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  1. Unconventional Toot

    What's the largest canvas size you've ever scrapped? I can now say that mine is a canvas size of 24 FEET by 7 FEET!

    I was asked to create a billboard for the Christian School my children attend. I was given an afternoon to get it done for the school board's approval. This was during summer break, so I had limited access to school photos. Well, guess who ended up on the billboard? My dd and two ds's.

    It was a fascinating experience, to say the least. Anyway, below is the finished product, modified to eliminate specific location information.
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    Wow! How cool is that?? When it goes up you will have to take a photo of the kids looking at their sign!! Congrats!
    Kathie R.

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    Super cool!

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    You did a GREAT job, and your children look GREAT on there!
    LOVES it here!

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    Awesome! Congrats!

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    oh WOW Tracy, that is so awesome! I bet your kids LOVE seeing it too!

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    What an exciting project! You did a wonderful job!
    Lynn (also known as Lynnie!)

  8. Oh, boy, I can't even imagine working on something like this. You created something wonderful and in a short time, too. Congrats!

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  10. that's awesome!
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    Very NICE! I'd be proud of that, too. :O)

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    very cool - awesome work!!

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    That is seriuosly cool!

  14. Very cool!

  15. Well, how cool is this!!! Well done!!

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    Awesome....great accomplishment & lovely LO

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    Amazing!!!!!!!!!!How precious are all of their little faces. Perfect little faces for a billboard and the slogan. You're so talented.

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    great job! Awesome!

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    Fantastic job! What a great billboard! Your children look so happy! I would be so glad if my children could attend a school like this.

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  21. I do believe that "unconventional" is an "understatement" for this TOOT!

    This is just awesome, Tracy. And, your children are so happy, and handsome, and ... well . . . just heavenly!

    I do think that you need to take a photo of the three of them looking at the billboard ... and scrap it.

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    that is VERY cool. And I have created nothing NEARLY that large, lol! I agree with the pp that you should take a pic of the kids below the billboard!

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    Congratulations! A great project to add to your resume!!
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    oh wow this is totally RAD ! and absolutely you should have used your totally unique children for this project. They worked out perfect !
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  25. how cool! isn't it going to be great fun to see their beautiful faces on a billboard?
    You'll have to take photos to show us when it goes up! That's just awesome!

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    Tracy, This is amazing and very professionally done. Way to go!

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    Woo Hoo! Great job! And your kids are just adorable and look great on the billboard!!

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    Fabulous! Congratulations!!!

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    Wow Tracy that is so cool!!! Congratulations! Great work!
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  30. WOWEEEEE...well done Tracy...looks fab!



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