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Thread: First EVER publication!!!

  1. First EVER publication!!!

    My Layout 'Best Day' (the one about the puppy) has been requested for the May edition of Digital Artist Magazine for the column Digital Anatomy
    I'm well chuffed!!! I've never seen this Mag but I'm assuming this is good news

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    Its great news! Congrats!!!!!!

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    congrats to you! how exciting!!

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  4. WTG!! Congratulations!

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    YAY! That's wonderful! :O)

  6. Oh, my goodness, Fiona, it is definitely good news! congrats!!!

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  7. congrats to you!

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  8. Very exciting!


    . . . I'm off to look up "chuffed."

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    That is VERY good news!!! Way to go, Fiona!!! Congrats!!!

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    That's great! Congratulations. I love that mag, btw.
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  11. LOL!! Cassie—chuffed is Brit-speak for very pleased

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    Congrats, Fiona!
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  13. congratulations! i'm not a bit surprised. your work is always beautiful and inspiring!

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  15. Congrats to you, Fiona!

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    WTG Thanks for the definition of 'chuffed', I wasn't sure what that was either, lol!

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    GREAT news Big congrats to you!!

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    Very cool! Congrats!!
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  19. Congratulations!

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    That is awesome Fiona!! DAM is a great magazine~ I love it! I can't wait to see you in there!! Congratulations!

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    I'm gonna HAVE to subscribe now! Congrats!
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    Congratulations! that's very exciting!!
    LOVES it here!

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  23. Wow Fiona that's great, so exciting! I'm well chuffed FOR you!! I'm sure it will just be the first of many! I've purchased that magazine a couple of times and it's full of wonderful designs so your work will fit right in there.

  24. Congratulations Fiona! That's wonderful! How exciting!

  25. congrats!!!

  26. congrats, fiona!! how exciting!
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  27. #27 is good news! I can't believe it's your first...the first of many I'm sure! Well done.
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    awesome! congrats!

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    That is brilliant, well done to you

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