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    I have been there done that, too. I am still holding onto mine as well...hoping that someday I might be able to recover at least the photos on there.

    We just got a Drobo, like the link in Cassie's post...and I'm still in the process of putting all the 20,000+ photos that I have on there. That's just the photos I've taken in the last couple years! Of course, just yesterday my computer start giving me the "blue screen of death"...argh! It seems to be better (once I moved a bunch of file off of it), but I'm nervous that it will die before I get my photos moved onto the drobo. I think my problem was having the harddrive too was almost to capacity.

    I am really sad to hear they think they can't recover your data. All your pages are so inspiring! I can't imagine having to redo all the pages you have done. I pray you are able to recover some photos from the recent event and also find someone who can get all your layouts back.

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    Oh, Sam this is horrible. I don't even know what to say. I so hope you get good news with your second opinion. Wishing the best for you!

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    scrapper's worst nightmare I am so sorry this has happened and I have my fingers crossed you recuperate at least the photos you need

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