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Thread: Anyone have a Rainbow Play System?

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    Anyone have a Rainbow Play System?

    My boys have been begging for a treehouse, but it won't work on the big pine trees around here. So I'm looking at a Rainbow structure that is kind of club-house like. They are just so dang expensive. They have a demo on sale at the shop down in Denver and I am thinking of getting it. It's more than 1/2 off the regular price.

    So anyone have one? Are they worth it? Or know anywhere else to look for cool kids clubhouses?

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    They are wonderful! They are big and sturdy! We didn't have the room for one in our current backyard, but we have several friends who have them and they love them!
    LOVES it here!

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  3. Yep, our son bought one for Cade. It's made the move from their first house to their present house. It gets a ton of use, that's all I can tell you! Cade is 7 and he likes to drag his sleeping bag up to the top most loft and watch a movie on the portable DVD.

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    The one I got is Backyard Adventures. Quade loves it already. I got him a gangplank instead of a ladder to get up in the clubhouse. In a couple of years I'm going to add the rock wall to it.

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    We don't have a Rainbow system but my sister does. We have a playscape from a local Austin guy who builds playscapes and is a safety fanatic which makes me feel better. We love ours. In fact, we put one in at our old house and the buyers wanted it so we had to put in a new one here. My sister's Rainbow playscape is very nice and has made one move with them - I think they love theirs as well. They didn't get a safety surface under theirs but I highly recommend it - make sure the border is big enough to take into account the trajectories based on the activity (swings, slides, etc have different fall zones). I'm heading up a committee at work for an ADA accessible playscape right now (actually, we'll far exceed ADA in regards to wheelchair access) which is pretty exciting.

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    Thanks for the input, everyone! I had never heard of Backyard Adventures and after looking at their website and talking with our local showroom, it looks like we can get more of an enclosed 'clubhouse' from them. So that might be the route we take...we're going to the showroom on Friday

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    I had this potting shed at my little house [before I married Randy] and I loved it. It could serve as a clubhouse to the boys and then when they outgrow it you'd have a potting shed... if you're into gardening! Just a thought!
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    Well Nicholas is quite a gardener and he would LOVE that shed! But unfortunately, our architectural committee won't let us put a shed. They are pretty strict with the play structure rules too. I might have to break a couple, but we back to open space so no one will see it anyway

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    Well we just bought a custom unit from Backyard Adventures. If we can clear the snow, and if it doesn't snow much before next Wednesday, they will install it then

    Thanks everyone! I'm sure I'll be scrapping a clubhouse layout soon

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