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Thread: ck's lookin' for pages!!

  1. ck's lookin' for pages!!

    check out this ck message board link:

    the editors will be watching the ck reader gallery extra close this week for pages, cards, and projects to put in the mag. and, seeing as DD always rocks CK, i bet some of you talented ladies here will have a pretty good shot! go DD!!

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    I noticed that yesterday, Aly... thanks for the reminder! I've got a few pages to post tomorrow! (I'm tired and going to bed now! LOL)

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    OK, i'm confused...i thought once pages are online, CK considers them "published" already. Isn't that true?
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    From their post De Anna it sounds like they are making a one week exception to their rule.

  5. if you peek at the end of the thread, Jana Lillie responds to that question. good luck!!



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