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Thread: backing up video

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    backing up video

    Hi! Please oh please.......

    Does anyone have any experience backing up video to DVD? I would like to back up the video I have of my daughter and I'm not really sure where to start. I could use either Mac or PC.....

    I have an older Mac laptop with a DVD burner. I managed to connect my video recorder to the laptop and get everything moving in the right direction, but most of my video has pauses btw. recordings that cause the whole reading process to stop and when I come back to check the DVD I find only about 5 min. of video has been burned. I've wasted quite a few disks trying to figure this out and I'm so frustrated...... Is there a setting somewhere I can change to ignore pauses in the video?

    I also just installed a DVD burner on my desktop (PC), but haven't used it except to backup photos and scrap stuff to CD. I have Nero burning software.

    If anyone could help it would be so appreciated!! TIA.....


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    Does your Mac have iLife with iMovie and iDVD?

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    Hi Cassie! Thanks for asking - it's got iDVD and iMovie. No iLife though. Any ideas? Thanks!

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    iLife is just the collective name for all of the iStuff . The newest version makes it so easy to manage videos. Also, is your video camera set to "sleep" after being left alone for a while? I had this problem with my digital camera for the longest time - it would time out in the middle of importing the photos. Turns out it was going to sleep & I just had to change the settings.
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    Lisa's right . . . iLife is just the name for that whole bundle of programs.

    I'm pretty sure iMovie has an option for making a quick movie where it basically dumps everything from your camera into one edited movie. Open iMovie and you will see an option to "Make a Magic iMovie." It will give you some options, but essentially, it creates the movie for you. You might want to read the help files on that topic. Sometimes there are even little video tutorials. Give it a shot.

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    Hey thanks! I'll play around with it a little more iGuess....hehe....I'm sure I'm just making it more difficult than it needs to be. Appreciate the help




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