Digital Scrapbooking en-us Thu, 02 Jul 2015 12:49:45 +0000 PhotoPost Pro 8.0 60 Its' Hot <a href=";title=its-27-hot&amp;cat=500"><img class="imgborder" title="2015-03-It_s-Hot.jpg" border="0" src="" alt="2015-03-It_s-Hot.jpg" /></a><br /><br />by: MIDA78466<br /><br />Description}: Katie Pertiet: Maybe Not Solids, Black Cream and Red; Maplebrook Studios: Just Linens 13; Anna Aspnes: Art Play Enamored; One Little Bird: Woodridge<br /><br />6 comments Sat, 06 Jun 2015 19:50:30 +0000 It's Just So You <a href=";title=it-27s-just-so-you&amp;cat=500"><img class="imgborder" title="2015-05-Harley-So-You.jpg" border="0" src="" alt="2015-05-Harley-So-You.jpg" /></a><br /><br />by: MIDA78466<br /><br />Description}: Cathy Zielski: LT 77, Maplebrook Studios: Just Linens 1; Katie Pertiet: Pet Pebbles<br /><br />7 comments Wed, 06 May 2015 13:54:48 +0000 Heaven Sent <a href=";title=heaven-sent&amp;cat=500"><img class="imgborder" title="2015-03-Heven-Sent.jpg" border="0" src="" alt="2015-03-Heven-Sent.jpg" /></a><br /><br />by: MIDA78466<br /><br />Description}: Anna Aspnes: Art Play Generations, Foto Glows 4,Doily Edge Overlay 4; Anita Designs: Love Birds; Katie Pertiet: Glitter &amp; Shine; Heaven Sent LT<br /><br />5 comments Sun, 15 Mar 2015 02:48:41 +0000 Faces of Beck <a href=";title=faces-of-beck&amp;cat=500"><img class="imgborder" title="2014-07-Faces-of-Beck.jpg" border="0" src="" alt="2014-07-Faces-of-Beck.jpg" /></a><br /><br />by: MIDA78466<br /><br />Description}: Katie Pertiet: Canvas Cardstocks No. 12; Anna Aspnes: Arsty LT 175, Foto Glows 4, Art Play Forget Me Not, Art Play Find My Way 12 x 12 Artist Edge 6;Sweet Caroline and Amandi Yi: Focust Click Repeat<br /><br />6 comments Sun, 18 Jan 2015 23:03:36 +0000 Deputy 220 <a href=";title=deputy-220&amp;cat=500"><img class="imgborder" title="2015-01-Deputy-220.jpg" border="0" src="" alt="2015-01-Deputy-220.jpg" /></a><br /><br />by: MIDA78466<br /><br />Description}: KPertiet: Tidewater Solids; PKnox: Absolutely Acrylic Arrows; Anna Aspnes: Art Play Autumn Soul, Art Play Hello Autumn, Art Play Reflections, Cool Glows 1, Love Glows 1, Foto Glows 4, Art Play Christmas Tree, Art Play Sunflower, Artist Edge 2<br /><br />10 comments Sun, 11 Jan 2015 20:29:43 +0000 Pumpkin Patch <a href=";title=pumpkin-patch&amp;cat=500"><img class="imgborder" title="2014-10-FUMC-Pumpkin.jpg" border="0" src="" alt="2014-10-FUMC-Pumpkin.jpg" /></a><br /><br />by: MIDA78466<br /><br />Description}: Katie Pertiet: Autumnal Artistry, Defined Discs No. 1, Arlesey, Folia Bead Mix; Amy Martin: Sucali; Anna Aspnes: Stitched by Anna Fall Mix 2, Multi Media Pumpkins 1<br /><br />8 comments Sat, 10 Jan 2015 20:03:19 +0000 Booted <a href=";title=booted&amp;cat=500"><img class="imgborder" title="2014-08-Booted.jpg" border="0" src="" alt="2014-08-Booted.jpg" /></a><br /><br />by: MIDA78466<br /><br />Description}: Katie Pertiet: Black, Creme, and Red, Little Bits Alpha, Watery Spots No. 7; Anna Aspnes: Art Play Palette Elegance, Stitched