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Thread: Katrina - Wheatgrass

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    Katrina - Wheatgrass

    Katrina... I only wish to grow my own wheatgrass. We bought one at the farmer's market and I was keeping it alive quite well (kept it near the sink since I think it was getting a light mist from washing the vegetables & fruits with the sprayer) but then Cosmo (one of our cats) decided that he was a wheatgrass fan and has taken it over. He doesn't normally go up on the counters but he did to fetch the wheatgrass container and carried it down to the floor where he has gone to work on eating it. It is drying out now and not doing so well. Hope to try again soon but will be getting him his own...

    From what I can tell, I believe it needs to be kept moist but not wet. What I have seen in places is placing it in a shallow pan with just a touch of water in the bottom so that it could soak up what it needed. Also indirect light I think works well for it.

    I have been debating whether to get a wheatgrass type of juicer as my regular one does alright but isn't made for wheatgrass types or looking at buying flash frozen juice. Do you juice your own? what type of juicer do you have? I LOVE what wheatgrass does for me so want to keep it in our diet.

    If anyone has more experience with it, would love to know!

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    Thanks for the info! I think I was keeping mine far too wet I think. I don't have a juicer for it but am considering it too.



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