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Thread: Questions on cameras

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    Questions on cameras

    I'm so excited, getting my new camera this weekend. I have been looking at the Nikon D series, the Canon D series, and the Sony 300/ 350. I haven't been able to hold any of these in my hand yet and I know the feel is important, but for those of you that own these, I need to know the learning curve, being this is my first DSLR. Plus the pro/ cons of the camera. Thanks Connie

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    babyroo7 Guest
    Congratulations, Connie! I am excited for you!
    I love my Nikon D50, but I am thinking that they don't make it any more. I have shot with the Nikon D40, D80 & D200 and have loved them all.

    I have been told by numerous sources to stick with Nikon or Canon. I don't really recall why, but I think it has something to do with the lens quality.

    Good luck!
    I look forward to seeing your first picture!

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    I have the Nikon d40x, I love it!! I don't think you can go wrong with either though, just feel them in your hand and go with your gut.

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    I'm going to chime in with the Canon crowd! I have a 30D and started with a 300D. I loved them both.

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    Quote Originally Posted by katrinak View Post
    I'm going to chime in with the Canon crowd! I have a 30D and started with a 300D. I loved them both.
    EXACTLY what Katrina said!

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    Connie, I am one of those "others" that didn't go the Canon or Nikon route and even though I am happy with it, if you are concerned with a learning curve, you probably are better to stick with one of them over the Sony.

    Reason.. more people (here especially) to help you with the learning curve. If you go to a brand other than those 2, you will probably find help but it will be more generic dslr help and you will have to figure out how to apply it to your particular camera.

    As for Canon vs Nikon... think you can boil it down to whichever you feel more comfortable. I haven't seen any complaints on either one and they are both very trusted names in both slr and dslr cameras. I believe both of them have essentially all the same functionality, just depends on where things are put in the menus, the styling of the menus, things that you will be able to decide for yourself looking and playing with it in the store as to what you are most comfortable with.

    Also, a great investment (and not that expensive either ~$19) is the

    which you can find from this link at IdeaBooks4U. It is a great little, clear, simple language book to help you get started on what settings to use for what. I have never regretted buying it and refer to it many times still. Next best book is your manual.

    Have fun and congratulations on making the jump. It is a fantastic ride you are about embark on.

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    If you're taking votes, I'm voting Canon! JK

    I don't think you can go wrong with Canon or Nikon, just go to the store and hold them and see which menu set up you like the best. I have a Canon 30D and love it, but sometimes I see photos taken with a Nikon and wish for just a moment that I had gone with a Nikon!

    I don't think the learning curve differs much from SLR to SLR. I think Heather had a good point about being able to get help for a Canon or Nikon because they are more popular.

    Have fun choosing!!

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    Nikon & Canon are the most popular brands and make many great lenses to choose from. They're also a good buy because you know they'll definitely be making a LOT of lenses/cameras in the future, and your lenses will still work with your new camera, should you choose to upgrade.

    However, nobody has ever looked at a pro's picture and said: "Great shot, must have used a Canon," or "great shot, must have used a Nikon." As long as you have a good camera & know how to use it, ANY brand will work just fine!

    That being said, I have used Nikons since I started and currently use a Nikon D200. I love it - great camera. I've also rented Canon's dSLRs and they are super too. I've stuck with Nikon b/c it works for me.

    good luck & let us know what you select!

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    I never thought buying a camera could be so stressful. I don't think buying a car is this hard, LOL. I've read tons of reviews from the experts, which in turn, only adds to the confusion. I'm pretty sure I want 10 MP or higher, would like camera stablization built in, live view would be nice, a good lens or two, and an expert to stand over my shoulder.
    I'm leaving this morning and won't be back until Sunday. I will let you all know what I purchased, a Canon or Nikon. Thanks for your help. Connie



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