson! :) Anna Aspnes: Dark Textured Neutrals, Straightline Stitching Everything else from Zoe Pearn's Isn't She Lovely Thanks for looking! ;)<br /><br />15 comments Sat, 25 Aug 2012 17:58:39 +0000 An Eventful Day! <a href=";title=an-eventful-day-21&amp;cat=500"><img class="imgborder" title="QandGrandpaWEB.jpg" border="0" src="" alt="QandGrandpaWEB.jpg" /></a><br /><br />by: CelinaT<br /><br />Description}: These pictures were taken last month when we finalized the adoption of our precious little girl! I love the colors and light and general feel of these photos with Quinn and Mike's dad - I thought the Carte Post kit would look just as good with these mulberry colors as it does with the teal colors! :) Journaling: I’m so glad I caught these moments between you and Grandpa. We had just come from finalizing your adoption at the courthouse, and upon arriving at the party, I looked down the cake table between the balloons and other family members to find you in Grandpa’s arms. These photos make my heart melt when I think of how much everyone loves you and how happy we are that you are part of our family! [u][b][url=]This Makes Sense Layered Template[/url][/b][/u] did some more template combining with this one and [u][b][url=]Eventful Day Layered Template[/url][/b][/u] and [u][b][url=]Layer Works No. 224[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Classic Cardstock: Into the Night[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Carte Post Kit[/url][/b][/u] Katie Pertiet's Color Inspiration 081812 &amp; 082910 papers [u][b][url=]Vintage Book Colors: Reds No. 01 Paper Pack[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Spellbound Kit[/url][/b][/u] paper from this kit blended with the previous papers [u][b][url=]Spot Dot Flourish Overlays No. 01[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Bracketed Sentiments No. 03 Brushes and Stamps[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Alandia Rancheros Kit[/url][/b][/u] stamped stitches [u][b][url=]Haunted Woodlands Kit[/url][/b][/u] screw - recolored [u][b][url=]Animal Park Kit[/url][/b][/u] black button Anna Aspnes: fotoglows no 5 Thanks for looking! :)<br /><br />11 comments Sat, 18 Aug 2012 05:15:04 +0000 First Easter <a href=";title=first-easter&amp;cat=500"><img class="imgborder" title="FirstEasterWEB.jpg" border="0" src="" alt="FirstEasterWEB.jpg" /></a><br /><br />by: CelinaT<br /><br />Description}: This is one I'm tired of playing with, so I'm going to call it done! I've gone back to school this week, so my mojo feels as if it's waving bye-bye to me! journaling: This was not such a happy first Easter for you, Quinn. You hadn’t slept well the night before, so you were crabby all through church. Then when we got to the farm for the egg hunt, you wanted nothing to do with the eggs or being outside. It’s understandable, it was really windy that day! But even though I only got two pictures of you smiling and you were fussy, it was still a fun day, and you looked adorable in your dress and bonnet! [u][b][url=]Layered Memories No. 108[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Aerona Paper Pack[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Aerona Solids Paper Pack[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Scribbled and Scratched Photo Frame Brushes and Stamps No. 01[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Splatters Brushes and Stamps No. 02[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Watery Blooms Brushes and Stamps[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Pearl Swirls No. 02[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Yesteryear Kit[/url][/b][/u] lace [u][b][url=]Haunted Woodlands Kit[/url][/b][/u] stitching [u][b][url=]Cardstock Tabs No. 02[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Drawn Blossoms No. 01[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Dara Kit[/url][/b][/u] frame [u][b][url=]Easter Basket Super Pack[/url][/b][/u] basket grass [u][b][url=]Enchanted Easter Kit[/url][/b][/u] tag [u][b][url=]Chalked Script Alphabet[/url][/b][/u] Ali Edwards word art 'first' brad from DD Help Haiti kit [u][b][url=]Photo Corner Collection No. 03[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Cardstock Tabs No. 03[/url][/b][/u] staple Anna Aspnes: fotoglows no 4, sandscratched overlays, magic sparkles bunnies, eggs, and basket from CRK tulips and chocolate kit Thanks for looking! :)<br /><br />14 comments Sat, 18 Aug 2012 00:05:17 +0000 Reaching New Milestones <a href=";title=reaching-new-milestones&amp;cat=500"><img class="imgborder" title="NewMilestones.jpg" border="0" src="" alt="NewMilestones.jpg" /></a><br /><br />by: CelinaT<br /><br />Description}: Been wanting to make a page of all these shots I have of Quinn on her tummy since she was born to show her growth and progress these past months... [u][b][url=]Sun Porch Kit[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Branched Paper Pack[/url][/b][/u] blended with [u][b][url=]Springtime Cardstock Paper Pack[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Photo Clusters No. 15[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Measured Words Brushes and Stamps No. 01[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Lesson Book