by Anna Fall Mix<br /><br />8 comments Tue, 12 Aug 2014 19:51:14 +0000 As the Deer <a href=";title=as-the-deer&amp;cat=500"><img class="imgborder" title="2014-06-Salado-Deer.jpg" border="0" src="" alt="2014-06-Salado-Deer.jpg" /></a><br /><br />by: MIDA78466<br /><br />Description}: Anna Aspnes: Art Play Palette Woodland, Abstract FotoBlendz 2,Art Play Palette Great Outdoors, Stitched by Anna Brown; Katie Pertiet: Classic Cardstock Autumn Ice; Patti Knox:; Fasten Its 2<br /><br />7 comments Sat, 02 Aug 2014 00:06:17 +0000 The Ugly Duckling <a href=";title=the-ugly-duckling&amp;cat=500"><img class="imgborder" title="2014-05-Ugly-Duckling.jpg" border="0" src="" alt="2014-05-Ugly-Duckling.jpg" /></a><br /><br />by: MIDA78466<br /><br />Description}: Katie Pertiet: Black White and Plum, Berks Lane, Tidewater Solids; A Aspnes: Artsy LT 37, Anna Blendz Artsy 3, Art Play Palette Christmas, Word Label Template 3, Art Play Palette Autmn Haze, Fotoglows 4<br /><br />3 comments Sat, 05 Jul 2014 21:00:56 +0000 Cassie <a href=";title=cassie&amp;cat=500"><img class="imgborder" title="2014-05-La-Dog-Cassie.jpg" border="0" src="" alt="2014-05-La-Dog-Cassie.jpg" /></a><br /><br />by: MIDA78466<br /><br />Description}: Doing a couple of layouts of my sister's dogs for her to frame. Maplebrook Studios Just Linens 27 &amp; 28, Anna Aspnes ARt Play Palette Seafoam<br /><br />6 comments Sat, 28 Jun 2014 19:06:39 +0000 At the Patch <a href=";title=at-the-patch&amp;cat=500"><img class="imgborder" title="2014-04-Larry-10-11-pumpkins.jpg" border="0" src="" alt="2014-04-Larry-10-11-pumpkins.jpg" /></a><br /><br />by: MIDA78466<br /><br />Description}: Anna Aspnes: Multi Media Pumpkims 1, Distressed Edge OL 9, Art Play Palette Harvest, Art Play Palette Pumpkin Patch, Art Play Palette Santa Christmas; Katie Pertiet: Fall Tickets, Ad Inspiration 32012; MMartin Just Linens No 1<br /><br />5 comments Thu, 01 May 2014 02:59:54 +0000 Community Garden <a href=";title=community-garden&amp;cat=500"><img class="imgborder" title="2014-04-Larry-12-13-Garden.jpg" border="0" src="" alt="2014-04-Larry-12-13-Garden.jpg" /></a><br /><br />by: MIDA78466<br /><br />Description}: Our pastor is leaving in a couple of months. Lucky me--I was commissioned to make a scrapbook for him and his wife. I'm trying to include things that he was instrumental in changing or starting. Anna Aspnes: Art Play Palette Spring, 12 X 12 Artist Edge 6, ARtsy LT 109; Katie Pertiet: Drawn Blossoms, Grungy Ledger Grids 2; MMartin Just Linens No. 1<br /><br />6 comments Wed, 30 Apr 2014 00:15:55 +0000 The price of Freedom <a href=";title=the-price-of-freedom&amp;cat=500"><img class="imgborder" title="2014-03_Creative_text.jpg" border="0" src="" alt="2014-03_Creative_text.jpg" /></a><br /><br />by: MIDA78466<br /><br />Description}: I created this for an article at Get it Scrapped. The Price of Freedom created by Terry Billman| Anna Aspnes: Tattered Paper 1, Art Play Palette For The Record; Katie Pertiet: Naturally Krafty 