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Thread: I bought my camera

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    Smile I bought my camera

    After spending hours looking and trying the different cameras, I bought the Nikon D60, it seemed to be the perfect fit in my hand and had most of the features I was looking for in my price range. It came with the Nikkor 18-55 VR lens. I also purchased the Nikkor 55-200 mm VR. I really wanted the 18-200 VR lens but couldn't swing the price . All I need now is to figure out how everything works, so I can take it off auto mode

  2. How fun! I'm excited for you!

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    FUN!! Your going to love it!!!!!!!!!!

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  4. congrats! have fun playing.


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    babyroo7 Guest
    I am so happy for you! Can't wait to see some pics from your new camera! Congrats!

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    Congratulations! Have fun and awaiting your photos.

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    Ooooooh, how fun! Congratulations! Enjoy it! (Like you wouldn't... hahaha)

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    Congratulations on your new camera, Connie! I just ordered a new one too, maybe we can learn together. I never did get brave enough to take my last camera off auto. Have fun!
    Lynn (also known as Lynnie!)

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    Congratulations! Can't wait to see your great photos

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    Quote Originally Posted by grandma lynnie View Post
    Congratulations on your new camera, Connie! I just ordered a new one too, maybe we can learn together. I never did get brave enough to take my last camera off auto. Have fun!
    YEAH!!! Can't wait to see what you create

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    Oh, you girls are going to have fun! Can't wait to see those photos!
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    Lynnie, congrats on your new camera, we are going to have a blast learning together, and just maybe with the help of all the wonderful people here we will both be able to take our cameras off auto.

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    Thanks everyone for the happy wishes. I just posted my 4/11-4/13 photos on DD flickr group. I took a quick glance at the gallery, everyones post looks wonderful. I'm not sure I will be able to get caught up, but will try to tomorrow.

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    Oh, you're gonna love it! I rememeber when I bought the Nikon D50, almos two years ago and my life changed.... well, at least when it came to my photography!
    Study the manual and get a good book on digital photography. AND go out and shoot shoot shoot - it's the only way to learn!

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    Congrats & enjoy it! I used to teach photography classes (continuing education through the local parks/rec district) before I had my daughter. If you have questions please feel free to email me & I'll do my best to help! I can't promise total expertise, lol, but I'll do what I can!

    And of course I know there are TONS of great photographers here, which can be easily seen from looking at all the fab LO's. So there are many people who can help, I'm sure!

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    Congratulations! Have fun with it and be sure and share your photos with us!

  17. Congrats! you will love it!

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