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    Camera Advice

    I am looking at an upgrade from my little Canon A540, but I can't afford a digital SLR, and I need something easy to carry around with my binoculars when I'm birding.
    I'm looking at some of the new super-zoom cameras, with 10-12x optical zoom, and 8.1 megapixels; namely, the Canon Powershot S5 IS, the Sony Cybershot DSC H3, and the Panasonic Lumix DMC FZ 18. The problem is, they all have mixed reviews of image quality. The best reviews are for the Canon, but some say the video quality is bad, and it seems a bit too big.
    Do any of you use these cameras? I would LOVE some advice.

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    I have the Canon S3 IS, an earlier model than the current S5 IS. I've had it for about a year and just saw this morning that I've taken over 10,000 photos with it. I love the zoom and use it all the time, especially outdoors. Indoors I find it hard to take a great picture without a lot of digital noise, and this is frustrating to me, especially as I've learned that I wouldn't likely have nearly the noise problem with a good digital SLR. So I am looking to upgrade and rather regret I didn't just go for the dSLR last spring.

    Having said all that--I love my Canon for outside pictures. It is not pocket sized, but I have lived with that and find the size tradeoff worth it for the zoom. I take very few videos but the few I've taken have looked fine to me--I'm no judge, obviously.
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    I don't have any advice about these cameras, but I was just reading Scott Kelby's blog and he listed the Canon G9 point and shoot as one of the top 5 cameras he's been impressed with (all the rest were SLRs).

    He actually said it was "probably the best point and shoot. ever."

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    I have the G9 by Canon and it is incredible. I also have the Rebel XT and this new G9 was purchased for travel where I can't take the 'big' camera. The G9 does everything well. Including shooting in RAW and having a foot for an external flash. It is fast and has a big battery, the same one that fits in the Rebel, making my life easier. I learned about it on a blog and got it late last year. I love it. Of course, it also takes video and can take additional lens adaptor which give you macro or wide-angle. It is a good little camera.
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