2, Buttoned Rimmed Alpha; Maplebrook Studios: Just Linens 37<br /><br />9 comments Wed, 23 Apr 2014 17:53:31 +0000 Nosey <a href=";title=nosey&amp;cat=500"><img class="imgborder" title="2013-11-Nosey.jpg" border="0" src="" alt="2013-11-Nosey.jpg" /></a><br /><br />by: MIDA78466<br /><br />20 comments Sat, 05 Apr 2014 00:52:34 +0000 Twenty-Two <a href=";title=twenty-two&amp;cat=500"><img class="imgborder" title="2014-01-Twenty-Two.jpg" border="0" src="" alt="2014-01-Twenty-Two.jpg" /></a><br /><br />by: MIDA78466<br /><br />Description}: Katie Pertiet: Template Inspiration 081112; One Little Bird: Timeless; Anna Aspnes: Art Play Palette Great Outdoors<br /><br />11 comments Sun, 02 Mar 2014 01:24:55 +0000 Sweet <a href=";title=sweet&amp;cat=500"><img class="imgborder" title="2013-12-Sweet.jpg" border="0" src="" alt="2013-12-Sweet.jpg" /></a><br /><br />by: MIDA78466<br /><br />Description}: Anna Aspnes: Art Play Smooch, Art Play Palette Truth; Katie Pertiet: XOXO LT 2, Rounded corner stitching holes<br /><br />11 comments Sat, 01 Mar 2014 23:01:11 +0000 How we Roll <a href=";title=how-we-roll&amp;cat=500"><img class="imgborder" title="2014-03-How-we-Roll.jpg" border="0" src="" alt="2014-03-How-we-Roll.jpg" /></a><br /><br />by: MIDA78466<br /><br />8 comments Sat, 01 Mar 2014 22:16:52 +0000 Love this Kid <a href=";title=love-this-kid&amp;cat=500"><img class="imgborder" title="2014-01-Blk-White-Beige.jpg" border="0" src="" alt="2014-01-Blk-White-Beige.jpg" /></a><br /><br />by: MIDA78466<br /><br />Description}: I created this for an article at Get it Scrapped Anna Aspnes: Art Play Palette Sophistica, Art Play Palette For the Record, Warm Glows No. 6, Script Tease Learn Overlay; Katie Pertiet: Cut Ups Everyday No. 2, Black White and Tan Wood Chevrons; Ali Edwards:Christmas Text Words<br /><br />12 comments Thu, 20 Feb 2014 17:35:35 +0000 Grow Up <a href=";title=grow-up&amp;cat=500"><img class="imgborder" title="2014-01-Grow-up.jpg" border="0" src="" alt="2014-01-Grow-up.jpg" /></a><br /><br />by: MIDA78466<br /><br />Description}: Craig was horrified when I showed him this layout! The guy never did grow up but since he is over 60--doesn't matter. Maplebrook Studios: Aki solids; Just Jaime glitter style<br /><br />22 comments Tue, 11 Feb 2014 02:28:02 +0000 Bike Rack <a href=";title=bike-rack&amp;cat=500"><img class="imgborder" title="2014-01-Hawaii-Bike.jpg" border="0" src="" alt="2014-01-Hawaii-Bike.jpg" /></a><br /><br />by: MIDA78466<br /><br />Description}: Anna Aspnes: Art Play Palette Origins, Art Play Palette Find My Way; Katie Pertiet: Letter Box Chevrons No. 1, Simple Classics Traveler, Pine Creek; Lynn Grieveson: Joyeaux; Maplebrook Studios: Algot Solids<br /><br />11 comments Mon, 10 Feb 2014 14:56:54 +0000 Breezy <a href=";title=breezy&amp;cat=500"><img class="imgborder" title="2013-12-Collage.jpg" border="0" src="" alt="2013-12-Collage.jpg" /></a><br /><br />by: MIDA78466<br /><br />Description}: I created this for an article at Get It Scrapped