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Thread: Christmas in July

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    Christmas in July

    so is it the same everywhere, come July5th all
    the craft stores are filled with Fall colors and Christmas
    decorations..... I wasnt surprised, well not in a bad
    way as I love to see signs of Fall and Winter show up in
    the stores, but every year it still catches me off guard
    to walk into Michaels and Hobby Lobby in mid summer
    and be greeted by scarecrows and shiny ornaments....
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  2. I'm definitely not in the mood to start the winter crafts, yet!!

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    I was in Hobby Lobby last week and they were setting up autumn and winter holiday aisles, but the Michaels didn't have them up yet. Call me crazy, but usually around August I get in the mood to start winter crafting...

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    we just might be getting into the christmas spirit here too!
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    Its the start of winter here in New Zealand but the shops are starting to have winter sales and bring out Spring things! I can't wait for summer to come back but I don't think the thermometer or mother nature is listening! Also saw some Christmas stuff being advertised the other day!

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  6. And, the stores are getting fall clothing in too! UGH.

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    I went to our Michael's the other day, and there was fall everywhere! Fall is my favorite season but...Gymboree was also putting out their fall school clothes,but since school starts here in a month...
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    Quote Originally Posted by katie pertiet View Post
    we just might be getting into the christmas spirit here too!
    Hmmmmm... always leaving us guessing

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    oh, deanie i know i already ordered a few outfits for my dd from gymboree as well as getting the 3 of them backpacks & lunch boxes...... i am not ready for school to start but i love to start my christmas lists about now and begin to see wht the kids and i will make for gifts..... (with 4 little ones it takes us months to make enough for all their friends and teachers and such)
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    YIKES! Say it isn't so!

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    HOLY wow....It gets sooner and sooner every year it seems. I did notice today that July seems to be "clearance month" Childrens place is clearancing, summer and spring clothes to make room for fall (next week they will put them out), Gymboree has clearance, Target does their major toy clearance in july...I guess it is all in prep for the holiday season. I do love fall and fav's!! Cant wait!

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  12. Our schools start in just 2 weeks. I cannot bring myself to start purchasing fall clothing and Christmas decorations yet. However, it does remind me that I probably need to get started on those homemade gifts that I make each year. I usually do a personal planner for each family member with all the photos that I have taken of the kids from the previous year. This year I really want to put together a dvd slide show with all of the photos from Christmas' past. I have one set of grandparents still living, and they have had their share of health problems this past year. I want to do this before they are gone.



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