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    someone just pointed out to me that my 101 reasons lo is mentioned in the weekly roundup under inspiring lo's .... yippeee... off to look who else is there cos I KNOW there will be a ton you...

  2. I was just there and saw you listed. Great job! I think I finished my cup of coffee before I finished reading. Just kidding! I love that you did this. Are you giving the kids a copy?

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    I would love to take a look. Where is it posted?

  4. Congrats Sam!

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    Congrats Sam!

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  7. That's special, Sam!

    Lynn, here's the link to the CK weekly digest page:

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    YAY! I loved reading that one. :O)

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    Yahoo!!! And, of course it would be mentioned... it's an awesome layout, my friend!

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    Oooooo, that is just lovely! Congratulations!

  11. Not surprised at all....congrats Sam!!

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    thats SO cool! congrats Sam, so well deserved!!!

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    YEAH for the great layout for your great story for your great mothering!!
    Happy for you, my sweet!
    just call me Uma

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    BUT I'm not gonna!

  15. Congratualtions!

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    babyroo7 Guest
    That is an aweosme LO, Sam! Congrats!

  17. Ooo! Sam, I love that layout! And the perspective on that photo is FABULOUS!!! Huge congrats!
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