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    I love Gymboree's latest collection for girls! I know it is only the end of July, but I spent my Gym-bucks on that prep school collection for my dd's "fall wardrobe". It is just too cute!

    I guess I could have used them on the summer stuff on sale and probably purchased twice as much, but my dd does not need any more summer stuff, and I have no clue what size she will be next year. Is anyone else as crazy about Gymboree as I am or am I just crazy?

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    oh no, i already got my shipment in the mail for my girls fall clothes a few outfits and dresses from the fall line and a few additional pieces from the paris line too.......
    i have been hooked to gymboree since my dd was born 6 years ago -just cant help myself! so bad that when we went to disney all 4 of my kids had matchiing outfits from their summer lines for each day at each park - overkill (maybe) but it did make for great pics and i am just as bad at GAP with my boys now...
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  3. My kids are too old for that now...

  4. I used to go crazy when I had one near me- to use my gymbucks from going to the Gymboree Play and Music classes. But I always used it on clearance. :-)
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    I love Gymboree too, Christine. My daughter is 5 now and I've always tried to get her an "outfit" every few months. They're clothes are just too stinkin' cute. I have a son now too, but they don't seem to have as much for boys.

    Thanks for reminding me to check it out!
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    oh wow. I just looked and the apple prep wear stuff is adorable!
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    I LOVE GYMBOREE! I went a little crazy at the start of the summer and bought too much for dd, so now I'm trying to ensure she gets good wearing out of it all. But here in AZ there is a LOT of summer I think we'll be OK. I'll prob. start in with the Fall stuff once it actually gets cold here, or once they start putting the cute Fall stuff on sale. I didn't have Gymbucks this time so I'll have to wait a bit! But yes, I LOVE their clothes!



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