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    sorry for all the questions, but I really want to know one more thing..

    the chats are always during bath/bed time over here and I felt so guilty last time for just jump in, get the goodies and pdf and leave so I could do it at night when my boys are asleep or the next day..

    Was I really rude for doing that or is it ok? I hate to feel bad for not participating in the actual chat that was going on..

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    I totally do this too - if I stay up past 10 pm I really regret it the next day - DS is up at 5 & I am one of those not-morning people!
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    about half the time i have to do that, too. from what i've seen, the designers here are moms and grandmas, too, and - just guessing here - but i think that totally understand!


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    I understand that too! I'm in Idaho, so this is right after bedtime...but I don't mind if you drop in for the freebie and would love if you participated in the challenge! I can't speak for anyone else though!

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    Hey Jesse, do we need a photo for tonight?

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    I'm in the same boat - most chats are at 7 pm for me, while I'm trying to get 4 little ones to bed.

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    It always seems like when I join a chat, my baby will inevitably wake up!! But I can usually partake for at least 20 min or so. It's like she knows I'm on!!



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