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Thread: Feb/Mar DSM calls

  1. Feb/Mar DSM calls

    So, do any of you lovely ladies who work with DSM know if T3 is the only feature they're looking for submissions for? I wonder if they haven't got all the calls up yet?

    Link: current calls

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    Hi Ali!

    From Molly Newman's mouth (blog) to your ears! :

    We already know our contributors are a creative bunch. Now's your chance to demonstrate just how true that is! For our February/March 2009 issue, we want to see your passion for art revealed. We're doing a special issue on art & love, and we're eager to see what you have to share on either topic.

    Check it out, and get ready send your awesome creations our way.

    Software: Photoshop CS5 - Photoshop Elements 10 - Adobe Lightroom 3

    Gear: Canon30D with 50mm 1.4 and IS 28-135mm lenses - Canon Digital Elph DD1000

    Visit My Gallery -- My Blog

  3. thanks so much pattie! i'm getting on that today!



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