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Thread: Toot! Memory Makers Idea Book...

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    Toot! Memory Makers Idea Book...

    : ) x3 for me....all digital....all Designer Digitals

    for this call that Paula posted!

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    congrats Mary!

    add me to the list too Thanks Paula!

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    Congrats ladies!

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    Way to go girls!
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    * Aino *

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  6. way to go ladies!!

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    WTG, Mary! Good for you, Katrina!

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    Awesome, congratulations!!

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    Congrats Katrina!! and Paula - don't you have a toot to share as well : - )

    Camera - Canon 40D

    Software - PSE 7.0, Lightroom

    Just Us - Family Blog

  10. Woo hoo! Congrats Mary, Katrina and Paula! I'll be in there with you! Sounds like a fun book!
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    WooHoo! Way to go, ladies!

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    Congrats to aaallllll of you ladies! Can't wait to see this idea book! ... does anyone know when this is coming out?

  13. Wow Mary, Grand Slam!! Congrats to both you, Paula and Katrina!!!

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  14. congrats to everyone! i'll be in there with you as well. =)

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    Congratulations to all of you who will be featured in the book!! I can't wait til it comes out!
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