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Thread: We're celebrating our birthday!!!

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    well HAPPY BIRTHDAY for the 1st you guys. Can't wait to see what you're up to!

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    Sounds like a great party. Can't wait to have fun! Thanks, Katie and Randy!!!

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    Can't Wait!!!

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    A party where we get the presents! Gotta love it.
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    You are so generous!!! Thank you so much!!!

  6. wow Katie, awesome party plans! sounds like fun and what a great prize thanks!

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  7. Happy Birthday guys!!!! I'm so excited for the challenges and chats!! I can't wait to play!!

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    Happy Birthday to you for me! :O) You guys are so fun!

  9. Now, thats a fun way to celebrate a birthday!!! cant wait to see what creativity is flowing in the gallery.
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY - DD, and thanks Katie & Randy for everything you do to make DD such an amazing place!!!
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  10. Sounds like a lot of fun! Happy Birthday DD.... I love this place.

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    wow, happy birthday DD! thank you guys for making this such a special place!

    one question though: is there a limit on layouts per person you can make with the 25c item(s) to have a chance on winning?

    I'm so excited!

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  12. I would venture to guess that you could do as many layouts as you wish.

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    What a fun way to celebrate! Thank you Katie and Randy! I love this place called DD! Happy Birthday!!!!!
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    Yes, the more layouts the merrier! Submit as many layouts as you'd like. Remember we are looking for the most creative use of product!
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  15. Happy birthday, and thanks for all of the wonderful products, challenges, and freebies you've made available in the last 3 years!

  16. Oh wow! How generous! Happy Birthday DD!
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    happy birthday DD! where did THAT time go????? congrats, katie, randy & crew.

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    awesome.. now, only if ican sneak some time on the!

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    thanks for answering Cassie and Katie! off to create some more

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  20. Happy Birthday!!

    Wow! I love contests! I don't care about winning, contests usually provide great ideas for LOs and boy, do I get motivated!!

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