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    Smile The Gallery

    I had to give up - the gallery tonight is so full of beautiful layouts and memories and colorful Christmas pictures, I couldn't comment on all of them. This wonderful site has the most talented people! When there are days when there isn't time to leave comments on each layout, please know that they are appreciated!!

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    You and I are totally on the same wavelength, Julie... I just came over to start the very same thread: The gallery is soooooooo wonderful! I, too, am thoroughly enjoying all of the holiday layouts and the peeks into everyone's holiday traditions and daily life!

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  3. I'm so with you. I've been trying my darndest to comment. If I miss's not you it's me. I've loved the sneak peek into all of your lives!! Such inspiration here ladies!

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    I'm loving all the Christmas pages and it's like I feel a part of all your Christmassed being able to share the vision with you.

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    I agree with all of the above........the gallery here at DD is flooded with the most beautifully festive and inspirational pages at the moment, it really is an absolute joy to see

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    It's just magical!!! And oh so inspiring. I am feeling so festive at the moment

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  7. i agree...there are SO many amazing pages posted every day...i love seeing all the fun traditions and the way everyone documents them! in a country where Christmas isn't celebrated, i am happy to have my own little holiday-spirit-time here!!

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    I agree! The gallery is full of Christmas goodness! I want to comment on every single one, if there was only more hours in the day...
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  9. I agree the gallery is full of wonderful Christmas good things to see - I love Days of December - its my favorite time of the year - 99 cent items... sales every day.... pages to make - I'll try to leave a few comments - but know this each and every Day of December lady.... I love your pages... I love everyone's designs ... thanks for the time it takes to make them!!!
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    Yes!! The gallery is full of beautiful pages and wonderful inspiration!! It is so fun to check in throughout the day to see all the different amazing pages!! Thank you everyone for sharing your lives with us!
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    You are so right, I would love to comment on every gorgeous page too, and feel a bit bad that it's easy to miss non-December daily pages at this time as I click just through that part of the gallery sometimes.
    Chrissy x

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    I'm just gonna sing along with the rest of the choir above - Soooo many gorgeous and festive pages!!!
    You ladies make me wish I had a huge family with lots of children and traditions to uphold!
    But alas, I don't... So, I'm drooling over your cute kids and grandchildren, and wishing I had the time to put up decorations and preparing for the holidays like you work so hard to do!
    Keep them coming!!! The gallery is where I'll get my dose of Xmas!!!

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    I love the Christmas pages too and try to comment on as many as I can!! Ditto to all the above comments!!

  14. Oh, I agree, Julie, and everyone who chimed in on this thread!

    It's a privilege to get to see the works of art in the DD gallery and feel like one is celebrating Christmas with friends from all around the world. I am grateful for everyone of you who shares with us.

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  15. I totally agree Julie....I have only had time for drive-thrus in the gallery this week and it is amazing. Can't wait for Sunday to sit down and spend some serious time there!! If our gallery doesn't get someone in the Christmas spirit, nothing will!!!

    Beautiful and inspirational work ladies!!!

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    I've marked so many as my favorites, I'm just hoping I don't blow up my computer! These are all so beautiful!

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    Here is my little voice chiming in with the rest. I?ve busier than usual which has left me with little commenting time and almost no scrapping time. In the evening when I hit the gallery every page is special and I want to comment on all of them!! I really love the December Daily pages! It?s fun getting to know you all better and I love the glimpses into your lives and traditions. Plus I?m gathering my inspiration to do one for next year. Now how is that for planning ahead.

    Thanks for starting this thread, Maggie. It?s the perfect place to put into words just what I had been thinking!
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  18. I agree! Sometimes I get so caught up in looking that I actually forget to check out the store.....really!

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    I know what you mean Julie, sometimes the amount of new inspiration showing up is just overwhelming!

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    I agree, the gallery has been filled with so many beautiful, festive pages it's hard to keep up!

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    It's wonderful to read all your comments - I was feeling guilty about posting so few comments. It's such a busy time of year - looking through the gallery is one of my favorite times of the day - especially now!!

  22. All the Christmas pages are fabulous!

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    Ladies - I am right there with you! Between working, homeschooling, and trying to do my own Dec Daily - it has left me very little time to comment in the gallery. I am admiring all the gorgeous pages! I would love to spend a few hours in the gallery this week-end! Thank you so much to the ones who left comments on my pages! Those little sweet comments keep me going!
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