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Thread: Flickr Ladies!

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    Flickr Ladies!

    Check this post...time to nominate the Picture of the Week

  2. I cannot remember the "names" of the DD girls who post here Katrina. Could you list them here for us if you know them?

    Also, could not find the polling place on your link either.

    My DD Gallery

    DD Photo-a-Day Flickr Group

    Software: Photoshop Elements 8.0
    My Gear: Canon PowerShot G10, Canon D50 , Tameron 28-300 lens and Canon 50mm - 1.4 lens
    Computer: iMac

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    Oh gosh Mollie...there are 43 of them! You can see the list here

    No poll Just nominations here

    And if you just want to see the photos this group of talented ladies has posted check here

    When I get a chance I'll link the great layouts that have resulted from their work!



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