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Thread: Delete layouts?

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    Delete layouts?

    Is there a way to delete any of our layouts in the gallery? I did a "re-do" on a few of mine and it's driving me nuts to see the old, flat ones there. I don't see a "delete" button when I go into the layouts.

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    you need to choose the "EDIT" button within your own gallery, you then have the option (scroll down) of deleting the layout.


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    edit button

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    I don't have that button, I only have the print button.

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    Hi Kim....

    -click on the photo that you want to replace or delete from your gallery
    -then under additional info (which is just below the date you posted your LO and the # of views) you should see 8 tiny icons
    -it's the 2nd last one (see Mary's reply for what it looks like) just after the printer
    -then you can either delete the LO or replace it by uploading the newer version

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    The only choice I have is the printer icon. No others.

  7. Hi Kim, I'll give this a go, too! I wonder if the reason you don't see the edit button is because you're not logged in to the gallery.

    Step 1: you must be logged in with your user name and password for the gallery.

    Step 2: now, click on the layout in your gallery that you want to delete.

    Step 3: There will be a row of icons under the heading "additional info." (this is after the layout and whatever info you typed in for the credits)

    Step 4: There should be an icon for "edit photo." If you run your curser over icons it tells you what the icon stands for.

    Step 5: click on edit photo. It will bring up your layout and a box to check if you want to delete the layout. Or you can substitute a new version by choosing a new file and then click on the submit button.

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    Are you logged on to the gallery? Don't know if that matters...I have all the icons under my layouts as well. Maybe an e-mail to Randy? Hope someone has the answer for you.
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    I just tried looking at one of my layouts not logged in and I only get the printer button - I think if you log in, go to your own gallery, you should get the "edit" button and be able to delete your layout (or replace it as Heidi suggested).

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