Maplebrook Studios: Just Linens 27; Anna Aspnes: Art Play Palette Adventure, Art Play Palette Scholarly Stitched by Anna Cream, Anna Blendz Basic 1; Katie Pertiet: Twisted Strips No. 1, Emboss A Lots Basics, From My Bookshelf 2<br /><br />4 comments Wed, 22 Jan 2014 02:03:31 +0000 Sweetie Pie <a href=";title=sweetie-pie&amp;cat=500"><img class="imgborder" title="2013-12_Flourescent.jpg" border="0" src="" alt="2013-12_Flourescent.jpg" /></a><br /><br />by: MIDA78466<br /><br />Description}: I created this for an article at Get it Scrapped using Neons colors and pastels. M. Martin: Kissingbooth; Cathy Zielski: Type Set 1; Anna Aspnes: 12 x 12 Stitched by Anna Border White 1; Katie Pertiet: Little Hearts<br /><br />11 comments Sat, 11 Jan 2014 22:41:47 +0000 Merry Christmas <a href=";title=merry-christmas&amp;cat=500"><img class="imgborder" title="2013-12-Joy-Card.jpg" border="0" src="" alt="2013-12-Joy-Card.jpg" /></a><br /><br />by: MIDA78466<br /><br />Description}: Maplebrook Studios: Bella Solids; Katie Pertiet: Gold Essentials No. 4<br /><br />7 comments Sun, 22 Dec 2013 04:54:34 +0000 Parade <a href=";title=parade&amp;cat=500"><img class="imgborder" title="2013-12-Dec-Story-Light-Parade.jpg" border="0" src="" alt="2013-12-Dec-Story-Light-Parade.jpg" /></a><br /><br />by: MIDA78466<br /><br />Description}: Another page for my &quot;Your December Story&quot; album. Anna Aspnes: Artsy LT 109, Art Play Palette Blessings, Fotoglows 4, Art Play Palette Retro Holiday, Art Play Palette Weihnachtsbaum, Stitched by Anna Cream, Abstract Fotoblendz 5, Abstract Fotoblendz 7, Art Play Palette Enamored,Maplebrook Studios: Annelise, Just Linens 23; Katie Pertiet: Black, cream, and Red, Gold Essentials No. 1, Gold Essentials No. 3, Alandia Noel, Golden Alpha No. 1; Ali Edwards: My Favorite Memory Word Art<br /><br />1 comment Fri, 20 Dec 2013 03:29:08 +0000 Merry <a href=";title=merry&amp;cat=500"><img class="imgborder" title="2013-12-Merry-.jpg" border="0" src="" alt="2013-12-Merry-.jpg" /></a><br /><br />by: MIDA78466<br /><br />Description}: Anna Aspnes: Art Play Palette Holly, Gold Paint Overlay, Katie Pertiet: Paint it Gold No. 1, Foiled Twists No 1, gilded Photo Frames No. 1, glitter and Shine, Evergreens; Cathy Zielski: Fancy Yuletide No. 1<br /><br />5 comments Tue, 17 Dec 2013 22:23:06 +0000 Ice Rays <a href=";title=ice-rays&amp;cat=500"><img class="imgborder" title="2013-11-Ice-Rays.jpg" border="0" src="" alt="2013-11-Ice-Rays.jpg" /></a><br /><br />by: MIDA78466<br /><br />Description}: Katie Pertiet: Classic Cardstock Hoops<br /><br />4 comments Tue, 10 Dec 2013 03:56:52 +0000 People Watching <a href=";title=people-watching&amp;cat=500"><img class="imgborder" title="2013-10_Choke_Chillin.jpg" border="0" src="" alt="2013-10_Choke_Chillin.jpg" /></a><br /><br />by: MIDA78466<br /><br />Description}: Maplebrook Studios: Just Linens 22; Ali Edwards: Family Words, Essential Words Hand Drawn No. 1<br /><br />5 comments Fri, 06 Dec 2013 03:39:18 +0000 Moments