Kit[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Wooden Flowers No. 01[/url][/b][/u] Anna Aspnes: Foto Glows No4 Kristin Aagard: tree swing from Backyard Adventures Thanks for looking! :)<br /><br />15 comments Mon, 13 Aug 2012 06:22:41 +0000 First Tractor Ride (Sort Of!) <a href=";title=first-tractor-ride-sort-of-21&amp;cat=500"><img class="imgborder" title="QTractorWEB.jpg" border="0" src="" alt="QTractorWEB.jpg" /></a><br /><br />by: CelinaT<br /><br />Description}: So my dad collects tractors to restore and tractor toys...needless to say that Quinn being my parents' first grandchild, she gets the honor of riding dad's toy Allis first! And no, she's not really riding yet - feet can't quite reach the pedals - we just propped her up there to see if she'd sit there and she just gripped that steering wheel as if to say, &quot;Look out world, here I come!&quot; [u][b][url=]Layer Works No. 103[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Layer Works No. 159[/url][/b][/u] (I took a lot of elements and brushwork from these two templates!) [u][b][url=]Simple Nature Solid Paper Pack[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Be Buttoned: Energy[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Laurent Kit[/url][/b][/u] journalers [u][b][url=]Farm Fresh Collection[/url][/b][/u] chicken wire chevron strips from Katie's Template Inspiration 031012 [u][b][url=]Loosely Labeled Dates[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Tabbed Dates No. 03[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Graphed Paper Pack No. 02[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Text Bytes: Shaped Text Templates No. 29[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Hung Up Photo Frames No. 06[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Pelican Park Kit[/url][/b][/u] button [u][b][url=]Misha Kit[/url][/b][/u] black alpha [u][b][url=]Black Tab Alphabet[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Assorted Messy Stitches: White No. 01[/url][/b][/u] Anna Aspnes: FotoGlows No 4, outer space black brad Traci Reed: tractor epoxy Kristin Cronin Barrow: for the love of wood paper Thanks for looking! :)<br /><br />21 comments Sun, 12 Aug 2012 06:13:55 +0000 Saturday Scraplift: Unstoppable You <a href=";title=saturday-scraplift-3a-unstoppable-you&amp;cat=702"><img class="imgborder" title="SSL2.jpg" border="0" src="" alt="SSL2.jpg" /></a><br /><br />by: CelinaT<br /><br />Description}: This large photo has been stumping me on how to scrap it because I wanted her looking down at something -- today's SSL design worked perfectly! I've been wanting to lift Jean's amazing page seen [b][url=;ppuser=54850]here[/url][/b] since I saw it in the gallery! What a fun choice for this week's SSL! [u][b][url=]l'Automne Cardstocks Paper Pack[/url][/b][/u] blended with [u][b][url=]Mika Paper Pack[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Star Glows Brushes and Stamps No. 01[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Rosie Kit[/url][/b][/u] floral stamp [u][b][url=]Just Linens Paper Pack No. 10[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Stuffed Edge Documents No. 01[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Messy Stitched Banners: White No. 01[/url][/b][/u] Ali Edwards heart everyday freebie [u][b][url=]Cardstock Tabs No. 01[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Flagged Labels No. 01[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Crocheted Doilies: Red No. 01[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]April Morning Kit[/url][/b][/u] journaler [u][b][url=]Instamatic Frames No. 03[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Cut Ups: Lovely[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]My Baby Element Pack[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Metal Clip Assortment[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Bakers Twine Assortment No. 01[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Loves Park Element Pack[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Whimsy Wings Element Pack[/url][/b][/u] button [u][b][url=]Jewelry Tag Alphabet[/url][/b][/u] Ali Edwards you word art Thanks for looking! :)<br /><br />23 comments Sat, 11 Aug 2012 21:07:25 +0000 Fun with Aunt Christina <a href=";title=fun-with-aunt-christina&amp;cat=500"><img class="imgborder" title="Q_C.jpg" border="0" src="" alt="Q_C.jpg" /></a><br /><br />by: CelinaT<br /><br />Description}: Thought I'd better make a page with my other sister and Quinn since my last page was with my sister Cindy and Quinn...these were taken last Mother's Day -- love these colors! So fun to play - going for the page-within-a-page look here! [u][b][url=]Photo Clusters No. 34[/url][/b][/u] rearranged [u][b][url=]Layer Works No. 074[/url][/b][/u] got quite a few embellishments from this template [u][b][url=]Hello Days Paper Collection[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Letter Box Brushes and Stamps No. 05 Value Pack[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Forecast Kit[/url][/b][/u] brown paper [u][b][url=]Subtle Marine Paper Pack[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Assorted Messy Stitches: White No. 01[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Worn