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    Talking SEARCH and RESCUE

    Okay, got myself a Nikon D80 yesterday. DH took it home and wrapped it and HID it somewhere in the house. I started the search today, and have not yet found it... At this point I am hiring the kids and we will do a massive search and rescue...

    I can't believe he won't let me HOLD it, or TOUCH it, or charge the batteries...or ANYTHING! AUGHHH

    I will update later, and let ya'll know how the search goes....


  2. Ooh! Keeping my fingers crossed!
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    You are TOO funny!! Good luck.

  4. ooh, that's just wrong that he hid it! good luck searching.


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  5. hope you find it soon!

  6. You are too funny! I'd say I hope you find it, but I hope you don't find it till Christmas morning, for your dh's sake!

  7. funny!.. ask him at least to charge the batteries so it can be ready to go on Christmas morning! happy hunting in the meantime!

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    he's making it fun.

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    Lol, too funny!! Good luck with the search and the rescue, MUST have charged batteries for Christmas morning!!!!

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  10. ooh good idea getting the smalls involved in the hunt. they are sure to sniff it out!
    good luck

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  11. if you do find it in time for Christmas morning - just leave it on full auto! You can read the manual later .
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  12. That's hilarious!

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    Any luck yet?

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  14. congrats, Lisa! It sounds to me like your dh just wants everything to be ready for Christmas. He knows once you get that camera in your hands, you'll just play and play!!

    Merry Christmas!

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    Come on Lisa - any luck yet with the search? Inquiring minds want to know.

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  16. Lisa ... give us an update!!!

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    No, I did not find it before Christmas. I ended up opening it as one of the last presents (the kids got to do theirs first) Oh well. It was SOOO worth it! I absolutely love the camera, and I am so looking forward to trying everything out Free class put on by Nikon in about 4 weeks that I am definitely going to attend! I'm in Heaven.....

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    yayayay so gald you got it in the end - u better find out where he hid it so next time ....

    ENJOY from one Nikon girl to another .

  19. What a hoot! I'll be you are happy to have it now!

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    Oh, you are so good!! I think I would have had to have strangled him with my impatience!! The last gift? Wowzers. But well worth the wait. ;-)

  21. Have a ball - and welcome to the cool camera kids club from a fellow Nikon girl!

  22. But did your DH say where he hid the camera? That's what I want to know! Glad to hear it's finally back in your hands.
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    LOl - that's hilarious! I think I would have been tickling DH until he told me where it was :-0



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