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Thread: virtual baby shower for Cassie

  1. virtual baby shower for Cassie

    i'm in an insomnia phase again, and last night while i was awake i got to thinking about Cassie and was wondering...

    would anyone like to contribute to a baby album? she's going to be so busy for a while with a new daughter, she might not have as much creative time, and this would give her a quick option for creating and having LOs to share with her family and friends.

    i'm thinking that those interested could create a 12x12 quick page (put on a transparent base, leave openings in frames [or alternative] for her to add pictures).

    logistics, i'm not so sure of. perhaps you could email your pages to me and i'll burn them to a disc and mail them to her? any other ideas would be gratefully accepted!


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    What a cool idea!

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    What a sweet idea, Janice. I think she would love this.
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    Super sweet idea! Cassie won't get to bring her baby girl home this trip. This is the trip where they meet her and file their petition with the court. Hopefully she'll get a court date REALLY soon, but it could be a couple of months. That should give us plenty of time to come up with a really great book for her!
    LOVES it here!

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    what a great idea!!

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    Sounds like a good idea!
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    What a sweet idea.... let us know how this will work and what to do....
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  8. I'd love to participate!
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  9. That is a nice idea! Would everyone use the same kit or theme? Let us know the details and timeline.

  10. This is a great idea! I'd love to do something for Cassie!
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    Wonderful idea, Janice... and I know Cassie would be very appreciative and love receiving it!

    Logistics... can't think of anything better than you're ideas (email or DVD).

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