with You <a href=";title=moments-with-you&amp;cat=500"><img class="imgborder" title="2013-10_Photo_Background.jpg" border="0" src="" alt="2013-10_Photo_Background.jpg" /></a><br /><br />by: MIDA78466<br /><br />Description}: I created this for an article at Get it Scrapped Moments with You created by Terry Billman| Anna Aspnes: Artsy Layered Template 114, Art Play Palette Sea Life, Art Play Palette Embrace Life, Art Play Palette Christmas Tree, Art Play Palette Seafoam; Katie Pertiet: Bead Scatterings, Fine Line Page Titles 2, Classic Curled Photo Frames 1, Holiday Word Strips, Beach House Memories Elements; Vicki Stegall: Magnificent Word Art; Patti Knox: Staple Its Clusters<br /><br />8 comments Sun, 01 Dec 2013 03:41:50 +0000 What I See <a href=";title=what-i-see&amp;cat=500"><img class="imgborder" title="2013-10_Object.jpg" border="0" src="" alt="2013-10_Object.jpg" /></a><br /><br />by: MIDA78466<br /><br />Description}: I created this for an article at Get it Scrapped What I See created by Terry Billman| Anna Aspnes: Art Play Palette Tangier, Life Word Art 6, Art Play Palette Infatuated, Art Play Palette 3; Katie Pertiet: Arlesey; Patti Knox: Staple Its Clusters<br /><br />2 comments Sun, 01 Dec 2013 03:35:34 +0000 It's What We Do <a href=";title=it-27s-what-we-do&amp;cat=500"><img class="imgborder" title="2013-09-It_s-What-we-do.jpg" border="0" src="" alt="2013-09-It_s-What-we-do.jpg" /></a><br /><br />by: MIDA78466<br /><br />Description}: I was really proud of my son during the funeral of my mother. Katie Pertiet: Letterbox Song Solids, Star Glows 2, Letterbox Overlay 5, Stamped Blocks 21<br /><br />11 comments Wed, 23 Oct 2013 13:55:50 +0000 Chrysalis <a href=";title=chrysalis&amp;cat=500"><img class="imgborder" title="2013-09_Series.jpg" border="0" src="" alt="2013-09_Series.jpg" /></a><br /><br />by: MIDA78466<br /><br />Description}: I created this layout for an article at Get it Scrapped | Anna Aspnes: Art Play Palette Lush, Artsy Template Duo Pack 4, Art Play Palette Infatuated, Art Play Palette Christmas Tree, Foto Glows 4, TNT Flutterby Templates 3, Art Play Palette Genuine, 12 X 12 Artist Edge 6, Artist Edge Overlay 8; Katie Pertiet: Chandra Solids, I Look Butterflies, Artistry deAzul, Wire Rimmed Alpha Charms<br /><br />3 comments Wed, 23 Oct 2013 13:49:24 +0000 Put Your Face On <a href=";title=put-your-face-on&amp;cat=500"><img class="imgborder" title="2013-09_Selfies.jpg" border="0" src="" alt="2013-09_Selfies.jpg" /></a><br /><br />by: MIDA78466<br /><br />Description}: I created this for an article at Get it Scrapped Anna Aspnes: Art Play Solids Adventure, Art Play Palette 9, Art Play Classico Brush Set, Art Play 6, 12 X 12 Page FotoBlendz 2, Artsy Paint 2, Art Play 5, Art Play Embrace Life, Art Play Palette 4, Dotted Korners n Edges 1, ScriptTease Learn, 12 X 12 Artist Edges 6; Lynn Grieveson: Wailua; Michelle Martin: Pattern Palette No. 3; Katie Pertiet: Bexley<br /><br />6 comments Wed, 23 Oct 2013 13:46:56 +0000 Dash <a