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Thread: A Place to Share Your DesignerDigitals Albums

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    I got my FIRST book yesterday in the mail. Now I know what everyone is talking about when they say how good their book came out. It was better than I expected. The glossy cover is the best.
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    My P365 Shutterfly Photobook is complete

    I finished my first P365 and below is the link to my photobook in the Shutterfly Gallery. Thanks for looking!

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    Finn's first year album is finally finished!
    Got it delivered today and love how it turned out

    Thanks for looking!
    Zero to One - Finn | Book Preview
    My name is Krysta, and I'm a switcher.. finally on a MAC!

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    Krysta, the book is precious. I really enjoyed looking through it.
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    Krysta... the book is fantastic! What a great job you did... I loved looking through it and seeing Finn grow! A wonderful treasure... thanks for sharing!

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    Krysta, it's beautiful! It's so fun when you have a book like that in your hands isn't it! Congratulations! :O)

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    What an incredibly beautiful treasure you've created - beautiful album, beautiful boy and beautiful family!

    I tried to leave a comment on Blurb but ???

    Your album is truly inspirational - loved the tucked in pages, the circular brushes in different colours and the arrow word art perfect.

    Thanks for sharing -

    hugs to Finn!

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    Hey Krysta, what a wonderful beautiful album you made of Finn's 1st year. I loved it! It was fun to watch and see him grow. I especially liked the monthly pages (Finn's 1 month etc) and the overview pages with the tucked in photos. Very cool. Thanks for sharing!

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    Here's the link to my vacation album


    Terry's Tales

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    15,286 husband will be so jealous! What great memories you have created with this book. The Robert Trent Jones Golf Trail is on his bucket list!

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    OMGoodness Terry.. seeing the whole book is wonderful.. magnificent photography, and the deep rich colors of the greens are beautiful.. Simply STUNNING book..

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    Terry, it's AWESOME! I love that you have the sightseeing pages mixed in with the golf theme and the full page photos are wonderful! Love the pages "swing" near the end. :O) Beautiful job on a fantastic book. :O)

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    for anyone thats interested.. here is the link to my 'A Weekend In August' Blurb book..


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  14. Janet, your book is awesome!

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    Janet the link isn't working for me. I'd love to see the book all together. :O)

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    The link appears to be working now. What brilliant photos you took, Janet!! I love that you've been able to showcase so many of them full size. What a stunning memory book you've created!
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    Gorgeous, Janet! The sunset shots are amazing!!!! (Of course I love the dogs, too) :O)

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    Janet ... absolutely gorgeous!!!!

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    Just finished my Ren Fair album from last year! Thanks for letting me know about the Shutterfly sale me super motivated!

  20. Posting to Gallery???

    Hi Cassie,

    It seems that I cannot post my new 8x11 Custom Path book at Shutterfly.
    Is it just me or have others had this issue?

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    Quote Originally Posted by quietgirl View Post
    It seems that I cannot post my new 8x11 Custom Path book at Shutterfly.
    Is it just me or have others had this issue?
    With Shutterfly you have to "share" your book on the Shutterfly site before you can get the link to put here. It's kind of confusing and I struggle almost every time to "share" but once it's done then the link is available. Let us know. We would love to see your book.

  22. I was planning to post to gallery so I guess "Share" is something else, right?

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    You have to first post your book in the Shutterfly Community. Like I said, I always have to find it by clicking around. Maybe someone will be able to give you better directions, soon. :O|

  24. Full Bleed and Shutterfly Templates

    I had edge treatments cut off with my last Shutterfly book and want to understand why.

    I downloaded Shutterfly templates for 8.5 x11. I sized my paper to their template (which is really 11.25 X 8.59) On the template are blue guides which I thought were the VISIBLE AREA of the template. All my elements were inside those lines. Outside of those lines is the TRIM AREA which I understood would be cut off. More than the trim area was cut off

    Jeff (in India) told me I have to resize the page to exactly 8 x 11. If that is true, why does Shuttefly give me a larger template (measurements above)?

    It was my first time to use edge treatments (like Katie's LetterBox Overlays) and I am thinking I won't do that again unless I can understand this dilemma!

    Many thanks to the wise woman who knows the answer!
    Lee Ann

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    Quote Originally Posted by Monique1971 View Post
    I finally finished my travel album of our vacation trip to the USA in 2007.

    I used Anna's landscape layered album #2 and lots of other supplies. I am so curious how it will look when it is printed! Here is the link if you would like to take a peek: Untitled | Page 0 | Book Preview

    Thank you all for your inspiration and all those beautiful goodies and for being such a warm community.

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    Thanks Heather

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    I finished Cody's First Year album. It was 46 pages. Most of it were done with DesignerDigital products. I made the cover, back and spine with Shutterfly's program but it is quite limiting and not really my style. I'll do my own next time with DD stuff.

    Unfortunately I can't find a way to share a custom path book in Shutterfly's gallery. It says only Classic books can be shared right now. I was able to post a link to my Facebook account. Or try

    Now on to something new!
    Denise Gormish
    Mom of Jackie (18) Jenny (15) and my English Cocker Spaniel 3-year-old Radiance Grand Prix RL1 AKC TD ASCA TD, i.e. Cody

    My English Cocker Spaniels in my heart forever:
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    Elan's Surprise Surprise CGC NA NAJ (Arthur)

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    So fun, I didn't know that!! I love Shutterfly...books, calanders, card etc!! I just ordered my Christmas cards yesterday!

  29. With some inspiration from Ali Edwards and my friend Melissa Speelman I created this book for my husbands 50th Birthday celebration. Left him in tears.

    Love You Because...David


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    Hi Denise, what an absolutely stunning album you made of Cody!! Love it.

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