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Thread: Digital Artist Magazine Toot!!

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    Smile Digital Artist Magazine Toot!!

    DAM has a On Location article in their magazine each month - for August they chose Canada & I am one of the people they chose to feature! So very exciting for me The magazine has just been released today. Check it out!!

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    go Kayleigh!! woo hoo!! Congrats!!

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    Congrats, Kayleigh!

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    Oh, Kayleigh! They sure picked a wonderful artist to feature! So very happy for you! That is fantastic!

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    Oh ya I forget to mention that the 3 pages that they published are 100% dd products

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    that's awesome Kayleigh, congratulations! Such an honor!

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    Way to go Kayleigh! Congratulations!!!

  8. That is SUPER exciting!! Congrats to you!! I guess that mag will be easier for me to find if its Canadian! Look forward to seeing you in there!

  9. wonderful! congrats!!

  10. Congratulations Kayleigh...brilliant news!!!!

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    That's terrific, Kayleigh. Congratulations.

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    Congratulations! I just bought the magazine last night and saw your work - it's AWESOME!
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    Congrats, Kayleigh... that's awesome!

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    Kayleigh, that's wonderful! I love that magazine! And it's always fun to "know" some of those that are featured.
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  15. Congratulations Kayleigh...what a wonderful honor!

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    That is wonderful Kayleigh, congratulations! Where can you purchase this BTW? I was at Barnes and Noble the other day and picked up BHG's ultimate guide 2...I didn't see Digital Artist Magazine.

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    You can't buy it in the stores, it's a downloadable magazine You can get it here:
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    Congrats, Kayleigh!! You ROCK!!

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    whooohooo . well done. you are on a roll.
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    Ah, that explains why it wasn't on the shelf. Thanks Stephanie, and for the link too.

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  21. Kayleigh, you are getting so famous in the digital world! It's no wonder because you are so talented! Congrats on this latest honor!

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  22. Congratulations Kayleigh!!! They certainly know an artist when they see one!!!

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    Congratulations Kayleigh!
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    I loved seeing you there, Kayleigh!! It was so much fun to read more about you and see your beautiful pages featured!! I can imagine how totally excited you must be!!



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