href=";title=dash&amp;cat=500"><img class="imgborder" title="2013-10-Dash.jpg" border="0" src="" alt="2013-10-Dash.jpg" /></a><br /><br />by: MIDA78466<br /><br />Description}: I attended the funeral for a good friend of mine today. The poem &quot;The Dash&quot; was read at her service. It really makes you think about your own life. Maplebrook Studios Just Linens 1 and Just Linens 37<br /><br />12 comments Thu, 17 Oct 2013 02:19:54 +0000 Walking Through Doors <a href=";title=walking-through-doors&amp;cat=500"><img class="imgborder" title="2013-10_Walking_Through_Doors.jpg" border="0" src="" alt="2013-10_Walking_Through_Doors.jpg" /></a><br /><br />by: MIDA78466<br /><br />Description}: I'm working my way through Debbie Hodge's Story Coach Classes. This was for Story Coach Time to Go. Katie Pertiet: Minted Wings, Hinge Pack, Assorted Messy Stitches White NO. 1<br /><br />8 comments Mon, 07 Oct 2013 00:08:12 +0000 Let's Be Friends <a href=";title=let-27s-be-friends&amp;cat=1574"><img class="imgborder" title="2013-10-Let_s-be-Friends.jpg" border="0" src="" alt="2013-10-Let_s-be-Friends.jpg" /></a><br /><br />by: MIDA78466<br /><br />Description}: Supplies: Katie Pertie: Arlesey, Watery Spots No. 7; Bead Scatterings 4; Ledger Grids Overlay 1; MBS Just Linens No. 50, Just Ribbed No. 1; Anna Aspnes: Warm Glows 2, Art Play Embrace Life,Warm Glows 6, Stitched Words Travel<br /><br />9 comments Tue, 01 Oct 2013 13:27:00 +0000 The Road to his Heart <a href=";title=the-road-to-his-heart&amp;cat=500"><img class="imgborder" title="2013-08_Ransom_Titles.jpg" border="0" src="" alt="2013-08_Ransom_Titles.jpg" /></a><br /><br />by: MIDA78466<br /><br />Description}: I created this for an article at Get it Scrapped Supplies: Anna Aspnes: Art Play Palette Ocean Cove, Warm Glows No. 6, Abstract FotoBlendz No. 2, Art Play Palette Smooch, Art Play Palette 2, Artsy Template 109, Artist Edge No. 6, Artist Edge No. 2; Patti Knox: Christmas Pennants, Banner Alpha; Katie Pertiet: Hanna Breeze, Terra Botanica; Ziggle Designs: Alpha Beads; Lynn Grieveson: Paper Bag Alpha; JEdwards: Wildflowers<br /><br />6 comments Mon, 16 Sep 2013 01:52:50 +0000 Flower Girl <a href=";title=flower-girl&amp;cat=500"><img class="imgborder" title="2013-08_Glamping.jpg" border="0" src="" alt="2013-08_Glamping.jpg" /></a><br /><br />by: MIDA78466<br /><br />Description}: I created this for an article at Get it Scrapped Supplies: Patti Knox: Text Bytes No. 39; Katie Pertiet: Fading Woods No. 2, Tidewater, From My Bookshelf No. 2, Alandia Noces; Anna Aspnes: FotoGlows No. 4, Cool Glows No. 1, Artsy Paint No. 2, Magic Sprinklez No. 2, Magic Sprinklez No. 1, Art Play Palette Seafoam, Art Play Palette Infatuated; Maplebrook Studios: Just Linens No. 23<br /><br />9 comments Mon, 16 Sep 2013 01:48:30 +0000 Your Dreams <a href=";title=your-dreams&amp;cat=500"><img class="imgborder" title="2013-07_Water_Color.jpg" border="0" src="" alt="2013-07_Water_Color.jpg" /></a><br /><br />by: MIDA78466<br /><br />Description}: