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    lens question...

    I got a Canon EOS Digital Rebel XT and have a few questions. I have these lenses:

    EFS 18-55 mm

    Can someone tell me what the appropriate use for each lens would be?

    I am also going to San Fran and looking to take some great pics of the bridge (night and day), Alcatraz, trolley cars, etc to use as portraits for my walls when I get home. Does any one have any suggestions for settings to use. I am looking for one of the bridge where the lights off the cars looks blurry because they are "traveling really fast" for a better lack of words. I don't want to have to take EVERY lens so are there certain ones not to take or do I just take them all?

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    Im not going to be much help here, but it looks like those lenses are all zooms. The 70-300 will allow you to zoom in furthest and the 18-55 would be for the closer up shots. For the bridge shot you would need a tripod or somewhere to set your camera so it doesn't shake and a wide open shutter. Hope that helps a little bit.

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    I agree with Bailey that you definitely need to bring along your tripod! That will really help you get the right look for your bridge shots especially at night. For the night shots, you'll need to leave your shutter open for several seconds (from 3 seconds to 15 seconds or more, depending on how much light there is!). Because the shutter will be open so long, you'll need to have the camera on a tripod so the bridge itself looks sharp and only the lights are blurred & streaked. Here is a site that gives some good info on how to take nice nighttime shots:

    This site lists some good places to get nice bridge shots:

    I'd say to bring along your biggest zoom so you can get the best close-ups of the bridge. And then also bring the 35-105 or similar for "around the town" shots where you don't need the zoom and don't want the heavy thing bugging you.

    Sorry if that was TMI or was repeating stuff you already know!

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    I'm with Jennifer I'd bring the

    Scott kelby's Digital Photography Book marked at page 159 for general around town and page 160 for shooting the lights on the bridge. Can't hurt to take a pro with you

    I'd shoot in Shutter Priority (P) mode unless lighting is tricky and then I'd go to manual.

    Know that right now they are searching bags of everyone who goes onto the Golden Gate Bridge.



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