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    I have been following this message board since I located it after taking Jessica Sprague's "Now We're Rocking..." I have a new hobby (besides scrapping) of playing around with my photos in PSE4...much to my chagrin, they never turn out that great. SO after seeing all the rave reviews from all of you on Lightroom I decided to download the trial. I also downloaded the trial of PSE6 due to their new sharpening tool, scaled down curves and the B&W conversions...I've played with a few photos in LR and am having fun (even though I don't have any idea what I'm I've never shot in RAW and by researching I've learned the presets work much better in RAW...

    After all that question is-shell out the dough for LR and learn to shoot in RAW (can I import my photos to LR in RAW??? I only currently have PSE4) Also, when I play in LR and then open up the editor in PSE and try to edit it gives me a message stating I need to convert from 16 bits to 8 this OK??? Thanks in advance...and if I choose LR I will be getting MR. Kelby's book

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    I can't answer about the Lightroom as I haven't broken down yet on that front.

    However, even with only PSE4, you can open raw files in Adobe's Camera Raw which is built into PSE4. It doesn't have the same capability as the fuller version of Adobe's Camera Raw which comes with CS3 but it isn't too bad either. Not sure on its comparison to Lightroom but probably similar in that it is much more limited than Lightroom.

    As for the conversion of 16 bits to 8 bits, yes, this is okay. There is a thread somewhere around here from when a few of us were wondering about 16 bit vs 8 bit and it pretty much came down to unless you are a professional and doing very large enlargements, 8 bit is standard. The scrapbooking supplies are also all done in 8 bit.

    Mr Kelby's books are great! I just picked up his 7-point system and it is very good about taking you through tutorials in how to fix photos. Instead of learning exactly what each thing is (curves, etc), it goes into.. you have this problem, to fix it, do this, do this, do that.. presto, wow! You learn to use the tools rather than necessarily all the theory behind the tools.

  3. When you shoot in RAW, the files are MUCH larger, but they are also provide so much more flexibility in editing. The presets for LR are pretty much all for RAW files, and there definitely is a difference in the results with RAW vs. JPGs. Once you have your RAW files edited in LR, you can set up an "Export to PSE" preset that will send the edited file to PSE in any format you choose (jpg, tiff, psd . . . it's all up to you.) From that point, you work with it exactly as you normally would.

    Be SURE you check out an academic software site before you buy LR. You can get an account with any proof of student status, and I know that at, that can me something as simple as a kindergartener's report card. I got mine for less than $100 that way.

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    I work with RAW, Lightroom and PSE 4.0 and LOVE IT! I'd like to upgrade to CS3 but for now am completely happy with the results I get!

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    Thanks you think keeping PSE4 and getting LR from the academic superstore instead of getting PSE6 is the way to go??? I think that sounds like a plan!
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  6. Oh absolutely. If it's between PSE 6 and LR, LR wins hands down. You will be able to do SO much more with your photos.

    My Gear: Nikon D300s w/18-200mm VR & 50mm 1.4
    Software: Adobe Photoshop CS4, PSE 10, Lightroom 2

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    I definitely agree with Cassie! You will love a LR, PSE 4 combination! Go for it!

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    I'd say go for it! You will LOVE Lightroom!



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