Maplebrook Studios: Just Linens 23, Just Linens 20; Katie Pertiet: Watery Spots No. 6, Watery Spots No. 7, Letterbox Overlay No. 5, Type Inspiration 062913; Anna Aspnes: Art Play Palette 1, Hipster Plume FotoBlendz 5; Lynne Marie: Mellow<br /><br />4 comments Fri, 30 Aug 2013 21:35:06 +0000 Little Ham <a href=";title=little-ham&amp;cat=500"><img class="imgborder" title="2013-07_Pinwheel.jpg" border="0" src="" alt="2013-07_Pinwheel.jpg" /></a><br /><br />by: MIDA78466<br /><br />Description}: I created this layout for an article at Get it Scrapped Supplies: Katie Pertiet: Textured Cardstock Orchard, Chevron Cardstock Orchard, Berks Lane, Doily Edgers 2, Scatterings No. 4, Bead Scatterings, Little Hearts, Heart Pebbles 3; Anna Aspnes: Magic Sparkles No. 7, Foto Wallets, Art Play Palette Infatuated, Art Play Palette Friends, Art Play Palette Smooch, Art Play Palette Embrace Life, Multi Media Flowers 2, Stitched by Anna Border 1; Michelle Martin: Janine<br /><br />1 comment Fri, 30 Aug 2013 21:28:42 +0000 Prepare Yourself <a href=";title=prepare-yourself&amp;cat=500"><img class="imgborder" title="2013-06_Mix_Alpha_Font.jpg" border="0" src="" alt="2013-06_Mix_Alpha_Font.jpg" /></a><br /><br />by: MIDA78466<br /><br />Description}: I created this for the article &quot;Ideas for Two Part Titles on Scrapbook Pages&quot; at Get it Scrapped Supplies: Anna Aspnes: Art Play Palette Seafoam, FotoBlendz Clipping Mask 8, Art Play 5 Brush Set, 12 X 12 Sand Scratched Overlays 1, Word Label Template 3; Katie Pertiet: Classic Cardstock Oyster, Coastal Staple<br /><br />10 comments Thu, 25 Jul 2013 00:18:24 +0000 Enamored by YOu <a href=";title=enamored-by-you&amp;cat=500"><img class="imgborder" title="2013-05_Pie_Chart.jpg" border="0" src="" alt="2013-05_Pie_Chart.jpg" /></a><br /><br />by: MIDA78466<br /><br />Description}: Anna Aspnes: Art Play Palette Enamored, Love Glows 1, Foto Glows 4; Katie Pertiet: Spot Dot Flourish Overlay 4<br /><br />6 comments Sun, 07 Jul 2013 01:48:15 +0000 Golf Waikiki <a href=";title=golf-waikiki&amp;cat=500"><img class="imgborder" title="2013-05_10_photos.jpg" border="0" src="" alt="2013-05_10_photos.jpg" /></a><br /><br />by: MIDA78466<br /><br />Description}: I created this page for the article &quot;Scrapping 10 photos&quot; at Get it Scrapped Golf Waikiki created by Terry Billman| Maplebrook Studios: Just Linens 28, Just Linens 24; Anna Aspnes: Word Label Template 2<br /><br />9 comments Tue, 11 Jun 2013 17:41:00 +0000 Clearing Brush <a href=";title=clearing-brush&amp;cat=500"><img class="imgborder" title="2013-04_Gardening.jpg" border="0" src="" alt="2013-04_Gardening.jpg" /></a><br /><br />by: MIDA78466<br /><br />Description}: I created this layout for an article at Get it Scrapped. Katie Pertiet: Alandia Rancheros Solids, Wild Horses, Vintage Frames No. 27, In the Post<br /><br />13 comments Sat, 25 May 2013 18:50:28 +0000 Game Snacks <a href=";title=game-snacks&amp;cat=500"><img