Photo Edges No. 06[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Notebook Paper Pack No. 05[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Scratchy Masks Brushes and Stamps No. 01[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Loosely Labeled Dates No. 04[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Waipahu Paper Pack[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Hot Floral Mini Kit[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Hanging by a Thread No. 02[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Dog Park Kit[/url][/b][/u] tree epoxy [u][b][url=]Heart Pebbles No. 04[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Red Beach Kit[/url][/b][/u] ribbon [u][b][url=]Inky Dink Page Borders[/url][/b][/u] Anna Aspnes Foto Glows No 4 Thanks for looking! :)<br /><br />22 comments Thu, 09 Aug 2012 21:08:03 +0000 Love This Moment <a href=";title=love-this-moment&amp;cat=500"><img class="imgborder" title="LoveThisMoment.jpg" border="0" src="" alt="LoveThisMoment.jpg" /></a><br /><br />by: CelinaT<br /><br />Description}: I love this set of pictures I took when my sister was home to visit us back in March -- it was the first time she was able to get away from her residency in Virginia to come home and meet Quinn! Quinn looks so little here - only 3 months old! But she and my sister just seemed to bond that weekend, and these photos will always be special to me! Just going for clean and simple on this one... [u][b][url=]Page Blends No. 01[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Emery Solids Paper Pack[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Alandia Paix Brush Set[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]From My Bookshelf No. 02 Kit[/url][/b][/u] brads [u][b][url=]Love This Word Art Brushes and Stamps No. 01[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Oiselet Rouge Kit[/url][/b][/u] heart Krystal Hartley: midnight paper Anna Aspnes: distressed edge overlays, artplay solids retro holiday, torn and tattered frames, stitched border, hipster plumes no 20 Trixie Scraps: summer on the boardwalk striped paper Thanks for looking! :)<br /><br />24 comments Wed, 08 Aug 2012 06:35:44 +0000 Heritage Wheels Challenge: Hot Wheels <a href=";title=heritage-wheels-challenge-3a-hot-wheels&amp;cat=1490"><img class="imgborder" title="WheelsChallenge.jpg" border="0" src="" alt="WheelsChallenge.jpg" /></a><br /><br />by: CelinaT<br /><br />Description}: I immediately thought of this old picture of me when I read about the wheels heritage challenge on the blog... But let me first say that I hope this page doesn't offend anyone -- Mike just walked in as I was linking up all my credits and said to me, &quot;You're not posting that are you? It looks like the Confederate flag!&quot; I said, &quot;That's because I'm riding my General Lee Hot Wheels in the picture!!!&quot; So PLEASE do not think I am racist or pro-slavery or anything!!!! -- I was simply a HUGE Dukes of Hazzard fan when I was young! These were my &quot;wheels!&quot; Journaling: How cool were we in the eighties with our Hot Wheels? I can still hear the horn of the General Lee...just wish I could wear those Daisy Dukes today! (But without the Big Bird tennies!) [u][b][url=]Bursting Memories Layered Template[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Late Summer Mini-Kit[/url][/b][/u] blended [u][b][url=]Raspberry Sundae Kit[/url][/b][/u] blended [u][b][url=]Painted Accents No. 02[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Slide Reels No. 01[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Readymade Journalers: For Dad[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Taped Together Overlays No. 01[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Worn Photo Edges No. 05: Hazy Days[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Worn Photo Edges No. 02[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Time Clusters No. 02[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]File Tabs Words: Summer No. 01[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Spot Dots No. 18 Paper Pack[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Striping Grunge Edgers Brushes and Stamps No. 01[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Harmony Grove Solids Paper Pack[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Red Red Paper Pack[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Rory Solids Paper Pack[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Carlie Solids Paper Pack[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Stems of 3: Stars No. 01 Brushes and Stamps[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Worn Strips No. 06[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Roughed Up Pocket Cards: Rainbow No. 01[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Assorted Tapes No. 03[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Star Glows Brushes and Stamps No. 02[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Movie Reels No. 01[/url][/b][/u] [u][b][url=]Lots of Love Element Pack[/url][/b][/u] staple Anna Aspnes: chevron textures no 1, outerspace black brad Thanks for looking! :)<br /><br />18 comments Tue, 07 Aug 2012 02:35:37 +0000