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Thread: WHAAA Want to cry!

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    Unhappy WHAAA Want to cry!

    Still out of power. Another storm today, and I forgot about the DD of Christmas!!! and the chats....WHAAA. I am going to miss them all. I am now going through serious withdrawals. I think I may be hitting DT's soon. Okay, putting on my big girls panties, and getting MORE chocolate and another DR. Pepper. I will take another peek next time I hit my mom's

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    Uggggh. I feel so bad for you. Being without power is seriously tough. Huge hugs.

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    What a rotten situation and such bad timing! I hope that it's better for you SOON!!
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    Oh I would be sad too! Hope you have power soon.

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    I am sorry that is awful but it could be worse , you could be out of toilet paper

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  6. Oh Lisa ... I feel so bad for you! No power STILL ... hope that they get it on ASAP ... maybe even sooner

    Toilet paper outage would be bad for Lisa and her family ... baby wipes will only last so long with the number of kiddos in this household! Glad that your mother has power ... so you don't totally go into DD-less shock.

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    Oh my what a bit of bad luck!! I remember our days of living in Turkey when the power outages off base always hit at the most inopportune times, like Thanksgiving and Christmas days!! You should check your local electricity board and make sure it hasn't been outsourced to an overseas system.....maybe, perhaps in Turkey!!

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    Oh I feel for you. We get lots of power cuts here. But at least it's not that cold here! Hope you get power back soon :-(

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    Power is on!!!! I am not sure for how long! but I am happy theyfinally got to us

  10. Oh, I was just coming on to sympathize with you. I would hate not having power this time of year! Glad you're back on, at least for now!!

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