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Thread: What a day and it is only half over!!!

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    What a day and it is only half over!!!

    I got up this morning and was getting the baby breakfast and get dh's coffee and such ready when I caught my little toe on our kitchen island and broke it and if that wasn't enough to put a kink in the day, the baby got a bite yesterday that this morning was swelled to 4 inches wide, called the doc because dh is VERY allergic to stinging insects. They wanted me to just use benadryl but I insited on being seen because of dh's allergies. We rushed in to the doctor (more like hobbled), to find out it is a spider bite (and teh doctor said wow that looks ugly-glad I insisted!!) and had indeed gotten infected (in 24 hours) and they put her on 2 different kinds of antibiotics (and confirmed my broken toe). So now we are home, baby is lunching then napping and I am TOAST!

    Thanks for listening!

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    What a day Erin!!! At least you didn't break a finger for typing.

    I am being very thankful for my boring day!

    So sorry. I hope it all gets better.
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    oh erin...take a nap and just lay low you've had a tough one already!

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    Oh Erin! I am glad that you insisted on your baby being seen! I'm so sorry for your terrible day! Keep us posted on your toe and the spider bite!
    Thinking of you.....

  5. oh no... sounds like the saying.. "it doesn't rain unless it pours!" prayers for a quick recovery for you both...

  6. Quote Originally Posted by katrinak View Post
    oh erin...take a nap and just lay low you've had a tough one already!
    Ditto Katrina! Take care of yourself!

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    Well, the rest of the day will probably seem calm compared to the morning! I'm glad you insisted on the baby being seen. I had a spider bite when I was a child that caused a MAJOR problem. You were very wise. Keep your foot elevated as much as you can and don't try to do too much. This is a time for being babied a little yourself!
    Lynn (also known as Lynnie!)

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    And I thought I had a crappy day.... PUH!! Hope all is better with you and Erin!! {{{{good vibes}}}}}
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    Oh what a yucky day - you deserve to take a break & rest! Order pizza tonight

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    Oh no, what a morning. Hope those medicines took the trick and there is a speedy recovery. And better a toe than a finger but - ouch!

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    OH good grief! Don't you just hate when you have days like this?! I think that since you are now crippled and the baby needs to be tended to that maybe you should skip any housework that you might have planned to do and maybe order pizza for dinner like Kayleigh suggested. And, if you think you must then maybe you could just make up a quick layout about the day. . . just so you can look back and smile that is. :O) Hope you feel better and the pizza is the perfect temperature.

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    Oh no!!! Sorry you had a bummer day! Hope your toe feels better soon and that spider bite gets better by morning!! HUGS!!

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    Oh, Erin, I am so sorry about your rotten day! I broke my toe in a similar fashion a while back and it sure does hurt! Glad you followed your intuition and took the baby to the doctor. Hope both of you are feeling better soon. And pizza or take home chinese...
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    Oh, my goodness--you poor thing! But kudos to you for following your excellent mommy instincts despite your own pain! Tomorrow will be better.
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    What a day! I hope that you're both doing better this evening! Hugs and good thoughts for a better day tomorrow!
    LOVES it here!

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  16. Erin, sorry about your day. Hope it's all smooth sailing from now on. Hugs!

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    Awwww, you guys are all so sweet. I was telling my dh the other day what a wonderful community DD is. And this is just another instance of that.

    Compared to this morning the rest of the day was nice and quiet! I am a hurting puppy and I think I will take the evening off and put my poor tootsie up. Baby is taking her meds and not protesting and her swelling is not increasing. So all is on the mend here! Thanks so much for your prayers and well wishes.

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    So sorry about your terrible, horrible, no good, bad morning! Glad to hear you and your dd are on the mend. Hopefully your dh has supplied you with a silver bell so you can ring him with whatever demands your heart desires... ice-pack for the toe, ice-cream, massage, etc!

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    ai yi yi! big hugs.

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    yuk day... I've been having those lately ! I also have broken a few toes in my years so I KNOW the pain. So HUGEST hugs and I hope the spider bite recovers well too !
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    oh gosh, what a day! I'm glad you are both healing & I'm so sorry your dear baby got a spider bite...yuck! Do you know what kind of spider? Do you have to wear a cast on your toe/foot? Feel better soon!

  22. Glad you all are on the mend now! Hope today is a relaxing one!

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    Wow Erin...what a day indeed! Hope your toe feels better...I had mine broken from soccer a few years back & its not fun! Good thing its summer & you can wear sandles cause shoes are a b*t*h to put on!
    Hope your little one is feeling better too

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