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Thread: A little Mac/PC giggle . . . check this out

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    A little Mac/PC giggle . . . check this out

    Check out the ad on the Apple homepage. It's very cute:

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    Very cute!

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    LOL! Thanks for the link...that was cute!
    LOVES it here!

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    Cute Cassie!

    ... that PC guy looks sort of Bob Cratchit-ish to me ... I like him! Well, he is a mite more chubby than old Bob though.

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    Go Mac!

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    LOL thanks for the giggle and the 10 minutes of 2 year old "again, again" that followed! (and yes, you are probalby making a mac guy of him!)

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    Whoever their PR company is is genius, that's all I can say!

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    LMBO!!!!! Guess this is what I get for logging in to the widget page instead of the home page when I go online! ;-) Love it, love it, love it. Sending it to all the PC relatives.

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    I love those commercials. They make me reminisce about a time when I had a computer that was simple to use and always worked how it should.

    (This will show may age. Yes, I know I'm young.)

    My first computer was a Mac Performa, the grandmother to the i-Mac. I was 9 years old and didn't even need help figuring it out. In high school I had my own teal iMac in Journalism class, donated by Apple. In college I had an iBook that lasted up until last year when it was damaged on a business trip.

    One day (when I have the money), I will once again have one.

    Until then, I'm in the PC crowd, jealously gazing out to the rest of you.


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    That was cute Cassie. When I see these ads on TV, my ego begins to strut around , especially around my PC user DH! I would love to have the new nano. I love the one I have ( of course) but I want anything new from APPLE, and it so cute

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    I'm a little torn, guys. My main computer is a PC, but my MacBook is rapidly gaining on it in popularity...guess I'll just have to teach them to play nice with each other!

    My first computer was an Apple IIGS (in high school), and then I had a Mac of some sort in college and used that for a couple of years out of college. In 1997, I got a new computer, but it was an HP desktop. Thus began my slide away from Macs. But I'm working my way back, honest!
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