class="imgborder" title="2013-02-Square-photo.jpg" border="0" src="" alt="2013-02-Square-photo.jpg" /></a><br /><br />by: MIDA78466<br /><br />Description}: Maplebrook Studios: Just Linens 30; Anna Aspnes: 12 x 12 Artist Edge 6, Artist Edge 2, Art Play Palette 9, OMG, Art Play Great Outdoors, Art Play Storm; L. Sanford: School Spirit Alpha; Patti Knox: Banner Alpha; Jesse Edwards: Angione<br /><br />2 comments Fri, 05 Apr 2013 00:45:54 +0000 Sunshine <a href=";title=sunshine&amp;cat=500"><img class="imgborder" title="2013-02-Yellow.jpg" border="0" src="" alt="2013-02-Yellow.jpg" /></a><br /><br />by: MIDA78466<br /><br />Description}: Maplebrook Studios: Just Linens 1, Dara Solids; Katie Pertiet: Touch up Paint, Patterned Letterbox, Letterbox, Pencil Line Twists, Painted Photo Masks 1; Lynn Marie: Mellow, Mellow Photos; Anna Aspnes: Cool Glows 1, Art Play Embrace Life, Art Play Storm, Art Play Special One; Ali Edwards: You Sentiment Quotes<br /><br />21 comments Fri, 05 Apr 2013 00:40:04 +0000 Winter Memory <a href=";title=winter-memory&amp;cat=500"><img class="imgborder" title="2013-03-weather.jpg" border="0" src="" alt="2013-03-weather.jpg" /></a><br /><br />by: MIDA78466<br /><br />Description}: Katie Pertiet: Blendable Layered Template No. 16; Anna Aspnes: Kardstock Neutrals No. 1, Mini Palette Mint Winter, Doily Edge Overlay No. 1, Magic Snow Spray Overlay No. 1<br /><br />8 comments Fri, 05 Apr 2013 00:37:30 +0000 First Unit <a href=";title=first-unit&amp;cat=500"><img class="imgborder" title="2013-02-First-Unit.jpg" border="0" src="" alt="2013-02-First-Unit.jpg" /></a><br /><br />by: MIDA78466<br /><br />Description}: Anna Aspnes Art Play Solids Adventure, ARt Play Embrace Life, Art Play Christimas Tree Art Stroke, 2013 Word Art, Foto Squared Template Album 1 Patti Knox Staple Its Clusters Katie Pertiet Ledger Grids OL #1<br /><br />18 comments Mon, 25 Feb 2013 02:07:31 +0000 Stinker <a href=";title=stinker&amp;cat=500"><img class="imgborder" title="2013-02-Bailey-Stink.jpg" border="0" src="" alt="2013-02-Bailey-Stink.jpg" /></a><br /><br />by: MIDA78466<br /><br />Description}: KPertiet: Color Study Yellow, Classic Curled Frames No. 6, Maybe Tomorrow, Simple spots No. 3 PKnox: Banner Alpha, Eeek Kit AAspnes: Art Play Palette Ablaze, Stitched by Anna Cream, Stitched by Anna Brown<br /><br />11 comments Thu, 21 Feb 2013 01:49:54 +0000 What? <a href=";title=what-3f&amp;cat=500"><img class="imgborder" title="2013-02-Bailey-What.jpg" border="0" src="" alt="2013-02-Bailey-What.jpg" /></a><br /><br />by: MIDA78466<br /><br />Description}: Maplebrook Studios Just Linens 18 AAspens Jazzed up Loop da loop 2<br /><br />10 comments Wed, 20 Feb 2013 21:12:12 +0000 Luxury <a href=";title=luxury&amp;cat=500"><img class="imgborder" title="2013-01-Small-Pleasures.jpg" border="0" src="" alt="2013-01-Small-Pleasures.jpg" /></a><br /><br />by: MIDA78466<br /><br />Description}: KPertiet: Template Inspiration 111712 Maplebrook Studios Just Lines 27 and 28<br /><br />11 comments Mon, 18 Feb 2013 01:59:00 +0000