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    If you have any questions about how to achieve certain techniques, feel free to post threads in the Photoshop CS or Photoshop Elements Q&A forums.

    A member of the design team will be happy to answer your questions or direct you to the appropriate tutorial in the store.

    We're here to help!!


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    Great advice Cassie! As our community grows it becomes difficult to check all of the various forums as frequently as I'd like and it makes me feel badly when I know someone is on the other end trying to finish a layout and hoping that we'll answer their question. (Assuming of course that everyone else is impatient a soul as I am!) It will make it much easier for the Design Team to find pleas for help immediately if they are posted in the Q&A forums.

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    Switched from Elements 5 to 6. In E5 when I wanted to insert a photo into a section of a template, I would highlight that section in the Palette Bin, drag/drop the photo from the project bin onto the layout, hold down Alt, click mouse--not working in E6. Almost finished with 2 shutterfly albums. Can you advise?! Thanks, Marnie

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    Another Elements 6 question! When I drag drop an embellishment onto a layout, I get the image AND a transparent white background--can't separate the image from its background. This didn't happen in Elements 5 and after this project I'm going to use Elements 7, but in meantime I need to finish my current project using Elements 6. Thanks in advance for any tips and your time.

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    Hi Marnie. I believe this happens when you drag your elements up from the project bin, a fluke of PSE 6. Try doing it with the element open in PSE 6 and see what happens, that should fix your problem. There are more threads about this very problem in the software support forum.

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    Thanks so much Jennifer. I'll try it.

  7. Help w/ a newbie to PSElements.

    I have no clue how to start learning PSE. I know you have a ton of lessons that I can buy, but with so many I don't know where the best place to start is. I don't even know how to get my photo's over and organized into the program. Can anyone help? Thanks.

  8. Hi Amy! So glad you're going to get started with digital scrapbooking. You're going to love it and you came to the right place. Designer Digitals is a friendly community; always ready to answer questions and give encouragement.

    First, click on Getting Started in the menu bar at the top of this page. You'll find lots of helpful articles there.

    Second, purchase the tutorial, Getting Started: Your First Layout by Cassie Jones with papers and elements by Katie Pertiet. It's a great way to learn while at the same time creating a layout.

    Getting Started: Your First Layout - Digital Scrapbooking Tutorials

    Be sure to ask questions. There are so many knowledgeable people here.

    Also, spend some time in the gallery here for inspiration and ideas!

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  9. Thanks!

    Merrilee...thank you so much! I just got it and will dive in this weekend! Look for my layout Sunday

  10. I sent you a Private Message and forgot to say I really enjoyed Cassie's Tutorials. I have quite a few of those, I often go back to refresh my mind.

  11. I recently changed from CS3 to CS5. When working on a layout in CS5 everytime I bring in a new element or photo the main layout disappears and keep having to go into Windows / Float All to get the layout page back. Is there any way I can lock my Layout in whilst working on a page?

  12. Sorry Ros, only just saw this. There is another section, further down in the main community menu where your questions are more likely to be noticed (and answered) by the Photoshop gurus, under the heading of "Software Support"...Sadly, I am in Elements and not able to help, but this thread, under the Support heading might help...

    Good Luck, and welcome!

  13. This is not a question - it's a comment about the tutorial sent today on using the lighting options in PS and Elements. It was a very good tutorial, and i just wanted to add something to it. i often use the lighting effect (render>lens flare>) and then choose one of the options under that dialogue box. i pay attention to where the light is falling on subjects in the photo so that i don't create a disconnect between the natural lighting and where the flare light lands, so that it gives the the appearance of bright sun. i also use the lens flare option on background papers to highlight a place on the paper, or to highlight an element or photo that i place in proximity to the flare. You can experiment with the options to see which you like best for a particular photo, and of course, the size of the flares can be scaled, as well. Lighting effects and lens flares are an excellent way to create a unique look to photos that are less than what you hoped for, and can cover a multitude of boo-boos in a photograph if they are placed well. So, this is another technique you can add to your repetoire of tools.

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