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Thread: *Submit Pages for Fresh Look Here*

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    *Submit Pages for Fresh Look Here*

    If you have a page that you'd like a 'fresh look' for - link us up right here in this thread. If your layout is chosen, you'll get a private message with instructions about sending us the original photos used in the layout.

    Three CT members will give your page a fresh look and they will all be posted on the DD blog. We'll be happy to share a high res copy of your favorite fresh look so you can have it for your album

    Everyone's welcome to submit pages - fellow CT members included!!

    So bring 'em on - let's see what you've got for us

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    So cool!! I've got one! I think I liked the concept of this page, but not so much the I'd love to see a fresh look for this. It's a landscape verticle first...and I still haven't decided whether of not I like the format, but I wanted to give it a try.'re welcome to have at it! Here's a link:

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    I will play -
    one of my first posted here at dd - cute photos but the design needs some help, lol.

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    I would love a "fresh look" for this layout titled BEACH GAZER. Not sure I should have even changed the photo to B + W, it had a nice soft backdrop of green long grass at the beach. The erased or dodged edges of the layout don't seem so appealing anymore! Still love some aspects of it, but a fresh look would be nice!

    Here's the link:

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    Gosh.... I think all the layouts already posted look pretty good! I'm embarrassed to show mine, so I'll just link it up <b>here</b>.
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    OMGoodness...a dream come true! Here is mine...Charlie O'
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    This is such a great idea! Here's mine!

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    Such a cool idea! I love it!... Here's mine...

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    GREAT idea. I would love someone to take a fresh look at this was the very first one I ever created or posted and it too me soooo long to do I just got so fed up looking at it and just decided I HAD to post or I would never consider it finished!! Although I was relieved to finally post something there is "something" about it that has never felt quite right...too many elements...?picture too small...? can't read the title...? All of the above!!?? LOL

    Hope I'm linking this correctly...

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    here's mine - it's ok, i guess, but i was never really happy with it and once my head is wrapped around one "look" i just can't break away and fix it.


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    Great Idea! Love this, Can't wait to see what the CT comes up with.
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    Either of these LO getting a fresh look would make me very happy
    This is such a cool idea!


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    OK friends! I love this picture, but the LO I created just does not do it justice!
    Here it is:

    Thanks for looking!
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  14. Here's one that I have stared at many times over. I love the photo but there is something about the layout that just strikes me as wrong. I would love some fresh eyes and ideas.

    Really fun idea!

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    This layout did not come out anything like I intended. I was shooting for a sort of table of contents page for our family's "summer roadtrip" Shutterfly book. We traveled to a different place each day. I tried to draw inspiration from one of Becky Higgins' sketches but under the time crunch of the challenge, my layout fell way short of what I wanted it to be. You can see for yourself - there are *no comments*. LOL
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    i would like this on to get a fresh look:

    btw this is a great idea

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    I would love to give this layout a fresh look...

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    I would love, love, LOVE this one to have a fresh look. This is one of my favorite pictures of my son, True, and I just didn't do it justice here. It needs help! Thanks for considering it!
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