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Thread: Picture of the Week at Flickr DD Group!

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    Picture of the Week at Flickr DD Group!

    Congratulations Teri A on the Picture of the Week! I love your great shots! Love the creamy bokeh and rich colors of this shot. The composition draws your eye right into the flower.

    I'm looking forward to your responses!

    1. What camera do you use?

    2. What first drew you to photography?

    3. What type of photos do you enjoy taking most?

    4. What one tip has helped you improve your photography most?

    5. What is on your photography wishlist?

  2. Terrific photo Teri ... congrats!!!

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    This is a stunningly beautiful photo, Teri! Congratulations!
    Lynn (also known as Lynnie!)

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    gorgeous !

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    I love this photo Teri. Congratulations!

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    babyroo7 Guest
    I love this photo, Teri! Congratulations!

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    Such an amazing photo! Can't wait to read Teri's answers!
    LOVES it here!

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    Congrats, Teri. This is so evocative of spring.

    I'm having trouble keeping up with posting to Flickr here in Maine but hope to make up for it soon.
    just call me Uma

    I guess I SHOULD remove the blinkie.
    BUT I'm not gonna!

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    Wow! What a nice surprise. Thank you very much. I am honored and humbled. Our little Flikr group has some really great photos in it. So thank you very much Katrina for picking my tiny little wildflower. Okay, time to answer the questions......

    1. What camera do you use?
    I use a Nikon D50. Which I love. Sometimes I use our Fuji point and shoot. It is a S700, though I find that harder to use then my dslr. I have 3 lenses:
    Nikkor 18-55mm
    Nikkor 70-300mm
    Promaster 100mm macro

    2. What first drew you to photography?
    I have always loved taking pictures, but I knew nothing about how camera and lenses really worked. All that talk about film speed, aperture and exposure gave me a headache. Three years ago, my husband talked me into getting a dslr because our point and shoot had died. I agreed (reluctantly) but then when I opened the box it was love at first sight. It started out to be "our" camera and quickly became "my" camera. I think Doug has taken maybe 100 exposures with it, and me......well, I have taken a lot more than that.

    3. What type of photos do you enjoy taking most?
    I love taking photos of a lot of different things. I really like to take photos of our dogs and horses, I love landscape photography, and I am goofey for macro photography. I guess you could sum it up with I love outdoor photography. I am not very good with indoor shots and those really cool still lifes you see.

    4. What one tip has helped you improve your photography most?
    I think what has improved my photography the most is being a member of an online community that will give you honest constructive critiques of you photos. There are several out there. I have found that people who are not emotional invested in my shot can look at it much more critical than me. It has helped a ton.

    5. What is on your photography wishlist?
    The next thing on my wish list is a 50mm f/1.4, and then I would really like a bigger telephoto with vibration reduction, and a wide angle zoom, and a speed light, and........well, I could go on and on.

    I also will add, if you want to improve your photography, take photos everyday and try something new. The delete button is my friend. My goal is to delete more pictures than I save, that means I am pushing myself past my comfort zone. Thanks again for the POTW honors!

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    Congrats Teri! It is a beautiful photo!


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    Congratulations! and love reading your answers.

  12. Stunning photo Teri!! Congrats!!

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    Congrats!!!!!!!!!!! Love your photo and your answers!!!

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    Loved your photo and love your answers. I'm pondering the notion of deleting more pictures than I save--interesting!
    Laura in CT

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    I loved your description about how you took this picture-which deserves to be photo of the month! Congrats!
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    Wow, that is gorgeous! I also enjoy reading the answers to Katrina's questions.

    I feel inspired!

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    great shot! i loved reading your responses teri. congratulations!



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