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Thread: Silhuoette...grrr!!

  1. Angry Silhuoette...grrr!!

    So I bought the Silhouette craft cutter when I decided that I was going to get into scrapbooking...back before I found digi that is. The only problem is I could never get it to work with my Mac! I have NEVER used it and today while cleaning up my 'scrap' closet I am woefully reminded of the wasted money.

    So two questions..
    Does anyone have a mac and use the silhouette? If so please please tell me. (Yes I have tried to contact the Silhouette company, yahoo help board...still unable to get it working...)

    Is there a for sale scrapbook board that anyone know about? I am reluctant to use ebay as I have never sold anything through there..and I am a chicken.

    I hope this is an ok question to ask here. If someone thinks it is inappropriate..I would be happy to delete it. I just am so stuck with what to do.


  2. I got this from the Quickutz website...

    The Silhouette software is not currently compatible with Mac computers. The Silhouette hardware, however, can be connected to a Mac and will cut designs from Adobe® Illustrator® software (not included).
    hope this helps...

  3. Thanks for looking this up. That is so very nice of you. ..I've actually spent many an hour with them on the phone. I do have illustrator but for some reason.I just can't get mine to work with it. While they are very nice, they do not offer support to people with macs and illustrator. I've given up!
    Thanks though!

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    BUMMER!! Do they not say anywhere that it is not compatible? Seems to me it was one of the ones that was supposed to be, because I believe this to be the one I was considering at one point in my paper days.

    As for selling on Ebay--there has to be someone locally that you might know who does Ebay and would be willing to add your item to their virtual store?? Maybe for a small percentage? I would give that a try versus trying to figure all the ins and outs for this single item. It would sell quickly I am sure. Good luck.
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  5. Yah the official line is that it is incompatible with Mac unless you use illustrator (which I did try and didn't have much success with) or the PC Parallels program (which I really don't want to buy.
    It's ok though- I thought I was going to be really into paper scrapping and it's turned out digi is so much better!!
    ooh..that's such a good idea about someone locally that could put it on ebay. That is a fab suggestion
    Thanks for all the suggestions!!



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